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Are there signs of Kardashian Fatigue? Ask John Brown

Posted 8/14/2015 in National

Blame the bunny. Kylie Jenner's new bunny, to be exact.


Jimmy Carter says he has cancer, revealed by recent surgery

Posted 8/13/2015 in National

Former President Jimmy Carter, who at age 90 still travels the world supporting the humanitarian endeavors that have consumed his time in the decades since he left office, announced Wednesday he has cancer that has spread to other parts of his body.


Can super PAC support save cash-strapped Perry bid?

Posted 8/12/2015 in National

Rick Perry has raised so little money for his second-chance presidential bid that he's stopped paying his campaign staffers, the kind of cash crisis that could normally sink a candidate.



Bush: US may need more troops in Iraq to beat Islamic State

Posted 8/12/2015 in National

Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said Tuesday the U.S. may need to send more ground troops into Iraq to defeat Islamic State militants, but he stopped short of saying how many as he outlined his strategy for combating a threat that's "spreading like a pandemic."


Trump bombast overshadows GOP challenges with women

Posted 8/12/2015 in National

When Jeb Bush said he wasn't sure the country needs to spend "a half billion dollars for women's health issues," many viewed the remark as a gaffe and the Republican candidate for president rushed to clean it up.


Texas chief fires officer who killed college student

Posted 8/12/2015 in National

An unarmed college football player tried to smash through a locked glass door in a North Texas car dealership showroom to escape an officer in training but then began advancing toward the officer before he was fatally shot, according to the Arlington police chief.



AP: Air traffic controller study shows chronic fatigue

Posted 8/12/2015 in National

A study the government kept secret for years says that air traffic controllers' work schedules often lead to chronic fatigue, making them less alert and endangering the safety of the national air traffic system.



FDA issues warning over Kim Kardashian's drug promotions

Posted 8/12/2015 in National

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is no stranger to criticism, having spent the better part of the last decade in the public eye.



Prisoners say they were beaten after pair escaped

Posted 8/12/2015 in National

Inmates who knew the two convicted killers who escaped from a maximum-security prison in northern New York reported beatings by guards trying to determine where the pair went, according to a legal services group.



Keystone XL review drags on 5 times longer than average

Posted 8/12/2015 in National

For six and a half years, the White House has had a quick comeback to questions about its yet-to-be-announced decision on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline: Talk to the State Department.



Recording of MLK's 1st 'I Have a Dream' speech discovered

Posted 8/12/2015 in National

Before the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous "I Have a Dream" speech to hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Washington in 1963, he fine-tuned his civil rights message before a much smaller audience in North Carolina.



Armed militia group's return to Ferguson raises concern

Posted 8/12/2015 in National

The return of an armed militia group patrolling the streets of Ferguson drew criticism Tuesday from both protesters and the county police chief overseeing security amid ongoing demonstrations marking the anniversary of 18-year-old Michael Brown's shooting death.



After 2 nights of tension, a peaceful protest in Ferguson

Posted 8/12/2015 in National

Police outnumbered protesters along West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson on Tuesday night, perhaps signaling the demonstrations around the anniversary of Michael Brown's death are starting to fade.



Hackers accused of making $100M by peeking at press releases

Posted 8/12/2015 in National

An international web of hackers and traders made $100 million on Wall Street by stealing a look at corporate press releases before they went out and then trading on that information ahead of the pack, federal authorities charged Tuesday.



Donald Trump returns to Fox News after flap

Posted 8/11/2015 in National

Donald Trump returned to Fox News this morning for the first time since attacking the network's Megyn Kelly in the wake of her tough questioning of the GOP candidate for president during the party's first debate.



Athlete's brother not angry at police after shooting

Posted 8/11/2015 in National

The brother of a college football player killed by police at a Texas car dealership questioned Monday whether deadly force was needed in the confrontation, which can't be seen on video because there were no surveillance cameras inside the showroom.


Fourth night of Ferguson protests brings confrontation, arrests

Posted 8/11/2015 in National

Police arrested nearly two dozen people in Ferguson during a fourth consecutive night of demonstrations marking the anniversary of the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown.


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