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Fledgling Reiki practitioner, oracle card reader seeks spiritual healing through alternative methods

Posted 10/19/2013 in Area

It's an upstairs bedroom in a Starkville apartment. There are lit candles in the window and some crystals on the floor. The walls are bare and the room is empty, except for a portable massage table. This is what Leslie Le Blanc calls her Reiki room.

Maloney leaves West Point Link

Posted 10/16/2013 in Area

Ron Maloney has left his post as the Golden Triangle Development Link's vice president of economic development for West Point and Clay County, Link CEO Joe Max Higgins confirmed Tuesday.

Arrest report: 10-16-13

Posted 10/16/2013 in Area


Tupelo's newest police chief sworn in

Posted 10/15/2013 in Area



Low interest rates, high grass in Natchez cemetery

Posted 10/14/2013 in Area



KJACS gets water/sewer project for Yokohama

Posted 10/9/2013 in Area

West Point selectmen awarded Missouri-based KAJACS Contractors the contract for water and sewer extension to what will be the Yokohama Tire Company site in Clay County during their meeting Tuesday.


The state of cotton: As statewide acre totals dwindle, Golden Triangle farmers see an increase in cotton acres

Posted 10/6/2013 in Area

They are out there now, those pieces of stray cotton crowding the edges of some Golden Triangle roads. For decades, around this time of year when farmers head into fields to harvest, cotton has been roadside scenery in Mississippi.


Two men arrested on drug charges in Monroe County

Posted 10/6/2013 in Area



Gulf Coast braces for Tropical Storm Karen

Posted 10/4/2013 in Area



Two arrested in Monroe County drug bust

Posted 10/3/2013 in Area


Arrest report: 10-1-13

Posted 10/1/2013 in Area

West Point, LINK chip in on Yokohama's 'Forever Forest'

Posted 9/28/2013 in Area

As part of its "Grand Design 100" strategy, Yokohama Tire Company has a campaign called Forever Forest, a pledge the corporation has made to plant 500,000 trees around each of its worldwide locations by 2017.

Road sign theft, vandalism present safety issue

Posted 9/28/2013 in Area

A couple of years ago, when Lowndes County road manager Ronnie Burns was driving around near Caledonia doing routine checks, he kept noticing an unusually high number of road signs missing. Someone told Burns a vehicle often parked near the spots where the markers disappeared.


Bids for Yokohama water, sewer expansion opened

Posted 9/27/2013 in Area

Sealed bids for water and sewer system expansions on East Hazelwood Road in Clay County where Yokohama Tire Manufacturing Mississippi is locating its plant were opened during Wednesday's West Point Board of Selectmen meeting.


Arrest report: 9-25-13

Posted 9/25/2013 in Area

Officials celebrate start of Yokohama construction

Posted 9/24/2013 in Area

"Some people say Mississippi's a club," Joe Max Higgins said Monday. "Mississippi is a family, and we've got new family members in the house today, folks." Higgins, the Golden Triangle Development Link CEO, was referring to Yokohama Tire Manufacturing Mississippi. Company, state and local officials broke ground on what will be one of the largest tire plants in the country during a ceremony at the Prairie Belt Powersite in Clay County.

Residents giddy with enthusiasm over arrival of new industry

Posted 9/24/2013 in Area

The excitement in the air at Yokohama Tire Manufacturing Mississippi's ground-breaking ceremony in Clay County was almost palpable Monday morning as executives, lawmakers and Clay County residents gathered on the hundreds of acres of farm land that will soon house a booming tire manufacturer.


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