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Fort Hood shooting judge removed for showing bias

Posted 12/4/2012 in National

A military judge has been thrown off the Fort Hood deadly shooting case after an appeals court found that his treatment of the suspect, including an order to have the man forcibly shaved, indicated a lack of impartiality.



Supes want to lease county's share of lake

Posted 12/4/2012 in Starkville & Oktibbeha County

The Oktibbeha County Board of Supervisors has asked the county administrator and board attorney to work on hammering out a deal that would lease the remainder of Oktibbeha County Lake.



GOP issues a new 'fiscal cliff' offer to Obama

Posted 12/4/2012 in National

House Republicans put forth a $2.2 trillion "fiscal cliff" counteroffer to President Barack Obama on Monday, calling for raising the eligibility age for Medicare, lowering cost-of-living hikes for Social Security benefits and bringing in $800 billion in higher tax revenue -- but not raising rates for the wealthy.



Navy: No US drones missing after Iran claims capture

Posted 12/4/2012 in National

Iran claimed Tuesday it had captured a U.S. drone after it entered Iranian airspace over the Persian Gulf-- even showing an image of a purportedly downed craft on state TV -- but the U.S. Navy said all its unmanned aircraft in the region were "fully accounted for."



California sea smuggling claims Coast Guard life

Posted 12/4/2012 in National

he killing of a U.S. Coast Guardsman whose crew was chasing a vessel suspected of being laden with drugs appears to be the latest example of how smugglers are venturing farther north in a game of cat-and-mouse along the California coast.



Alaska suspect linked to multiple murders

Posted 12/4/2012 in National

Israel Keyes, in jail for the killing of an Alaska barista, gradually began confessing to investigators that he had killed others: a couple in Vermont, four people in Washington state, someone in New York.



Digital publication 'The Daily' bites the dust

Posted 12/4/2012 in National

It was too expensive. It lacked editorial focus. And for a digital publication, it was strangely cut off from the Internet. That's the obituary being written in real time through posts, tweets and online chats about The Daily, the first-of-its-kind iPad newspaper that is being shut down this month.


Turner leaves legacy of integrity and courage

Posted 12/3/2012 in Area

WCBI news personality Aundrea Self didn't hesitate when asked to describe her former employer and friend, the late Sen. Bennie Turner. "He always exuded a quiet confidence," Self said Sunday. "He had a strong presence when he walked into the room."

Supes give Silicor Materials an ultimatum

Posted 12/3/2012 in Area

Company has until Dec. 31 to escrow $150,000

Foreclosure help coming to Columbus

Posted 12/3/2012 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Owning a home is part of the American dream. But for some, the dream can quickly become a nightmare of delayed mortgage payments and eventual foreclosure. To help those facing the reality of losing their home, Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood is bringing the Mississippi Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Consortium to Columbus Dec. 5 from 10-1 p.m. at the Boys and Girls Club on 14th Avenue North.

Monday profile: New Main Street director brings 'big city ideas'

Posted 12/3/2012 in Columbus & Lowndes County

The new director of Main Street Columbus said she enjoyed the 2011 Wassail Fest so much she decided to move here.


Aldermen to discuss ditch project

Posted 12/3/2012 in Starkville & Oktibbeha County

The Starkville Board of Aldermen will kick off December with several items to consider Tuesday night.



Brinksmanship on Obama Medicaid expansion for poor

Posted 12/3/2012 in National

It's health care brinksmanship, with hundreds of billions of dollars and the well-being of millions of people at stake.



Alaska inmates find identity in orchestra

Posted 12/3/2012 in National

After serving a 14-year sentence for murder, no one would have expected Sarah Jane Coffman to go anywhere near the Hiland Mountain Correctional Center once she was released. But every Saturday she makes the 10-mile drive with a viola in tow for orchestra practice at the prison just north of Anchorage.



Veterans' gun rights sticky issue in defense bill

Posted 12/3/2012 in National

Should veterans deemed too mentally incompetent to handle their own financial affairs be prevented from buying a gun?



Five states to increase class time in some schools

Posted 12/3/2012 in National

Open your notebooks and sharpen your pencils. School for thousands of public school students is about to get quite a bit longer.



Risk is at heart of troop withdrawal debate

Posted 12/3/2012 in National


Serial killer Gacy's blood may solve old murders

Posted 12/3/2012 in National

Detectives have long wondered what secrets serial killer John Wayne Gacy and other condemned murderers took to the grave when they were executed -- mostly whether they had other unknown victims.


Alaska murder suspect linked to 7 other killings

Posted 12/3/2012 in National

Investigators say a man found dead of an apparent suicide in an Alaska jail was not only suspected of killing an Anchorage barista but may be linked to seven other possible slayings around the country.


Pregnant woman stabbed by sister's boyfriend

Posted 12/2/2012 in Starkville & Oktibbeha County

A Maben man was arrested Sunday for stabbing a pregnant woman earlier in the day. John Jones, 30, of 110 Sanders Trailer Park Road in Maben, was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault after he stabbed his girlfriend's sister Sunday morning.


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