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Pence defends military mom's right to criticize Trump

Posted 8/2/2016 in National

Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence defended a military mom's right to criticize Donald Trump's comments about the Muslim parents of a slain U.S. Army veteran during a campaign stop in Nevada, and then lashed out at the media's coverage of the controversy at the next.



Medical benefits of dental floss unproven

Posted 8/2/2016 in National

It's one of the most universal recommendations in all of public health: Floss daily to prevent gum disease and cavities. Except there's little proof that flossing works.



Fight with Muslim family tests Trump's 'say anything' strategy

Posted 8/1/2016 in National

Donald Trump's presidential bid has thrived on controversy of his own making.



Debate commission: Democrats didn't rig debate schedule

Posted 8/1/2016 in National

The Commission on Presidential Debates rejected Republican Donald Trump's claim that Democrats rigged the debate schedule so that two of the three debates would occur during football games.



Trump backers claim shift in his immigration rhetoric

Posted 8/1/2016 in National

As he turns his attention to the general election, Donald Trump is signaling that he is ready to tone down his fiery rhetoric on illegal immigration -- at least behind closed doors.



Russian television shows what the Kremlin thinks of Clinton

Posted 8/1/2016 in National

To understand what the Kremlin thinks about the prospect of Hillary Clinton becoming the U.S. president, it was enough to watch Russian state television coverage of her accepting the Democratic nomination.



Turning back on Trump, Koch network focuses on Senate

Posted 8/1/2016 in National

The Koch political network has embraced a simple mantra when asked about Donald Trump: "We're focused on the Senate."



Obama pointing to strides in veterans' health care

Posted 8/1/2016 in National

President Barack Obama is touting strides in reducing homelessness among military veterans as his administration reaches the halfway point in building a massive database on veterans' health.



NTSB: Balloon hit power lines before crashing

Posted 8/1/2016 in National

A hot air balloon hit high-tension power lines before crashing into a pasture in Central Texas, killing all 16 on board, according to federal authorities investigating the worst such disaster in U.S. history.



Trump attacks Muslim father's convention speech

Posted 7/30/2016 in National



Trump, Clinton spar for national security upper hand

Posted 7/30/2016 in National

In their struggle for the upper hand on national security, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are emphasizing strikingly different themes -- he as the bold and cunningly unpredictable strongman who will eliminate terrorism; she as the calm, conventional commander in chief who will manage all manner of crises.



For 8 summer nights, 2 starkly different visions of America

Posted 7/30/2016 in National

For eight summer nights, there were two starkly different visions of America.



Donald Trump speech beats Hillary Clinton in TV viewership

Posted 7/30/2016 in National

Donald Trump pulled off the upset -- at least in television popularity.



Former KKK member convicted in deadly bombing up for parole

Posted 7/30/2016 in National

Thomas Edwin Blanton Jr. was a young Ku Klux Klansman with a reputation for hating blacks in 1963, when a bomb ripped a hole in the side of 16th Street Baptist Church, killing four black girls during the civil rights movement.



Minority Democrat delegates frustrated with 'Bernie or Bust'

Posted 7/29/2016 in National

As most Democrats rally around Hillary Clinton, the lingering "Bernie or Bust" movement is stirring frustration at the party's convention among delegates of color, who say they're upset at the refusal of the Vermont senator's most fervent backers to fall in line.



Promoting national unity, Clinton also seeks to build trust

Posted 7/29/2016 in National

Hillary Clinton capped off a four-day convention celebration with a plea for national unity and tolerance.



Father of fallen Muslim soldier blasts Trump at convention

Posted 7/29/2016 in National

The father of a Muslim American soldier killed in Iraq posed a question to Donald Trump: Have you read the Constitution?



Trump says comments about Russia, Clinton emails were sarcastic

Posted 7/29/2016 in National

Donald Trump says he was using sarcasm when he prodded Russia to unearth Hillary Clinton's missing emails.



Therapist shot by police has reunion with autistic client

Posted 7/29/2016 in National

An unarmed black therapist who was shot in the leg by police last week while protecting his severely autistic client said he had a joyful reunion Thursday with the man, who remains hospitalized because of emotional trauma.



At vigil, Biden tries to comfort relatives of slain La. officers

Posted 7/29/2016 in National

The gunman's bullets that killed three law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge also targeted the country and "touched the soul of the entire nation," Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday at a memorial service for the fallen officers.



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