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Lawmakers could limit testing, bar 17-year-old dropouts

Posted 2/21/2017 in State

Mississippi lawmakers in coming weeks could change the rules governing schools in significant ways.



Analysis: Mississippi museum directors see role as educators

Posted 2/20/2017 in State

The newly hired directors of two Mississippi history museums see their jobs as being educators as much as curators.



Revenue boss says he's fighting law by taxing internet sales

Posted 2/18/2017 in State

Some tax experts and conservative groups are questioning a proposed Mississippi regulation that would require large sellers to collect taxes on internet sales.



Former Navy Secretary Mabus questions Russia's role in election

Posted 2/18/2017 in State

A former secretary of the Navy said during a speaking appearance Friday that he has questions about Russia's involvement in the presidential election.



Expert: Mississippi economy remains behind national average

Posted 2/17/2017 in State

Mississippi's economy is growing at a modest pace but continues to lag behind the national average, an expert told lawmakers Thursday.



Long-term transportation funding plan unlikely this session

Posted 2/17/2017 in State

Mississippi legislators are unlikely to agree this session on a comprehensive, long-term plan to pay for highways and bridges.



Miss. lawmakers push early proposals for state budget

Posted 2/17/2017 in State

Mississippi lawmakers are pushing forward early drafts of budget bills that are likely to change before a final deadline.



Toyota donates $750K to 2 Miss. history museums

Posted 2/17/2017 in State

A car manufacturer that assembles vehicles in Mississippi is the latest corporate donor to the state's two history museums.



Miss. companies going on trade mission to Middle East

Posted 2/16/2017 in State

At least 15 Mississippi companies are heading to the Middle East next month in the hopes of establishing new partnerships.



School funding rewrite won't happen under budget deadline

Posted 2/15/2017 in State

An effort to rewrite Mississippi's school-funding formula will not be limited by the budget deadlines of the regular legislative session, House Speaker Philip Gunn said Tuesday.



Texan gets 5 years for bribing Mississippi official

Posted 2/15/2017 in State

A federal judge on Tuesday sentenced a Texas man to the maximum term of five years in prison for his role in bribing Mississippi's former corrections commissioner.



1 bill to strengthen Miss. governor advances; 1 dies

Posted 2/14/2017 in State

Mississippi legislators have advanced one bill to strengthen the state's constitutionally weak governor but killed another.



Analysis: Lack of info not helping school funding rewrite

Posted 2/13/2017 in State

There's still time to have a real discussion about possible changes to Mississippi's school funding formula.



House could block 1 proposal to expand governor's power

Posted 2/12/2017 in State

After endorsing a proposal to give the governor more power over state boards that license accountants, architects, cosmetologists and people in many other occupations or professions, Mississippi lawmakers may rethink or even block it.



Mississippi lottery bill fails, but another could pop up

Posted 2/10/2017 in State

The odds of Mississippi getting a state lottery this year are slim.



Bill: Let police ask about immigration status

Posted 2/10/2017 in State

The Mississippi Senate voted 32-16 Thursday to approve a bill saying local governments and public colleges can't stop their employees from asking whether a person has entered the U.S. illegally, and can't try to grant any special status to those who've entered illegally.



Mississippi House approves tax, regulation of fantasy sports contests

Posted 2/10/2017 in State

The Mississippi House has reversed itself and passed a bill to regulate and tax operators of daily fantasy sports contests.



'Back the Badge' bill passes House after emotional debate

Posted 2/9/2017 in State

The Mississippi House voted Wednesday to triple the penalties for committing violence against law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency responders.



1 lottery bill remaining after 2 chances fizzle in House

Posted 2/9/2017 in State

Lottery supporters in the Mississippi House snatched defeat from the jaws of victory Wednesday, leaving only one bill that could be used to create the statewide game of chance.



Mississippi sues to recover bribe-tainted prison money

Posted 2/9/2017 in State

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood on Wednesday sued 25 people and companies associated with the state's prison bribery scheme, saying they should repay more than $800 million in revenue they received from the state.



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