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8 automakers recall over 12M vehicles for Takata air bags

Posted yesterday in Business

Eight automakers are recalling more than 12 million vehicles in the U.S. to replace potentially dangerous Takata air bag inflators.


Browning on Business: Lenny's Sub Shop eyeing Columbus

Posted 5/26/2016 in Business

Lenny's Sub Shop wants to open in the Golden Triangle. Bob Ritter, the chain's vice president of franchise and market development, told The Dispatch this morning that Columbus is on its list of markets it wants to enter.


Senate votes to scrap catfish inspection program

Posted 5/26/2016 in Business

The Senate has voted to scrap a new catfish inspection program that critics have argued is wasteful and unnecessary.



Tupelo to appeal termination of air service subsidy

Posted 5/26/2016 in Business

Tupelo Regional Airport officials will ask for a waiver from the U.S. Department of Transportation, which on Friday ordered the temporary termination of the Essential Air Service program at 30 communities across the country, including Tupelo.



CEO pay in 2015: When a $468,449 raise is typical

Posted 5/26/2016 in Business

CEOs at the biggest companies got a 4.5 percent pay raise last year. That's almost double the typical American worker's, and a lot more than investors earned from owning their stocks -- a big fat zero.



Female CEOs see pay rise, but numbers remain small

Posted 5/26/2016 in Business

For the second year in a row, female CEOs earned more than their male counterparts and received bigger raises. But only a small sliver of the largest companies are run by women, and experts say gender parity at the top remains way off.



Building permits 5-26-16

Posted 5/26/2016 in Business



GM offers debit cards or longer warranties in mileage case

Posted 5/21/2016 in Business

People who bought or leased 2016 General Motors SUVs with overstated gas mileage on the window sticker will be getting compensated, the automaker said Friday.



Privacy fears: Panel has advice for drone operators

Posted 5/21/2016 in Business

A panel of privacy experts and technology companies organized by the Obama administration has issued guidelines for using drones without being overly intrusive.



Frozen food recall covers hundreds of items from many stores

Posted 5/20/2016 in Business

Amid a massive frozen foods recall involving millions of packages of fruits and vegetables that were shipped to all 50 U.S. states, Canada and Mexico, authorities who want to stem the listeria-linked illnesses and deaths worry it'll be difficult to get consumers to dig through their freezers and check for products they may have bought as far back as 2014.


Browning on Business: Is Save-A-Lot opening in Columbus?

Posted 5/19/2016 in Business

Save-A-Lot is looking to open a Golden Triangle store.


New rule extends overtime to millions of workers

Posted 5/19/2016 in Business

More than 4 million U.S. workers will become newly eligible for overtime pay under rules issued Wednesday by the Obama administration.



Building permits 5-18-16

Posted 5/19/2016 in Business



In Finland, a Burger King with a sauna

Posted 5/19/2016 in Business

Finland's Parliament has one. Nokia has one. And now a Burger King restaurant in downtown Helsinki has its own sauna.



Facebook's CEO meets with conservatives on reported bias

Posted 5/19/2016 in Business

Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday held a wide-ranging discussion with a group of conservative commentators who said afterward the Facebook CEO acknowledged the giant social network has a problem reaching conservatives.



Poll: Americans more upbeat about own finances than economy

Posted 5/19/2016 in Business

Americans are of two minds about the economy in the midst of an election race that largely hinges on the issue. They are strikingly pessimistic about the national economy yet comparatively upbeat about their own financial circumstances.



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