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Mississippi seeks source of disease that killed buck

Posted 3/12/2018 in State

Tests on deer carcasses collected in Mississippi don't show any signs of the fatal infectious disease that was recently confirmed in a dead buck.



Bryant names 4 more members to College Board

Posted 3/12/2018 in State

Gov. Phil Bryant is nominating four people to the board that oversees Mississippi's eight public universities, making him the first governor to appoint all 12 trustees.



House makes counter-offer to Senate on transportation money

Posted 3/10/2018 in State

As Mississippi lawmakers try to find new money for roads and bridges without raising taxes, state House members on Thursday moved forward with their version of a plan to divert future revenue and borrow money for the projects.



Mississippi awaits governor's OK on abortion restriction

Posted 3/9/2018 in State

A Mississippi bill to make most abortions illegal after 15 weeks of pregnancy is now awaiting the governor's expected signature, a step likely to trigger a tough legal challenge against what would become the nation's most restrictive abortion law.



Mississippi Legislature pares list of bills under deadline

Posted 3/8/2018 in State

Wednesday marked the Mississippi Legislature's latest deadline of the 90-day session.



Mississippi could test how soon state can restrict abortion

Posted 3/8/2018 in State

For decades, the U.S. Supreme Court has been telling states that they can't ban abortions before a fetus can survive outside the womb on its own.



Mississippi GOP governor won't appoint himself to US Senate

Posted 3/8/2018 in State

Mississippi's Republican governor took himself out of the mix Tuesday for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Thad Cochran, saying he'll find another strong contender to keep the seat firmly in GOP hands for decades, as Cochran did.



Mississippi governor says he supports 15-week abortion ban

Posted 3/7/2018 in State

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant is indicating he will sign a bill that would set the earliest abortion ban in the United States.


Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran resigning April 1

Posted 3/6/2018 in State

Longtime Republican Sen. Thad Cochran of Mississippi said Monday he will resign because of health problems -- triggering what could be a chaotic special election to fill the seat he has held for a generation.


Analysis: Hard feelings from 2014 carry into Mississippi Senate race

Posted 3/5/2018 in State

Mississippi state Sen. Chris McDaniel has launched his second campaign for U.S. Senate, four years after refusing to concede the first.


High court rejects latest challenge in murder-for-hire case

Posted 3/5/2018 in State

The Mississippi Supreme Court is rejecting a physician's argument that Attorney General Jim Hood is illegally performing law-enforcement duties.


Public school lobby can claim win in halting formula rewrite

Posted 3/3/2018 in State

Mississippi's traditional public school lobby is not dead, any rematch over rewriting the school funding formula could have to wait until after the 2020 elections, and the prospect for increased funding of the current formula looks uncertain.



Mississippi could set fines for impeding left-lane traffic

Posted 3/3/2018 in State

Mississippi could set a small financial punishment for drivers who lollygag in the left lane.



Sen. Roger Wicker re-election bid facing conservative rival

Posted 3/1/2018 in State

Mississippi state lawmaker Chris McDaniel, who lost a bitter Republican primary to the state's senior U.S. senator in 2014, said Wednesday that he is challenging the state's other Republican senator, Roger Wicker.



Transportation bills alive; equal pay and fake urine dead

Posted 2/28/2018 in State

Tuesday marked the Mississippi Legislature's third deadline of the 90-day session.



Mississippi 1 step closer to 15-week abortion ban

Posted 2/28/2018 in State

Mississippi is one step closer to enacting what could become the nation's most restrictive abortion law.



Mississippi tobacco tax increase remains up in the air

Posted 2/28/2018 in State

A pack of Marlboros at a convenience store near the Mississippi Capitol costs about $4.99, which includes tax. If the Legislature chooses one possible option for a cigarette tax increase, the same pack could run $5.31.


Book raises questions about criminal evidence

Posted 2/26/2018 in State

It's not just about Steven Hayne and Michael West.


Mississippi gives tax break to hotel tied to Trump company

Posted 2/24/2018 in State

Mississippi has granted a tax break worth just over $6 million to a hotel developer affiliated with the Trump Organization.



Days before deadline, McDaniel unsure about Senate race

Posted 2/24/2018 in State

A Mississippi state lawmaker who lost a bitter U.S. Senate race in 2014 says he will "get into a dark place and pray" about whether to run this year.



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