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City officials must balance wishes, needs

Posted 8/5/2013 in Columbus & Lowndes County

As city officials prepare to meet for a second special workshop to set the city's Fiscal Year 2014 budget, one thing department heads will have to consider from the previous meeting is reality.

Miss. law requires cord blood from some teen moms

Posted 8/5/2013 in State

If a girl younger than 16 gives birth and won't name the father, a new Mississippi law -- likely the first of its kind in the country -- says authorities must collect umbilical cord blood and run DNA tests to prove paternity as a step toward prosecuting statutory rape cases.


Scientists to serve lab-made burger from cow cells

Posted 8/5/2013 in National

For a hamburger that cost more than $300,000, you might expect fries and a shake too.



Longtime NBC news reporter John Palmer dies

Posted 8/5/2013 in National



Skydiving teacher killed in tandem jump

Posted 8/5/2013 in State



Illegal buttocks injections kill, maim women

Posted 8/5/2013 in State


OCH proposal breathes new life into petition drive

Continued debate on the future of Oktibbeha County Hospital Regional Medical Center's future has re-energized hospital supporter and former Starkville Alderman Frank Davis, who is putting together another petition drive to ensure the medical facility remains under local control.


Susan Estrich: In defense of Larry Summers

Posted 8/3/2013 in National

I don't know who the president will -- or should -- choose to replace Ben Bernanke as Fed chair. The president himself has identified three possible successors: Janet Yellen, the current Fed vice chairwoman; Donald Kohn, a former Fed vice chair; and Lawrence Summers, former Treasury secretary and president of Harvard University.



Project manager idea has its share of critics

Posted 8/3/2013 in Columbus & Lowndes County

The creation of a project manager position for the city of Columbus and subsequent hiring of J5 Broaddus for the position has produced mixed reaction from residents who are unaware of what a project manager does.


Longtime Columbus coach Bourland dead at 81

Posted 8/3/2013 in Columbus & Lowndes County

J.D. "Tuffy" Bourland, a longtime Columbus coach and educator, died Friday at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle. He was 81.

Will Latch On catch on in Mississippi?

Posted 8/3/2013 in Area

At the Indianapolis 500, the race starts with the announcement, "Gentlemen, start you engines!" At the Kentucky Derby, it's "And they're off!" At the 929 Coffee Bar in Starkville Saturday, it was "Ladies, start your babies!"

SPD grant opportunities could benefit from staff changes

Starkville Police Chief David Lindley says a potential staff reshuffling within the police department will allow the city to aggressively pursue more enforcement grants, maintain accreditation standards and create two warrant officer positions.


GOP in key states tries to slow anti-abortion push

Posted 8/3/2013 in National



Columbus man arrested after head-on collision

Posted 8/3/2013 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Columbus police arrested Junior Guyton, 75, of 913 16th St., Columbus, after the vehicle he was driving struck another car in a head-on collision near the intersection of Miss. Highway 82 and Miss. Highway 69 Friday near noon, CPD Sgt. Bill Smith said.



Mississippi to commemorate Freedom Summer

Posted 8/3/2013 in State

Mississippi civil-rights activists are preparing to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer in 2014. Some say race relations might've improved, but people must remain vigilant to protect voting rights.



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