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Evans earns interior design certification

Posted 12/30/2010 in Business

Sally Evans of Bella Interiors passed the National Council of Interior Design Qualification exam this month.



Officers assume new positions at Citizens National Bank

Posted 12/30/2010 in Business



Pay of TVA managers frozen until 2013

Posted 12/29/2010 in Business

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. -- TVA is freezing the base pay of about 3,500 managers and specialists until 2013. Tennessee Valley Authority President Tom Kilgore said Monday the federal utility is joining the two-year pay freeze that Congress adopted for 2 million other federal employees.



Grant program offers relief to low-income homebuyers

Posted 12/29/2010 in Business

The Mississippi Home Corp. is offering a $14,999 grant to low- and middle-income homebuyers with modest credit.


Dealers push for end-of-year sales

Posted 12/28/2010 in Business

Christmas is past, but Americans aren't yet finished buying new toys. In Columbus and around the country, the week immediately following Christmas day is the busiest for new car sales.


Mississippi to teach civil rights history in all grades

Posted 12/27/2010 in Business

HATTIESBURG -- Teacher John Paola says his high school history course in southern Mississippi would be incomplete if it didn't include an emphasis on the turbulent civil rights struggle of America's South.


Work, bah humbug: Some area residents work through the holidays

Posted 12/25/2010 in Business

Every time Christmas rolls around, a few, unlucky employees are left to hold down the fort in Columbus. And no, it's not because they were naughty.


Officials get preview of new industrial park sign

Posted 12/22/2010 in Business

Sometime in early January, the Golden Triangle Global Industrial Aerospace Park is due to receive 20 feet and 6,000 pounds worth of "welcome."



Census shows Miss. congressional makeup stays the same

Posted 12/21/2010 in Business

Mississippi neither loses nor gains a congressional seat based on the newly released U.S. Census figures.



More owners giving up pets in tough economy

Posted 12/20/2010 in Business

A south Mississippi animal shelter says the number of pet owners leaving their animals at the facility has increased as more Mississippians lose their jobs or homes amid the sluggish economy.



Look up in the sky tonight: Lunar eclipse a rare occurence

Posted 12/20/2010 in Business

We hesitate to ever recommend getting out of bed in the wee hours of a cold winter night to go outside and look up at the sky. But everything we hear and read about the total eclipse of the moon that's going to be visible across all of North America suggests it's going to be one of those celestial events that are worth checking out.



Animal welfare bill back for 2011 Legislature

Posted 12/20/2010 in Business

It's not a felony in Mississippi to set a dog on fire or to grind up glass and mix it into a cat's food. Some legislators, including Democratic Sen. Bob Dearing of Natchez, have tried for several years to strengthen the state laws against the torture and maiming of dogs and cats, only to see bills pass the Senate and die in the House.


In West Point, beautification under way to lure businesses, visitors

Posted 12/18/2010 in Business

Downtown West Point is only a few blocks from Highway 45 Alternate, but many motorists who pass through the Golden Triangle's northernmost city don't pull off the busy thoroughfare to see local attractions.


Columbus native Ivy named head of national architects' group

Posted 12/18/2010 in Business

On Thursday the board of directors of the American Institute of Architects named Robert Ivy its new CEO. Ivy, who grew up in Columbus and for a time practiced architecture here, is editor and chief of Architectural Record.


Going postal on Christmas: Internet sales spur deluge of packages

Posted 12/18/2010 in Business

Millions of boxes are flying and rolling around the country as online sales rule the holiday season.

Developers could benefit from revival of low-interest loan program for Main Street

Posted 12/17/2010 in Business

Main Street Columbus Inc. and developers are pushing to revive a long-dead low-interest loan program that helped spruce up downtown buildings.


Christmas decorations stolen in Ala. frat prank

Posted 12/16/2010 in Business

As many as 20 members of two Samford University fraternities face disciplinary action in what police describe as a holiday prank that went too far: The theft of Christmas decorations from lawns around Jefferson County.



Firefighter charged with sex crime, arson

Posted 12/16/2010 in Business

A Mississippi firefighter with a criminal history that includes an arson conviction in Arkansas is now charged with setting seven fires and molesting an 11-year-old child.



Pants on the ground: City law bans wearing pants three inches below waist

Posted 12/16/2010 in Business

People who wear sagging pants in Selma could end up paying a fine and doing community service work.



Prentiss County voters defeat alcohol sales

Posted 12/15/2010 in Business

Prentiss County voters soundly rejected an effort to legalize alcohol sales in the county with about 63 percent of voters against coming out from under Mississippi dry laws.



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