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State: Little impact from shutdown

Posted 10/11/2013 in State



Jones: Play incident becomes learning opportunity

Posted 10/10/2013 in State


State Senator Terry Brown undergoing cancer treatment

Posted 10/9/2013 in State

State Senator Terry Brown of Columbus has started treatment after being diagnosed with cancer. State Rep. Gary Chism, R-Columbus, a long-time colleague of Brown in the state legislature, said Brown was diagnosed with stage one cancer last week and has a neuroendocrine tumor on his left lung.


Woman charged in Medicare fraud bought 20 cars

Posted 10/8/2013 in State



Greenwood doc headed back to court

Posted 10/8/2013 in State



Court won't hear Scruggs appeal

Posted 10/8/2013 in State



Attorney General Hood hits Google on guarding intellectual property

Posted 10/8/2013 in State



State revenue collections start out strong

Posted 10/8/2013 in State



Ole Miss hate speech: Audience called to dialogue

Posted 10/7/2013 in State

The University of Mississippi says it has not been able to verify reports that athletes led the disruption of a campus play with gay slurs and inappropriate laughter. University officials said earlier that some freshman athletes participated.



Man charged with taking gun to Jackson VA

Posted 10/6/2013 in State



Mississippi football players disrupt campus play

Posted 10/4/2013 in State

A University of Mississippi professor says that a group of Ole Miss students, including football players, disrupted a production of a campus play with "hate speech" on Tuesday night.



Miss. continues WIC, despite budget battle

Posted 10/4/2013 in State



Miss. Power: Kemper plant build will miss deadline

Posted 10/3/2013 in State



AG Hood: Hidden guns OK on campus, with enhanced permit

Posted 10/3/2013 in State



Lesbian sues town for denying gay bar permit

Posted 10/2/2013 in State



Emmerich to start weekly newspaper in Hattiesburg

Posted 10/2/2013 in State



Judge blocks part of Miss. campaign finance law

Posted 10/2/2013 in State



Kemper delay could force repayment of $133 million

Posted 10/1/2013 in State



Personal income grows slowly in second quarter

Posted 10/1/2013 in State



Deputies find man stealing fuel from tanker

Posted 10/1/2013 in State



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