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Fed at July meeting appeared to be moving closer to hike

Posted 8/20/2015 in Business

Federal Reserve officials in their July discussions appeared to move closer to their first interest rate hike in nearly a decade but expressed wide-ranging concerns about wages, inflation and a significant slowdown in China.



Building permits 8-20-15

Posted 8/20/2015 in Business



Hancock execs ringing bell to open Nasdaq Aug. 25

Posted 8/20/2015 in Business

Executives with Mississippi-based Hancock Holding Company are slated to ring the opening bell for the Nasdaq stock market on Aug. 25.



Marriages and divorces 8-20-15

Posted 8/20/2015 in Business


Browning on Business: Mugshots opening in Columbus

Posted 8/13/2015 in Business

Jim Hicks, who along with Tray Gamble owns Mugshots in Starkville and Meridian, told The Dispatch this week a plan is in place to bring the popular eatery to Columbus.


US budget deficit swells in July due to calendar quirk

Posted 8/13/2015 in Business

The U.S. government ran a much higher budget deficit in July than a year ago, but it's still on track for the lowest full-year deficit in eight years.



Building permits 8-13-15

Posted 8/13/2015 in Business



Automakers trying to prevent hackers from taking over cars

Posted 8/9/2015 in Business

When researchers at two West Coast universities took control of a General Motors car through cellular and Bluetooth connections in 2010, they startled the auto industry by exposing a glaring security gap.



Fire sale: Oil, natural gas, coal down

Posted 8/9/2015 in Business

These days it seems whatever can be burned to power a car, heat a home, make electricity or ship people and goods around the globe is being sold at bargain basement prices.



Poll shows few in US have received credit cards with chips

Posted 8/7/2015 in Business

Even as an Oct. 1 deadline approaches to replace Americans' out-of-date credit cards with new cards embedded with computer chips, the vast majority of Americans still have not received their new cards.



SEC requires companies to reveal CEO-vs-worker pay gap

Posted 8/6/2015 in Business

Federal regulators have approved a long-delayed rule requiring companies to reveal the pay gap between CEOs and their employees.



Who are the stock market heavyweights?

Posted 8/6/2015 in Business

At $654 billion, Apple is the stock market's heavyweight.



Building permits 8-6-15

Posted 8/6/2015 in Business



Business brief: OCH Regional Medical Center honored

Posted 8/6/2015 in Business



Marriages and divorces 8-6-15

Posted 8/6/2015 in Business



Economists dump on Trump boast to bring jobs back from China

Posted 8/5/2015 in Business

Donald Trump vows to bring back the millions of American jobs lost to China and other foreign competitors if voters put him in the White House.



Delta says it's banning shipment of hunting 'trophies'

Posted 8/4/2015 in Business

Delta Air Lines had a major change of heart about shipping hunting trophies, announcing Monday afternoon that it would no longer accept lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros and buffalo trophies.



Extended slump in oil taking toll on industry, economy

Posted 8/1/2015 in Business

As drivers, shippers and airlines continue to enjoy lower fuel prices, the oil industry is responding to much lower profits with sharp cuts in spending and employment that are hurting economic growth.


Browning on Business: West Point salon upgrades services

Posted 7/30/2015 in Business

Though it has been open since 1988, there is something new about Image Maker Hair Salon in West Point.


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