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Toyota supplier to resume hiring for Miss. plant

Posted 12/3/2010 in Business

Officials with Toyota Boshoku will resume hiring and installing equipment at its north Mississippi plant where it will manufacture seats and other interior materials for the 2012 Corolla.



Miss. deputy sheriff killed, suspect arrested

Posted 12/3/2010 in Business

A Tippah County sheriff's deputy has been shot and killed and a suspect is in custody.



Peter Imes: You can rent anything online

Posted 12/2/2010 in Business

On Wednesday night I rented a movie through Netflix's Watch Instant feature. As I easily selected a movie, I wondered what else could be rented online. Here are a few of the more interesting online rental options I found.



Barbour still urges caution on budget

Posted 12/1/2010 in Business

Mississippi revenue collections exceeded estimates in November -- the fourth time that has occurred since the fiscal year began July 1.



Pledge flap leads to judge repremand recommendation

Posted 12/1/2010 in Business

A judicial watchdog agency says Chancellor Talmadge Littlejohn should be publicly reprimanded for jailing an attorney for not reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in his courtroom.



Little-known Ala. law bans grills at apartments

Posted 12/1/2010 in Business

ANNISTON, Ala. - Colonial Park Apartment residents woke recently to find pink notices at their doors explaining that their grills were illegal and needed to be removed from the premises within five days or they would be disposed of by staff.



Alcorn judge accused of fixing tickets

Posted 11/30/2010 in Business

A judicial watchdog agency has accused an Alcorn County judge of fixing tickets.


Injury count grows in aftermath of storm, tornadoes

Posted 11/30/2010 in Business

At least 17 people were injured in a severe, overnight storm that barreled through the Starkville, Monroe County and Yazoo City areas, downing power lines, uprooting trees and damaging property. Seven people were injured in Starkville when a series of severe storms, including a possible tornado, tore through.


MEMA chief cautions residents about severe weather tonight

Posted 11/29/2010 in Business

The head of the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency is urging residents to prepare for the threat of severe weather.



Attorney general to review case of police stun gun death

Posted 11/29/2010 in Business

The Mississippi Attorney General's office is set to review evidence and decide whether to prosecute the case of a Cleveland man who died after being jolted twice by police stun guns, officials said Monday.



Barbour maximizes speculation about presidential ambitions

Posted 11/29/2010 in Business

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour knows how to drag out the game of political speculation, and he's doing it now to maximum effect for a national audience.



Miss. DUI arrests up; related deaths fall

Posted 11/29/2010 in Business

DUI arrests have skyrocketed in Mississippi in the past several years, helping lead to the lowest number of drunken driving deaths in decades.


For many locals, fresh Christmas trees make the cut

Posted 11/27/2010 in Business

In anticipation of Christmas Day, families across the country will continue the evergreen tradition, decorating with live trees. And area residents have no shortage of places to find the centerpiece of their holiday decor.


Getting divorced? Stay off Facebook

Posted 11/27/2010 in Business

Facebook is reuniting long-lost friends, but it's also being used to rekindle old flames. The good news for divorce lawyers is that many of those old flames are married.



Huge crowds hit Ala. stores despite rain, game

Posted 11/26/2010 in Business

Heavy rains and a big college football game didn't stop crowds from turning out for shopping deals on the day after Thanksgiving, with some people even camping outside stores early Friday waiting for the bargains to begin.



Years later, Miss. still without civil rights museum

Posted 11/26/2010 in Business

Mississippi bred some of the worst violence of the civil rights era, yet nearly a half-century after a barrage of atrocities pricked the conscience of the nation, it's one of the few civil rights battleground states with no museum to commemorate the era.


Retailers ready for Black Friday's early birds

Posted 11/24/2010 in Business

The early bird will catch the early 40-inch flat screen LCD television this Friday. Black Friday deals abound as Columbus retailers open early in the a.m. in hopes of taking advantage of a slowly improving economy.


Navistar begins hiring 120 workers for West Point plant

Posted 11/24/2010 in Business

Navistar Defense has started hiring 120 workers at its plant in West Point.


Ready for takeoff: Aurora unveils advanced military drones

Posted 11/23/2010 in Business

When bombs strike international terrorists in years to come, without putting a single U.S. service member in danger, it will be courtesy of Lowndes County.


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