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Cooper CEO says buyer committed to U.S. operations

Posted 6/13/2013 in Area



Marriages and divorces 6-13-13

Posted 6/13/2013 in Business



Building permits 6-12-13

Posted 6/13/2013 in Business



Small businesses are hiring again, but cautiously

Posted 6/13/2013 in Business



Ariel Castro pleads not guilty in kidnap case

Posted 6/13/2013 in National


Girl who took on transplant rules gets new, adult lungs

Posted 6/13/2013 in National

A 10-year-old girl with cystic fibrosis was recovering from a transplant of adult lungs after a judge's ruling expanded her options for lifesaving surgery.

Privacy -- the online generation wants it

Posted 6/13/2013 in National

Amid the debate over government surveillance, there's been an assumption: Young people don't care about privacy. Turns out, the generation that puts much of the "social" in social networking is much more complex when determining what personal information they want to share.


Surveillance reports spark sales of '1984'

Posted 6/13/2013 in National



ESPN to kill 3-D broadcasts by end of year

Posted 6/13/2013 in National


Safety paramount as sizzling summer ensues

Posted 6/12/2013 in Area

The National Weather Service in Jackson is forecasting a high temperature of 96 degrees in Columbus today with the heat index expected to reach the triple digits. The arrival of summer weather in Mississippi brings with it the increased risk of heat-related illnesses, and it is important to take precautions to avoid extended exposure to the elements, according to NWS officials and local medical experts.


Attention turns to vote-counting on immigration

Posted 6/12/2013 in National

Backers of far-reaching immigration legislation are turning their attention to courting support and counting votes after the Senate pushed the contentious bill over early procedural hurdles.



Miss. trade mission to Brazil scheduled

Posted 6/12/2013 in State



Senate passes farm bill, moving debate to House

Posted 6/12/2013 in National


School board takes no action in special meeting

Posted 6/12/2013 in Columbus & Lowndes County

After meeting for almost four hours in executive session, the Columbus Municipal School Board took no action on a personnel matter involving Superintendent Dr. Martha Liddell.


Feds: Morning-after pill appeal officially on hold

Posted 6/12/2013 in National

The Obama administration's appeal in the legal fight over morning-after pills has been officially put on hold until a judge weighs a new plan to allow girls of all ages to buy the contraceptives without a prescription, according to a government letter filed Tuesday.



Southern Baptists re-elect first black president

Posted 6/12/2013 in National

The Southern Baptist Convention re-elected its first black president, the Rev. Fred Luter Jr., at its annual meeting Tuesday.



Hood: Google pulls videos on evading prescriptions

Posted 6/12/2013 in State

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood says Google appears to be removing online videos that give instructions on how to buy drugs without a prescription.



Execs admit that TV isn't everywhere yet

Posted 6/12/2013 in National

TV was supposed to be everywhere by now -- watchable anytime, anywhere, on your smartphone or tablet. But four years into the industry's effort, network executives readily admit: TV isn't everywhere.



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