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Immigration, student loan top congressional agenda

Posted 7/8/2013 in National

Republicans and Democrats will put good will to the test when Congress returns this week to potentially incendiary fights over nominations, unresolved disputes over student loans and the farm bill, and the uncertainty of whether lawmakers have the political will to rewrite the nation's immigration laws.

Spruill's firing contradicts previous board action

Three aldermen who chose to fire Chief Administrative Officer Lynn Spruill Tuesday voted to reappoint her and 12 other key city positions back to their jobs with three-month review periods in 2009, city minutes show.


Constitutionality of 'harmless error' law raised

Posted 7/8/2013 in State

The Mississippi Supreme Court may decide the constitutionality of a 1994 state law that allows it to find "harmless" errors committed by juries in death penalty cases.



Miss. River closed during search for sunken tug

Posted 7/8/2013 in State



Officials probe why crashed passenger jet flew too slow

Posted 7/8/2013 in National

Officials investigating a jetliner crash in San Francisco have determined that Asiana Airlines Flight 214 was traveling "significantly below" the target speed during its approach and that the crew tried to abort the landing just before it smashed onto the runway.



Prison company wants dismissal of riot lawsuit

Posted 7/8/2013 in State



Newseum in DC makes changes as funding falls

Posted 7/8/2013 in National

In five years since moving to its new home overlooking the U.S. Capitol, the Newseum has become a major attraction with 4 million people visiting its exhibits about journalism and the First Amendment. Yet it's been struggling mightily to cover its costs.


Social media infiltrates Zimmerman trial

Posted 7/8/2013 in National

Trayvon Martin's fatal shooting garnered worldwide attention when the man who fatally shot him wasn't arrested for weeks -- a backlash fueled largely by social media. Now, social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have permeated George Zimmerman's trial both inside and outside the courtroom.

Project manager choice linked to political, business interests

Posted 7/6/2013 in Columbus & Lowndes County

While questions abound about the City Council's sudden decision to create a project manager position at its July 2 meeting, one thing is clear: the major players in the saga -- Mayor Robert Smith, Jabari Edwards and Russell Sheffield -- have deep business and political connections.

A mother's touch: Baptist program encourages 'skin to skin' contact

Posted 7/6/2013 in Columbus & Lowndes County

The first few moments of a baby's life are the most precious. With that in mind, Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle is implementing skin to skin, a program that focuses on immediate contact between the baby and mother immediately after birth.

City prepares two grant applications

Posted 7/6/2013 in Columbus & Lowndes County

The city of Columbus is applying for two grants that would provide funding for improved crime lab equipment and police patrol speeding enforcement, as well as upgrades to Columbus-Lowndes County Airport.

Barnetts hope to preserve lake's beauty with investment

Like many county residents, John Barnett spent many of his younger days at the Oktibbeha County Lake. He grew up down the road from the body of water and learned to ski at the lake. Over time, Barnett said, the elements began overtaking the lake, transforming the once-beautiful landmark.


Meeting needed to identify potential county land uses

Supervisors will hold a special meeting July 22 to begin identifying and classifying areas for future land-use designations, a key step in developing a comprehensive plan for Oktibbeha County.



Dr. Arnold Smith at state mental facility

Posted 7/6/2013 in State


Lawyer wants delay in child porn sentencing

Posted 7/6/2013 in Columbus & Lowndes County

A lawyer is seeking a delay in the July 15 sentencing of a man who pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography in Columbus.


NTSB to investigate San Francisco crash

Posted 7/6/2013 in National


On tour, Giffords' actions speak on gun control

Posted 7/6/2013 in National

Thirty months after she was shot through the head, former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords sits in a New Hampshire restaurant facing parents of children killed in the nation's latest school shooting.


37,000 police to secure Sochi Games

Posted 7/6/2013 in National



Pope Francis clears John Paul II for sainthood

Posted 7/6/2013 in National



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