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Why it matters: Immigration and the election

Posted 9/8/2016 in National

An estimated 11 million people are living and in many cases working in the United States illegally.



Clinton, Trump confront weaknesses in security forum

Posted 9/8/2016 in National

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton confronted their key weaknesses in a televised national security forum, with the Republican defending his preparedness to be commander in chief despite vague plans for tackling global challenges and the Democrat arguing that her controversial email practices did not expose questionable judgment.



Concerts, instruments, money help music survive after floods

Posted 9/8/2016 in National

Classical musicians are planning benefit concerts in New Orleans, a faculty member at the University of Southern Mississippi is collecting instruments and a country music-affiliated charity is donating $30,000 to help make sure music survives the disastrous floods that hit south Louisiana in August.



Female WWII pilot has finally been laid to rest at Arlington

Posted 9/8/2016 in National

After flying military planes during World War II, raising a family, visiting all seven continents and bungee-jumping in New Zealand at 83, Elaine Harmon had one final, seemingly simple wish: to be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.



GOP woos veterans, but Trump has rubbed some vets wrong way

Posted 9/7/2016 in National

It was more than a routine get-out-the-vote knock on the door when Iraq War veteran and Nevada Republican Party staffer Jon Staab asked Kenneth Olofson, a Vietnam veteran, if he'll be voting for Donald Trump.



Clinton: He's a national security danger. Trump: No, she is

Posted 9/7/2016 in National

Donald Trump said Tuesday night that Hillary Clinton's handling of private emails disqualifies her to serve as president.



Lawmaker: Probe deleted Clinton emails cited in FBI report

Posted 9/7/2016 in National

The Republican chairman of the House committee investigating Hillary Clinton's email practices asked a federal prosecutor Tuesday to determine whether she or others working with her played a role in the deletion of thousands of her emails by a Colorado technology firm overseeing her private computer server in 2015.



Why it matters: Education and the election

Posted 9/7/2016 in National

Hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars are spent each year on the country's public schools.



Why it matters: Student debt and the election

Posted 9/6/2016 in National

THE ISSUE: More Americans are getting buried by student debt -- causing delays in home ownership, limiting how much people can save and leaving taxpayers at risk as many loans go unpaid.



Police losing battle to get drivers to put down their phones

Posted 9/6/2016 in National

State troopers in Chattanooga, Tennessee, have been known to patrol in a tractor-trailer so they can sit up high and spot drivers texting behind the wheel.



Lawmakers likely to do what they do best: the bare minimum

Posted 9/6/2016 in National

Lawmakers return to Washington this week for an abbreviated election-season session in which they will likely do what they do best: the bare minimum.



How the American unity forged after Sept. 11 broke apart

Posted 9/6/2016 in National

For a time, it felt like the attack that shattered America had also brought it together.



Trump tells black churchgoers in Detroit 'I'm here to learn'

Posted 9/3/2016 in National

Donald Trump swayed to songs of prayer, read scripture, and wore a traditional prayer shawl Saturday on a visit to a predominantly black church in Detroit, as he called for a "civil rights agenda of our time" and vowed to fix the "many wrongs" facing African-Americans.



'Crushed': Some Hispanic leaders feel misled by GOP's Trump

Posted 9/2/2016 in National

"Crushed." "Disappointed." "Confused."



Trump paints new target on legal immigration

Posted 9/2/2016 in National

Donald Trump's aggressive rhetoric on illegal immigration has obscured a potentially historic policy shift -- the Republican presidential nominee is the first major party candidate in modern memory to propose limiting legal immigration.



Black vote concentrated, but key in Trump-Clinton matchup

Posted 9/2/2016 in National

Donald Trump will visit a predominantly black church in Detroit this weekend and, his campaign says, "outline policies that will impact minorities and the disenfranchised in our country."



State Dept. to release Clinton schedules before election

Posted 9/2/2016 in National

The State Department agreed Thursday to turn over all the detailed planning schedules from Hillary Clinton's time as secretary of state to The Associated Press by mid-October.



Final suspect in 1965 civil rights slaying dies in Alabama

Posted 9/2/2016 in National

The last of three men tried and acquitted in an infamous civil rights slaying in Alabama has died.



Mexico angry at president's 'humiliating' meeting with Trump

Posted 9/1/2016 in National

Mexico's president was savaged on social media and in political circles following his joint press conference Wednesday with Donald Trump, with many seeing a national humiliation in his welcoming of a man who has derided migrants as rapists and criminals.



For Donald Trump, a day of political whiplash on immigration

Posted 9/1/2016 in National

For weeks, Donald Trump flirted with a self-described "softening" of the hard-line immigration policies that propelled him to the Republican nomination, raising the hopes of party officials, some Hispanic leaders and skeptical voters unnerved by his presidential candidacy.



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