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Kilgore named school board president over Gray's objection

Posted 1/12/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Jane Kilgore has been named president of the Lowndes County School Board. However, the vote was not unanimous with board member Jacqueline Gray vehemently voicing her objections.


Smith, Oglesby receive top honors from city, county schools

Posted 1/12/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

The Columbus Municipal School District and the Lowndes County School District honored some of their own on Friday.

Buzzie Dorn, U.S. Army veteran and tireless volunteer, dead at 92

Posted 1/12/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

This is how people described him: A proud veteran. A tireless volunteer. A man who never shied away from voicing his opinions. A man who held his faith dear. His name was Buzzie Dorn and he lived in Columbus. He died Jan. 4 at the age of 92.

Officials say it's too early to evaluate J5/Broaddus

Posted 1/12/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

City financial data shows that J5/Broaddus was paid $30,000 through four months for regular services since the firm was hired for a newly created project managing position for Columbus.

Felony arrests up in both city and county

Posted 1/12/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Felony arrests in Lowndes County and the City of Columbus rose in 2013, according to data provided by the Lowndes County Sheriff's Department and the Columbus Police Department.

County administrator search to continue into February

Posted 1/12/2014 in Starkville & Oktibbeha County

Oktibbeha County's search for a new county administrator is expected to last through February as supervisors use an informal process to hone a list of more than 30 applicants to five or so preferred candidates.

Ex-Republican runs as Dem for Senate

Posted 1/12/2014 in State

Bill Marcy said Friday that he's changing party labels, but not his conservative beliefs, to run as a Democrat for the U.S. Senate in Mississippi this year.


Former Reagan spokesman, Speakes dies at 74

Posted 1/12/2014 in State

Larry Speakes, who spent six years as acting press secretary for President Ronald Reagan, died Friday in his native Mississippi. He was 74.



Entrepreneur: Boost California wages to $12-an-hour

Posted 1/12/2014 in National

Democrats across the nation are eager to make increasing the minimum wage a defining campaign issue in 2014, but in California a proposal to boost the pay rate to $12 an hour is coming from a different point on the political compass.



Proposed Medicare drug change stirs access worries

Posted 1/12/2014 in National

In a move that some fear could compromise care for Medicare recipients, the Obama administration is proposing to remove special protections that guarantee seniors access to a wide selection of three types of prescription drugs.



VA under fire for proposed filing rule

Posted 1/12/2014 in National

For veterans seeking disability compensation, the application process is supposed to be so easy that a handwritten note on a napkin will initiate a claim or an appeal.



Four arrested in contraband seizure outside prison

Posted 1/12/2014 in State

Rankin County deputies have seized several plastic bags of tobacco, a dozen cellphones with phone chargers and other items and arrested four people accused of trying to toss the items over a fence at Central Mississippi Correctional Facility.


Looking for Super Bowl tickets? You pay, they play

Posted 1/12/2014 in National

Welcome to the Super Bowl, where demand always beats supply and the teams don't really matter.


Chief official believed N.J. lane closings illegal

Posted 1/12/2014 in National

The September lane closings near the George Washington Bridge that caused huge traffic jams and now appear to have been politically orchestrated by a member of Gov. Chris Christie's administration and key allies violated federal law, a chief official said in an email ordering the lanes reopened.


Israel's Ariel Sharon dies at 85

Posted 1/12/2014 in National

It was vintage Ariel Sharon: His hefty body bobbing behind a wall of security men, the ex-general led a march onto a Jerusalem holy site, staking a bold claim to a shrine that has been in contention from the dawn of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Former MUW president killed in crash

Posted 1/10/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

A former Mississippi University for Women president was killed in a head-on collision Wednesday in Florida.

Dispatch's Walters named Mississippi Sportswriter of the Year

Posted 1/10/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

The Dispatch sports staff member Scott Walters was recognized Thursday as the state of Mississippi's National Sportscaster and Sportswriters (NSSA) Sportswriter of the Year.

CL&W explores mobile water metering

Posted 1/10/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Columbus Light and Water will soon choose a company to install a mobile water meter reading system citywide.

Columbus man arrested in New Year's Day shooting

Posted 1/10/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

A Columbus man is being charged in a New Year's shooting that left a teenager injured.

KiOR shuts down production to make improvements

Posted 1/10/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

The facility on The Island that converts wood chips to fuel stopped production in December and remains offline today.


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