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Senator's health care law-Holocaust comparison criticized

Posted 5/7/2014 in National

A state Senator's blog post likening the insurance requirement under President Barack Obama's health care law to the forced deportation of Jews during the Holocaust drew swift condemnation Monday from leaders of both parties in Tennessee.



Education gets top billing on Capitol Hill

Posted 5/7/2014 in National

Lawmakers looking ahead to the November elections are putting renewed focus on education, tackling issues on Capitol Hill this week ranging from expanding charter schools to paying off student loan debt.



Man arrested after Alabama interstate attack

Posted 5/7/2014 in Area

Sheriff's officials in Alabama say they've apprehended a suspect in Georgia after a sexual assault along Interstate 59.



Schools seek changes to healthier lunch rules

Posted 5/7/2014 in National

Becky Domokos-Bays of Alexandria City Public Schools has served her students whole-grain pasta 20 times. Each time, she said, they rejected it.



MSNBC apologizes for Cinco de Mayo segment

Posted 5/7/2014 in National

MSNBC is apologizing for a Cinco de Mayo segment that featured a staff member onscreen wearing a sombrero, shaking maracas and taking a swig from a bottle of tequila.



Vatican: 848 priests defrocked since '04

Posted 5/7/2014 in National

The Vatican revealed Tuesday that over the past decade, it has defrocked 848 priests who raped or molested children and sanctioned another 2,572 with lesser penalties, providing the first ever breakdown of how it handled the more than 3,400 cases of abuse reported to the Holy See since 2004.



Iran admiral: U.S. ships are a target in case of war

Posted 5/7/2014 in National

Iran will target American aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf should a war between the two countries ever break out, the naval chief of Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard warned Tuesday as the country completes work on a large-scale mock-up of a U.S. carrier.



UN: Spread of polio now a world health emergency

Posted 5/7/2014 in National

For the first time ever, the World Health Organization on Monday declared the spread of polio an international public health emergency that could grow in the next few months and unravel the nearly three-decade effort to eradicate the crippling disease.



Lewinsky speaks out on affair with Clinton

Posted 5/7/2014 in National

Monica Lewinsky says there's no question her boss -- Bill Clinton -- "took advantage" of her when he was president.


Immanuel now Columbus Christian Academy

Posted 5/6/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

The private school will now be known as Columbus Christian Academy. The name was revealed in front of students, faculty and parents Tuesday morning.


MEMA opens disaster relief center in New Hope

Posted 5/6/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

A Disaster Recovery Center is now open at the New Hope Community Center to help those who have been affected by the April 28 tornadoes.


More funding needed for CAFB firing range

Posted 5/6/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Bids on the building and bullet trap for a new Lowndes County shooting range have come in over the original budget, meaning more funding from the county and city will likely be needed for the project to happen.

County seeking quotes for debris cleanup

Posted 5/6/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Lowndes County was one of seven counties in Mississippi declared a federal disaster area after it was hit by five tornadoes last week.

Lowndes School District improperly allocated funding

Posted 5/6/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

The State Auditor's Office revealed Tuesday that the Lowndes County School District did not properly use Title I funds during the 2012-2013 school year.

Photo: A night for nurses

Posted 5/6/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Bessie Johnson, a housekeeper at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle, holds up a candle with co-workers in the courtyard of the Patient Tower Monday in honor of National Nurses Week.


Court ruling favors prayer at council meeting

Posted 5/6/2014 in National

A narrowly divided Supreme Court upheld decidedly Christian prayers at the start of local council meetings on Monday, declaring them in line with long national traditions though the country has grown more religiously diverse.


Residents: Safety issues abound on Blackjack Road

About 20 Blackjack residents say they, along with commuters who use the widely traveled thoroughfare near Mississippi State University, are forced to endure dangerous conditions on Blackjack Road as heavy construction equipment associated with housing developments block and damage the street.

Perkins: Nixing alcohol sales agenda item prevents divisive discussion

An agenda item that would have set public hearings on a law relaxing Starkville alcohol sales was pulled Monday from today's city business, officials confirmed Monday.


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