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Analysis: Lt. Gov. Reeves restarts discussion over spending BP money

Posted 8/29/2016 in State

Generally, there's nothing better for a politician than spending "free" money -- cash that arrived in the treasury without lawmakers having to vote to raise taxes on their constituents.

Feds review concerns over Hattiesburg charges

Posted 8/29/2016 in State

The U.S. Justice Department is reviewing questions from U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson as to whether investigators are unfairly targeting black officials in Forrest County.


More than 300 at wake for 2 nuns killed in Miss.

Posted 8/29/2016 in State



Man arrested in killings of 2 Miss. nuns

Posted 8/27/2016 in State

A man suspected in the slayings of two nuns found dead in their Mississippi home has been arrested and charged with capital murder in the shocking killing that rocked the small town communities where the women served, authorities said.



Leader of British movement to leave EU joins Trump in Jackson

Posted 8/25/2016 in State

Donald Trump is linking his "movement to take back the country" to Britain's surprising vote to leave the European Union.



Insurance agent charged in Miss. prison bribery case

Posted 8/25/2016 in State

A Jackson insurance agent is the latest person indicted in a corruption case tied to the former head of the Mississippi prison system.



Thompson staffer continues working while facing tax-evasion charges

Posted 8/25/2016 in State

U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson said Wednesday that his chief of staff, Lanier Avant, will continue working while facing tax-evasion charges.



Miss. congressman's staffer faces tax evasion charges

Posted 8/24/2016 in State

A top staffer for Mississippi's only Democratic member of Congress faces charges of tax evasion.



Miss. charter school challengers seek quick judgment

Posted 8/24/2016 in State

A group suing over how Mississippi's charter schools are funded and governed is pushing for a quick ruling in the case.



Miss. ACT scores dip as all high school seniors tested

Posted 8/24/2016 in State

Mississippi's ACT scores fell sharply in the first year that all public school seniors in the Magnolia State took the test.



Analysis: Once called soft, some ask if state tests too hard

Posted 8/22/2016 in State

Beneath the back-and-forth last week over how many Mississippi public schools should get As was the undertow of another question -- has the state gone from grading its kids too soft to grading them too hard?



Ole Miss band to look away from 'Dixie' beginning this fall

Posted 8/20/2016 in State

"Old times there are not forgotten" proclaim the lyrics to the Southern anthem "Dixie." But the University of Mississippi, whose athletic traditions were once overlaid with Confederate symbolism, is ready to forget the song.



Miss. officials expect $10M for after-school programs

Posted 8/20/2016 in State

Mississippi officials now expect to have $10 million to spend on federally subsidized after-school programs in the current school year.



Tiny town in Mississippi working to recover from flood

Posted 8/19/2016 in State

Folks in the small south Mississippi town of Crosby are tired. Hot. Sweaty. Hungry. Nearly a week after a flash flood poured 4 feet of water across the southwest side of town, cleanup progresses slowly.



Glitch shortens some Mississippi driver's license renewals

Posted 8/19/2016 in State

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety is working to fix a glitch that caused some driver's licenses to be renewed for too few years.



State board seeks middle ground on A-to-F school grading scale

Posted 8/19/2016 in State

State Board of Education members are backing a plan that would assign A grades to fewer Mississippi schools and districts than an administrator task force recommended, but more than Department of Education officials had originally wanted.



Accrediting panel dumps tougher A-to-F school grading scale

Posted 8/18/2016 in State

Members of the state Board of Education face a thorny decision: How many public schools and districts should get A grades and how many should get F grades under Mississippi's rating system?



No change in transcript for case of ricin letter to Obama

Posted 8/17/2016 in State

A Mississippi man imprisoned for mailing poison-laced letters to President Barack Obama and others was denied his request to change a court transcript.



Miss. town mourns deaths of 3 couples in plane crash

Posted 8/16/2016 in State

Three married couples killed in the crash of a small airplane in Alabama all lived in the university town of Oxford where city flags were lowered Monday as residents grappled with the loss of so many lives at one time.



Governor criticizes education agency on after-school money

Posted 8/16/2016 in State

Gov. Phil Bryant is calling for immediate action by the state Board of Education to remedy misspending of federal money that's threatening the state's ability to fund after-school programs.



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