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GOP in key states tries to slow anti-abortion push

Posted 8/3/2013 in National



Columbus man arrested after head-on collision

Posted 8/3/2013 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Columbus police arrested Junior Guyton, 75, of 913 16th St., Columbus, after the vehicle he was driving struck another car in a head-on collision near the intersection of Miss. Highway 82 and Miss. Highway 69 Friday near noon, CPD Sgt. Bill Smith said.



Mississippi to commemorate Freedom Summer

Posted 8/3/2013 in State

Mississippi civil-rights activists are preparing to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer in 2014. Some say race relations might've improved, but people must remain vigilant to protect voting rights.



Time to take a bite out of food stamps?

Posted 8/3/2013 in National

Food stamps look ripe for the picking, politically speaking.



Global travel warning: U.S. cites al-Qaida threat

Posted 8/3/2013 in National



Governors warn Washington against fiscal inaction

Posted 8/3/2013 in National



U.S. diplomat kills man in car crash, leaves Kenya

Posted 8/3/2013 in National

An American diplomat who police say was speeding crossed the center line in his SUV and rammed into a full mini-bus, killing a father of three whose widow is six months pregnant, officials said Friday.



FDA defining what 'gluten free' means on packages

Posted 8/3/2013 in National

A label that reads "gluten free" will now mean the same thing for all food, regardless of which kind you buy.



Lawyer: Snowden has a place to live in Russia

Posted 8/3/2013 in National



Mississippi firm recalls frozen chicken meals

Posted 8/2/2013 in State


Moreland blames previous administration for budget woes

Starkville Parks Commission Chairman Dan Moreland presented two budget proposals Thursday which he said ask the city to either foot a sizable portion of the autonomous board's electric bills or increase SPC's budget by about 2 mill's worth of general operating funds.

Wiseman to discuss optional forms of city government

Stennis Institute of Government Director Marty Wiseman confirmed he has been invited to discuss various Mississippi municipal government forms to a group of residents at 3:30 p.m. today at the Thad Cochran Research Park's multi-tenant building.


Woman drowns at Gilmer Inn

Posted 8/2/2013 in Columbus & Lowndes County

A 21-year-old woman has died after apparently drowning at the Gilmer Inn pool Thursday evening.


Rave reviews of 'Rivers' putting Smith at ease

Posted 8/2/2013 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Michael Farris Smith, wearing sandals, a white T-shirt and shorts, opened his Columbus front door Thursday afternoon looking laid back and calm. He admitted, though, that on the inside, his emotional state is quite different.

City begins work of FY2014 budget

Posted 8/2/2013 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Columbus councilmen and the mayor held their first budget workshop Thursday at City Hall and learned the value of a mill is expected to remain at $170,000 for the upcoming fiscal year.


AP: Postal Service takes photos of all mail

Posted 8/2/2013 in National

The Postal Service takes pictures of every piece of mail processed in the United States -- 160 billion last year -- and keeps them on hand for up to a month.



PSC says Kemper plant rate cap to stand

Posted 8/2/2013 in State



Mississippians can request free smoke alarm

Posted 8/2/2013 in State



Brown nomination passed by Senate committee

Posted 8/2/2013 in State



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