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Hillary Clinton raising big dollars at tiny fundraisers

Posted 6/30/2016 in National

A single elevator could have accommodated the donors who recently gathered with Hillary Clinton at home of the Pritzker family in Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood. Small in number, the group was big in largesse, contributing at least $1 million to help elect her and other Democrats this fall.



Lawyer in church shooting case calls prosecutor reckless

Posted 6/30/2016 in National

An attorney defending the man accused of fatally shooting nine black parishioners in Charleston, South Carolina, says a state prosecutor is making reckless misstatements by implying a federal death sentence might not be carried out.



US officials: Military concerned about transgender timeline

Posted 6/30/2016 in National

The Pentagon is poised to announce new rules allowing transgender individuals to serve openly in the U.S. military, amid concerns from senior military leaders who believe the department is moving too fast and has yet to resolve many details, U.S. officials told The Associated Press.



Biden threatens funding cut if cancer trials conceal results

Posted 6/30/2016 in National

Vice President Joe Biden threatened Wednesday to pull federal funding for cancer studies that fail to publicly disclose their results, putting pressure on researchers, clinicians and drug companies to speed up progress toward cancer cures.



Poll: Two-thirds say Obama tried to make race relations better

Posted 6/29/2016 in National

lmost eight years after electing a black president, vast majorities of blacks and Hispanics think President Barack Obama at least tried to make race relations in the United States better, according to a poll released Monday.



Trump blasts trade deals, departing from GOP orthodoxy

Posted 6/29/2016 in National

Donald Trump called for a new era of economic "Americanism" Tuesday, promising to restore millions of lost factory jobs by backing away from decades of U.S. policy that encouraged trade with other nations -- a move that could undermine the country's place as the dominant player in the global economy.



Supreme Court leans left in term unsettled by Scalia's death

Posted 6/29/2016 in National

Justice Antonin Scalia's sudden death transformed the Supreme Court's term, shifted power to its liberal wing and started a transition that will be greatly affected by who wins the presidency.



Supreme Court rejects pharmacists' religious rights appeal on contraceptives

Posted 6/29/2016 in National

The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday declined to hear an appeal from Washington state pharmacists who said they have religious objections to dispensing Plan B or other emergency contraceptives.



'Move on' from Benghazi? Republicans say it's unlikely

Posted 6/29/2016 in National

Hillary Clinton says it's "time to move on" after a congressional report on the deadly 2012 Benghazi attacks accused the Obama administration of lethal mistakes, but produced no "smoking gun" pointing to wrongdoing by the former secretary of state.



Senate Democrats block GOP's Zika funding bill

Posted 6/29/2016 in National

A dysfunctional Senate split along party lines on Tuesday and left a $1.1 billion proposal to fight the Zika virus in limbo, despite growing fears and a more than 800 cases of Zika infection in the continental U.S.



Heading out of town: Independence Day travel to break record

Posted 6/29/2016 in National

It's going to be a busy holiday weekend on the nation's highways.



European Union's most widely used language, English, endangered by Brexit

Posted 6/29/2016 in National

Of all the myriad challenges facing the European Union with the pending departure of Britain, one unlikely issue that needs to be resolved is the fact that English would no longer be an official language.



Generation EU: British vote often pitted old against young

Posted 6/29/2016 in National

The day after Britain voted to leave the European Union, 69-year-old Mary Crossley of London said she got a phone call from her 31-year-old daughter. She seemed pretty annoyed.



Prosecutor asks that state be allowed to try Dylann Roof first

Posted 6/29/2016 in National

South Carolina has primary jurisdiction over the case of a man accused of fatally shooting nine black parishioners in Charleston last year and thus should be allowed to prosecute him before the federal government does, a state attorney argued Tuesday.



Fla. Democrats pushing to toughen gun laws

Posted 6/29/2016 in National

Florida House and Senate Democrats have submitted enough letters to the Secretary of State's Office to trigger a poll of members on whether to have a special session related to toughening gun laws following the massacre of 49 club patrons.



Orlando dispatcher: 'My caller is no longer responding'

Posted 6/29/2016 in National

Police dispatchers heard repeated gunfire, screaming and moaning from patrons of the Pulse nightclub who called to report that gunman Omar Mateen was opening fire inside the club, according to written logs released Tuesday.



Owners of AR-style firearms defend their weapon of choice

Posted 6/28/2016 in National

Karen Butler still remembers the first time she picked up an AR-15-style rifle a decade ago. "Quite honestly, I was scared of it," she recalls. But as soon as she fired it, she became a fan.


Pat Summitt, winningest coach in D1 history, dies at 64

Posted 6/28/2016 in National

Pat Summitt, the winningest coach in Division I college basketball history who uplifted the women's game from obscurity to national prominence during her 38-year career at Tennessee, died Tuesday morning. She was 64.


Pope: Gays and others deserve an apology

Posted 6/28/2016 in National

Pope Francis says gays -- and all the other people the church has marginalized, such as the poor and the exploited -- deserve an apology.



Intolerant acts surge as British referendum result sinks in

Posted 6/28/2016 in National

An Eastern European family in Rugby finds dog excrement shoved through its mailbox. A Londoner nearly gets into a fight over drunken slurs shouted on a crowded subway car. A Polish teenager in Gloucestershire is taunted with threats of deportation at her high school.



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