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U.S. threatened Yahoo with huge fine over emails

Posted 9/12/2014 in National

Yahoo's free email service could have cost the company an extra quarter of a million dollars a day.



Can Obama wage war without consent of Congress?

Posted 9/12/2014 in National

As a U.S. senator from Illinois running for the White House in 2007, Barack Obama sponsored a resolution to prohibit President George W. Bush's administration from taking military action against Iran unless it was explicitly authorized by Congress.



Deadline approaches for photo contest

Posted 9/12/2014 in Area

The Friends of Noxubee National Wildlife Refuge are accepting submissions for their annual photo contest until September 15.


CMSD board votes to hire supe's wife

Posted 9/11/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

The Columbus Municipal School Board, with a 3-2 vote, has hired the wife of the district's superintendent to be an elementary school teacher.

Columbus annexation goes to court next week

Posted 9/11/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Columbus' 2011 annexation plan will go before a judge next week. Judge Kenneth Burns will hear the case next week in Lowndes County Chancery Court beginning Monday at 9 a.m.

Columbus native at Pentagon on 9/11 recalls attack

Posted 9/11/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Forgetting that day is what Marie Hood Lewis has been trying to do for 13 years.

Browning on Business: Two new restaurant options open in Golden Triangle

Posted 9/11/2014 in Business

Starkville is getting a restaurant for people who want to eat healthy, locally-grown food.

Investigation of gun buyback program clears city

Posted 9/11/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

The Mississippi Office of the State Auditor has determined that the gun buyback program held by the city of Columbus last year was not illegal.

Columbus man gets $300K bond in murder case

Posted 9/11/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

A Columbus man charged with murder and aggravated assault has received a $300,000 bond.


West Point selectmen fire Water & Light superintendent

Posted 9/11/2014 in Area

West Point selectmen fired the city's water and light department superintendent Tuesday.


'Loving' father now tied to his 5 kids' deaths

Posted 9/11/2014 in National

Their little bodies shrouded in plastic bags, the five children of Timothy Ray Jones Jr. had been dead for days by the time he led investigators to the spot where they had been dumped among dead trees and scrub brush.

Gillian Anderson onscreen soon in 'Streetcar'

Posted 9/11/2014 in National

If you can't get to London in time to catch Gillian Anderson spinning onstage in "A Streetcar Named Desire," her orbit is about to get larger.


Man arrested after baby left in car outside Tunica casino

Posted 9/11/2014 in State

Tunica County authorities say a man has been charged with child neglect after leaving his 1-year-old baby in a running vehicle while he was in a casino.



Missouri lawmakers enact 72-hour abortion wait

Posted 9/11/2014 in National

Missouri lawmakers enacted one of the nation's most stringent abortion waiting periods Wednesday, overriding a veto of legislation that will require women to wait 72 hours after consulting with a doctor before ending a pregnancy.



Putin promises new weapons to fend Western threats

Posted 9/11/2014 in National

Russia will counter military moves by the U.S. and NATO with an array of new nuclear and conventional weapons, President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday as the military successfully test-fired an intercontinental ballistic missile from a nuclear submarine.



Expanded U.S. airstrikes are first step in long campaign

Posted 9/11/2014 in National

By expanding his military campaign against the Islamic State group, President Barack Obama hopes to reverse the militants' momentum in Iraq, squeeze their sanctuary in Syria and erode their recruiting appeal across the greater Mideast. Those are key steps toward Obama's stated goal of eventually destroying the extremist group.



Islamic State group not unstoppable

Posted 9/11/2014 in National

The Islamic State group is often described as the most fearsome jihadi outfit of all: a global menace outweighing al-Qaida, with armies trembling before its advance.


Changes surround 9/11 anniversary commemoration

Posted 9/11/2014 in National

A solemn reading of the names. Moments of silence to mark the precise times of tragedy. Stifled sobs of those still mourning.


Business brief: Hodo hired

Posted 9/11/2014 in Business



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