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Washington governor bans state travel to Mississippi

Posted 4/6/2016 in State

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has joined the Seattle mayor in banning official travel to Mississippi due to the state's new law allowing religious groups and some private businesses to refuse service to gay couples based on beliefs.



Legal pressure may be ahead for law denying service to gays

Posted 4/6/2016 in State

The decision by Mississippi's governor to sign a law that allows religious groups and some private businesses to deny services to gay and transgender people may have headed off gathering opposition in the state's business community, but it could launch the state into litigation.



Local leaders react to law allowing service denial to gays

Posted 4/6/2016 in State

Several Golden Triangle leaders have spoken out against a law signed Tuesday by Gov. Phil Bryant that allows religious groups and private businesses in Mississippi to deny services to gay and transgender people.



Blue Mountain launches enrollment plan

Posted 4/5/2016 in State

The Board of Trustees of Blue Mountain College unanimously approved the conceptual framework for a seven-year strategic enrollment plan entitled "GROW BMC!"



Hancock Fabrics to close remaining stores

Posted 4/2/2016 in State

The remaining 185 stores of Hancock Fabrics will close, bringing an end to the fabrics and crafts retailer that was founded in Tupelo in 1957.



MS ban on adoption by same-sex couples blocked

Posted 4/1/2016 in State

A federal judge Thursday overturned Mississippi's ban on allowing same-sex couples to adopt children.


Tennessee Williams at last gets an Old Capitol portrait

Posted 4/1/2016 in State

Tennessee Williams, the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright from Columbus, has been a member of the Mississippi Hall of Fame since 2001.


Bryant to review bill on gay marriage limits

Posted 4/1/2016 in State

Mississippi Republican Gov. Phil Bryant is not yet saying whether he would sign a bill that would let government workers and private businesspeople cite religious beliefs to deny services to gay or lesbian couples.



Miss. House leaders mull sales tax increase for roads, bridges

Posted 4/1/2016 in State

Mississippi legislative leaders are considering raising sales tax rates from 7 percent to 9 percent as part of plan to increase road and bridge funding. But they indicated they might remove the sales tax from groceries.



Increases proposed for Miss. hunting, fishing licenses

Posted 3/31/2016 in State

The cost of Mississippi residents' hunting and fishing licenses could increase for the first time in a generation to help pay for more state game wardens.



Jackson airport board vows to continue fighting takeover

Posted 3/31/2016 in State

The board of Jackson's city-run airport says it will go as far as necessary to fight a bill that would give suburbs and the state some control over the airport.



Lawmakers in Mississippi House make push for state lottery

Posted 3/30/2016 in State

The Mississippi House voted twice Tuesday to establish a state lottery, but the effort is likely to be squashed in the Senate.



Miss. Sen. favors allowing armed security in churches

Posted 3/30/2016 in State

Asked to choose between a Christian spirit of peace and a "God-given right" of self-defense, Mississippi senators Tuesday overwhelmingly favored the latter.



Some Southern states could see tornadoes, 5 inches of rain

Posted 3/30/2016 in State

Forecasters say storms could produce tornadoes in several states across the South and flooding in Mississippi, where up to 5 inches of rain could fall.



House votes to create committee for campaign finance study

Posted 3/29/2016 in State

A divided Mississippi House voted Monday to study campaign finance laws rather than change them this year, but the proposal will get more scrutiny when it returns to the Senate.



Under the Capitol Dome: New laws could mean new lawsuits in Miss.

Posted 3/28/2016 in State

Mississippi legislators are on track to produce dozens of new state laws. And, as in years past, they're probably creating plenty of work for attorneys.



Miss. House proposes firing squad as execution method

Posted 3/26/2016 in State

The Mississippi House wants to allow the state to execute prisoners using a firing squad if officials decide lethal injection is too expensive or unavailable.



Amid delays, Dem rep gets court order against speaker

Posted 3/24/2016 in State

A handful of Democrats on Wednesday showed dissatisfaction with Mississippi's Republican-dominated legislative process by conducting filibusters with long-winded readings of bills.



10 young writers receive $50,000 Whiting Awards

Posted 3/24/2016 in State

Vietnamese poet Ocean Vuong and fiction writer Catherine Lacey, a native of Tupelo, are among this year's 10 recipients of the Whiting Awards, $50,000 prizes given to young writers of exceptional promise.



Innocent bystander killed during Miss. police pursuit

Posted 3/23/2016 in State

An innocent bystander was killed when his car was struck by a suspected shoplifter leading police on a chase from a suburb into Mississippi's capital city, police said Tuesday.



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