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Education critical to development, says CREATE speakers

Posted 6/1/2013 in State

Correlation between education retainment levels and economic development and the importance of improving in both areas was among many issues discussed when regional community development leaders convened Friday for the CREATE Foundation's annual State of the Region meeting in Tupelo.



State Board agrees on traits sought in K-12 leader

Posted 6/1/2013 in State



Couple to be reunited with dog lost in Miss.

Posted 6/1/2013 in State



Bank vaults have changed with the times

Posted 6/1/2013 in State


State braces for Guard furloughs

Posted 5/31/2013 in State

Maj. Gen. Augustus L. Collins, the adjutant general of Mississippi, was to release details today of upcoming furloughs among more than 1,400 full-time National Guard employees across Mississippi.


State gives $1M to health overhaul call center

Posted 5/31/2013 in State

Gov. Phil Bryant rarely misses a chance to bash the federal healthcare overhaul as an unaffordable intrusion. But Thursday, he announced the state is giving $1 million to a federal contractor that will hire 1,000 Mississippians to help implement it.



Groups say conditions in Miss. prison 'barbaric'

Posted 5/31/2013 in State

Inmates in a Mississippi prison are isolated for long periods in "barbaric" conditions, sometimes in filthy cells with rats and broken toilets, and they are denied access to medical and mental health care, a federal lawsuit filed Thursday said.



Jackson police: Man shot trying to run over cop

Posted 5/30/2013 in State



United Furniture Industries expanding

Posted 5/30/2013 in State



Groups work to bring Internet to rural areas

Posted 5/29/2013 in State

Internet connectivity is spreading through rural Mississippi but there is still work to be done. Internet access needs can vary widely and adoption of this connectivity still remains a hurdle, say groups working on these challenges.



Census outlines state's school spending

Posted 5/28/2013 in State

At least once a year, Mississippi lawmakers have the same basic argument about education funding. One side says: You can't fix public schools by throwing money at them. The other side retorts: How would anyone know? The state has never tried it.


Chaney fears some won't get insurance

Posted 5/28/2013 in State

Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney says he fears some people won't be able to get health insurance when enrollment under the federal law opens in October.


Troopers out in force for weekend

Posted 5/25/2013 in State



Southern Co. CEO defends power project

Posted 5/23/2013 in State



Court won't get involved in Miss. redistricting

Posted 5/21/2013 in State



Kemper costs claim Miss. Power's president

Posted 5/21/2013 in State



Crop planting lags behind schedule

Posted 5/20/2013 in State



Miss. spends $2 million to keep military bases

Posted 5/18/2013 in State

Mississippi's state and local officials can tell you that defending the state's military bases from closures can get expensive.



Drug Court conference to be held in Tunica Wednesday

Posted 5/18/2013 in State



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