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Will the cigarette tax rise from the ashes?

Posted 3/30/2009 in Business

Legislators continue anguishing over a looming spike in car-tag prices taxes, but they’re still hoping to avert that by increasing the tax on cigarettes, even though the bill for that died last week.



Southeast storm floods parts of Miss., Ala.

Posted 3/28/2009 in Business

BILOXI — A spring storm dumped heavy rains, baseball-sized hail and whipped up winds across the Southeast on Saturday, flooding homes and cars in parts of Mississippi and Alabama.



MUW to get $1.5M from finance bill

Posted 3/28/2009 in Business

JACKSON — The House and Senate gave final approval Thursday to a $282 million construction-finance bill that includes borrowing $1.5 million for Mississippi University for Women, but it doesn’t earmark $1.2 million to renovate the Columbus City Hall like the House wanted.



Railroad bill passes without $14M earmarked for C&G revitalization

Posted 3/27/2009 in Business

JACKSON — The House and Senate gave final approval Thursday to a state railroad-funding bill but without the $14 million originally earmarked to help reopen the old Columbus and Greenville rail line.



Prather, past governors honored for service, improving Mississippi

Posted 3/27/2009 in Business

JACKSON — Former Chief Justice Lenore Prather, of Columbus, joined former Govs. William Winter and Bill Waller on Thursday to receive Mississippi Medals of Service from Gov. Haley Barbour.



Former Brooksville clerk on house arrest for embezzling $60,000

Posted 3/27/2009 in Business

JACKSON — Alvina Deloach, 57, is under house arrest after pleading guilty to embezzling more than $60,000 from the town of Brooksville.



House honors Mississippi’s ‘Idol,’ Jasmine Murray

Posted 3/27/2009 in Business

The Mississippi House of Representatives this morning honored Columbus native Jasmine Murray, who made it to the top 13 of “American Idol.” She’s the first person from Mississippi to ever make the finals of the top-rated televised talent show.



Senate fails to override eminent domain bill veto

Posted 3/27/2009 in Business

JACKSON — The Senate failed Thursday to override Gov. Haley Barbour’s veto of a bill restricting government’s power to force people to give up their land for industrial uses.



Congress approves Noxubee bid to join National Heritage Area

Posted 3/27/2009 in Business

Congress Wednesday voted to create the Mississippi Hills National Heritage Area, which includes Noxubee County and 29 other Northeast Mississippi counties.



Another unique Columbus business: Ashley Sling, Inc.

Posted 3/26/2009 in Business

When my mother had cataract surgery back in the 1980s, she forgot that she was not supposed to lift any object heavier than a few pounds. Since it was Thanksgiving and she always cooked the meal for two families, she figured that that is what she would do.



USDA to restore and protect flood-prone lands

Posted 3/26/2009 in Business



Doris Hardy & Associates, LLC exceeds production expectations

Posted 3/26/2009 in Business



Barbour: Eminent-domain bill violates constitution

Posted 3/26/2009 in Business

JACKSON — Gov. Haley Barbour said the state Legislature will be unconstitutionally restricting government’s land-takeover powers if the Senate enacts an eminent domain bill over his veto.




Posted 3/26/2009 in Business

JACKSON — House-Senate negotiators gave up trying to reach a cigarette tax-increase compromise Wednesday night and killed the bill the Legislature passed in January to come up with much-needed revenues.



Senate OKs bill allowing West Point to turn over land to steel mill

Posted 3/26/2009 in Business

JACKSON – The state Senate approved a bill Thursday allowing West Point to turn over city-owned land for a steel company to relocate there.



Senate considers override of veto

Posted 3/25/2009 in Business

JACKSON — The Senate will try to override Gov. Haley Barbour’s veto of the eminent domain bill, but it appears it won’t be as easy as it was in the House.



Lawmakers stalemate on cigarette tax hike

Posted 3/24/2009 in Business

JACKSON — The House and Senate still haven’t agreed on a cigarette tax increase as negotiators face a Wednesday deadline to find a compromise or let the bill die.



House overrides Barbour's veto of eminent domain bill

Posted 3/24/2009 in Business

JACKSON – The House voted today to override Gov. Haley Barbour's veto of a bill that would restrict government power to force landowners to sell their properties so private industries can locate there. It's now up to the Senate to decide whether the bill becomes law over Barbour's objection -- and become the first veto override of his five-year tenure as governor.



Barbour OKs red-light camera ban

Posted 3/23/2009 in Business

Gov. Haley Barbour has signed into law a ban on traffic cameras used to photograph and ticket people who run red lights.




Posted 3/20/2009 in Business

JACKSON — State lawmakers might delay building Mississippi’s budget for the coming year because state revenues are falling far worse than the Legislature expected and questions linger about the federal economic stimulus funds coming to the state.



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