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New book explains court to children

Posted 4/24/2013 in State



French protest against gay marriage turns violent

Posted 4/24/2013 in National



U.S. seeks voluntary limits on car touch screens

Posted 4/24/2013 in National


Relay for Life: For Ellis, fight against cancer is a calling

Posted 4/23/2013 in Columbus & Lowndes County

With the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life fast approaching, local volunteers are furiously working to pull off the fund-raiser. At the center of all the hustle and bustle is Mott Ellis.

Sequestration has had 'very minimal effect' on GTRA

Posted 4/23/2013 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Air traffic controller furloughs as a result of sequestration have had no effect on operations at Golden Triangle Regional Airport, Executive Director Mike Hainsey said Monday.

Bryant to call West Point special session

Posted 4/23/2013 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant confirmed Monday that a call for a special session related to an economic development project is forthcoming.


Two schools locked down after man enters Heritage

Posted 4/23/2013 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Two neighboring Columbus schools were on lockdown Monday morning after they reported a suspicious person in the area.



Russell Street study to begin

Posted 4/23/2013 in Starkville & Oktibbeha County

Starkville is proceeding with a traffic study to analyze one of the main city-Mississippi State University thoroughfares, and officials say the project will help with future grant applications to improve the area's pedestrian connections.



Bail hearing set for Canada terror plot

Posted 4/23/2013 in National



Drop in gas prices benefits drivers, economy

Posted 4/23/2013 in National


Project Blast targets struggling students

Posted 4/23/2013 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Two new after-school tutoring programs will focus on helping under-performing elementary students. Project Boost and Project Blast began last week within the Columbus Municipal School District and are being offered at four of the district's elementary schools.


Hearing resumes today for Miss. ricin suspect

Posted 4/23/2013 in State

More discussion is likely today of the mental state of the Mississippi man accused of mailing poisoned letters to President Barack Obama, a U.S. senator and a local judge.


AP: Congress slows military efforts to save

Posted 4/23/2013 in National

Parked around the airstrip at Lackland Air Force Base are more than a dozen massive C-5A Galaxy transport planes. There is no money to fly them, repair them or put pilots in the cockpits, but Congress rejected the Air Force's bid to retire them.

Monday profile: 'Superhero' Weeks lauded as Parent of the Year

Posted 4/22/2013 in Columbus & Lowndes County

For Roberta Weeks, volunteering is not some great philosophical issue. Instead, it's pretty simple: Find a need and fill it.


Student, school at odds over NRA T-shirt

Posted 4/22/2013 in National

A West Virginia student was charged with causing a disruption at a middle school when he refused to remove a T-shirt that displayed the National Rifle Association's logo and hunting rifle.


CL&W to accept bids for new meters

Posted 4/22/2013 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Inadequate performance in the automatic meter system Columbus Light and Water intended to install for all its customers will necessitate restarting the bid-seeking process for a new meter provider, CL&W General Manager Todd Gale said.

States rejecting Obamacare face serious fallout

Posted 4/22/2013 in National

Rejecting the Medicaid expansion in the federal health care law could have unexpected consequences for states where Republican lawmakers remain steadfastly opposed to what they scorn as "Obamacare."


Hearing to continue today in ricin letter case

Posted 4/22/2013 in State

The man charged with mailing ricin-laced letters to the president and a senator was expected back in court today, and the hearing could reveal what evidence authorities have collected from searches of his home and vehicle.



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