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Protest over Chicago teen's shooting ties up retail district

Posted 11/28/2015 in National

Hundreds of protesters blocked store entrances and shut down traffic in Chicago's ritziest shopping district on Black Friday to draw attention to the 2014 police killing of a black teenager who was shot 16 times by a white officer.



Police: Three killed in attack at Planned Parenthood clinic

Posted 11/28/2015 in National

The man who police say staged a deadly shooting attack on a Planned Parenthood clinic that offers abortion services said "no more baby parts" after his arrest, a law enforcement official said Saturday.



As many African-American see it, there are two Ben Carsons

Posted 11/28/2015 in National

Ayauna King-Baker loved Ben Carson's "Gifted Hands" memoir so much that she made her daughter Shaliya read it.



France honors attack victims in city subdued by mourning

Posted 11/27/2015 in National

A subdued France paid homage today to those killed two weeks ago in the attacks that gripped Paris in fear and mourning, honoring each of the 130 dead by name as the president pledged to "destroy the army of fanatics" who claimed so many young lives.



Trump called out for appearing to mock disability

Posted 11/27/2015 in National

Donald Trump denied Thursday that he mocked a reporter with a disability in a South Carolina speech, despite appearing to imitate mannerisms of the "poor guy" and make fun of him.



In 2016 campaign, both parties want reform in justice system

Posted 11/27/2015 in National

On the campaign trail, among candidates of both parties, the idea of locking up drug criminals for life is a lot less popular than it was a generation ago.



Clinton proposes tax break for caregivers

Posted 11/25/2015 in National

Pledging to invest in the "caring economy," Hillary Rodham Clinton proposed a new tax break Sunday for people caring for aging parents and grandparents.



Marco Rubio finesses his abortion stance

Posted 11/25/2015 in National

When Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio staked out a hard-line position on abortion in the first GOP debate, Hillary Rodham Clinton took notice.



Wooing blacks, Sanders reframes, but doesn't change argument

Posted 11/25/2015 in National

Bernie Sanders acknowledges that he needs more support from black voters to have any chance of defeating Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.



US traffic deaths rise sharply after small decline in 2014

Posted 11/25/2015 in National

After declining for most of the past decade, traffic deaths spiked 8 percent in the first half of this year, prompting a call from the nation's highway safety chief to find ways to reduce the human errors that cause most fatalities.


Officer charged with murder in teen's death; video released

Posted 11/25/2015 in National

The white officer who shot a black Chicago teen 16 times has been charged with murder and jailed. The graphic video of the slaying has been made public. And in the hours after the footage was released, protesters seemed to honor pleas for restraint.

Official: Paris attacks organizer was planning more carnage

Posted 11/25/2015 in National

The man believed to have planned the Nov. 13 Paris attacks that killed 130 people and wounded hundreds more had likely planned to carry out another suicide bombing days later in the French capital's business district, the Paris prosecutor said Tuesday.


Thanksgiving flying: Tips to survive the travel madness

Posted 11/25/2015 in National

If you're braving the airports this Thanksgiving, you won't be alone.



Russian pilot rescued by Syrian commando unit

Posted 11/25/2015 in National

A Russian military pilot whose plane was shot down by Turkey and crashed in Syria arrived on Wednesday at an air base in Latakia province after being rescued by a Syrian army commando unit, Syrian and Russian officials said.



Group raised suspicions before 5 were shot at police protest

Posted 11/25/2015 in National

Protesters demanding justice for a black man fatally shot by Minneapolis police were settling in for their ninth night of demonstrations when something just didn't seem right.



US issues travel warning in wake of attacks

Posted 11/24/2015 in National

Americans should be alert to the possible travel risks, especially during the holidays, following increased threats from militant groups around the world, the State Department has warned.


Suicide vest found in Paris raises possible link to suspect

Posted 11/24/2015 in National

A street cleaner in a Paris suburb found an explosive vest similar to those used in the Paris attacks on Monday near the place where a suspect's mobile phone had been found, raising the possibility that he aborted his mission, either ditching a malfunctioning vest -- or fleeing in fear.

Police hunting suspects in mass shooting in New Orleans park

Posted 11/24/2015 in National

Police on Monday sought to determine what touched off a wild shootout in a crowd of hundreds of people at a New Orleans playground, where an evening of fun at a block party swiftly turned into a nightmare.


Police investigate New Orleans shooting that left 16 wounded

Posted 11/23/2015 in National

Police have been trying to figure out what sparked a gun battle in a crowded New Orleans park that left 16 people wounded and the mayor is calling on witnesses to come forward.



Federal lawyers fly to Minneapolis to investigate shooting

Posted 11/23/2015 in National

U.S. Justice Department attorneys were expected to fly to Minnesota on Sunday to investigate the killing of a black man that has prompted protests and calls for the two Minneapolis police officers involved in the shooting to be prosecuted.



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