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All eyes on Isaac as GOP convention approaches

Posted 8/27/2012 in National

Mitt Romney's Republican National Convention sputters to life with the lonely banging of a gavel in a mostly empty hall, hardly the opening splash intended for the nation. With a sprawling and strengthening storm bearing down on the region, the party hastily rewrote the convention script to present the extravaganza's prime rituals and headline speakers later in the week -- Tropical Storm Isaac willing.



Isaac aims at north Gulf Coast after raking Fla.

Posted 8/27/2012 in National

Tropical Storm Isaac rolled over the open Gulf of Mexico on Monday, where it was expected to grow into a hurricane before hitting land somewhere between Louisiana and Florida and close to the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.


Columbus goes to Conventions: First-timer Cantrell, veteran Brooks both eager to be 'part of history'

Posted 8/25/2012 in Columbus & Lowndes County

A pair of Lowndes County residents will soon occupy a tiny piece of the two largest political stages in the United States as delegates to their national party conventions.


Station's closure could mean no ABC for area viewers

Posted 8/25/2012 in Area

A new fall television season is set to begin next month, but viewers in the Golden Triangle might have to find an alternative means of catching shows like "Modern Family" and "Dancing With The Stars" and other ABC hits.


Council wants details of 'no-cost' bus service

Posted 8/25/2012 in Area

Public transportation could be on the horizon for parts of the Golden Triangle.

Columbus schools begin work on 'new vision'

Posted 8/25/2012 in Columbus & Lowndes County

More than 65 teachers, administrators and community members gathered at the Columbus Municipal School District's Brandon Central Services on Saturday to begin drafting a new vision plan for the district.


Newell again found guilty of manslaughter in 'Slab House' murder

Posted 8/25/2012 in Columbus & Lowndes County

For the second time in three years, James "Chuck" Newell was found guilty of manslaughter in the 2008 shooting death of Adrian Boyette.



Lowndes Health Dept. closed Wednesday

Posted 8/25/2012 in Columbus & Lowndes County

The Lowndes County Health Department, located at 801 N. Lehmberg Road, will be closed Wednesday for staff training.


Smart meter movement stirs rowdy debate in Texas

Posted 8/25/2012 in National

Thelma Taormina keeps a pistol at her Houston-area home to protect against intruders. But one of the last times she used it, she said, was to run off a persistent utility company worker who was trying to replace her old electricity meter with a new digital unit.


Kidney for Ohio patient's transplant put in trash

Posted 8/25/2012 in National


Akin makes first appearance since rape remarks in Mo.

Posted 8/25/2012 in National

Bolstered by thousands of small individual donations, embattled Republican Congressman Todd Akin reaffirmed his commitment to his U.S. Senate campaign Friday while re-emerging publicly in Missouri for the time since making inflammatory remarks about rape and pregnancy.

Tropical storm Issac forces GOP to scrap first day of convention

Posted 8/25/2012 in National

Republican officials abruptly announced plans Saturday night to scrap the first day of their national convention, bowing to the threat of Tropical Storm Isaac as it bore down menacingly on Florida.

Drought bares mean side of thirsty Miss. River

Posted 8/25/2012 in State

Another day, another sandbar to clear on the clogged Mississippi River.

Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, dies at 82

Posted 8/25/2012 in National

Neil Armstrong was a quiet, self-described nerdy engineer who became a global hero when as a steely-nerved pilot he made "one giant leap for mankind" with a small step onto the moon. The modest man, who had people on Earth entranced and awed from almost a quarter-million miles away, died Saturday. He was 82.

NYPD: Empire State victims hit by police gunfire

Posted 8/25/2012 in National

All nine people wounded during a dramatic confrontation between police and a gunman outside the Empire State Building were struck by bullets fired by the two officers, police said Saturday, citing ballistics evidence.

Jerry Nelson, puppeteer behind Count von Count, dies at 78

Posted 8/25/2012 in National

Jerry Nelson, the puppeteer behind a delightful menagerie of characters including Count von Count on "Sesame Street" and Gobo Fraggle on "Fraggle Rock," has died.


Breaking: Newell found guilty of manslaughter for second time

Posted 8/24/2012 in Area

James C."Chuck" has been convicted of manslaughter for the second time by a circuit court jury


Trucks brings his blues to Tuscaloosa

Posted 8/24/2012 in Area

Derek Trucks was once a name associated with the words "child prodigy." The guitar player gained national attention when he began touring off and on with his uncle Butch Trucks' band, The Allman Brothers Band, at the age of 13. Today, Trucks, now 33 and a full-time member of The Allman Brothers Band, has left the child prodigy talk behind and is moving towards the category of living blues legend.

Romney: Big business is fine, helped by tax havens

Posted 8/24/2012 in National

Creating a potential headache for his campaign, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said big businesses in the U.S. were "doing fine" in part because they get advantages from offshore tax havens.

Drought worsens in Plains, despite cooler temperatures

Posted 8/24/2012 in National

While other corn growers already have knocked down their drought-ravaged crops to feed them to livestock, Nebraska farmer Doug Nelson still waits for his maize to mature, well aware it won't be a banner year.


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