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AP delegate count: Trump not yet on track to win nomination

Posted 3/3/2016 in National

Despite Donald Trump's string of Super Tuesday victories, the billionaire businessman must do even better in upcoming primaries to claim the Republican presidential nomination before the party's national convention this summer, an AP delegate count shows.



Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump cemented as 2016 leaders

Posted 3/2/2016 in National

Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, emboldened by commanding victories Tuesday across large swaths of the country, are beginning to focus on each other in the race for the White House.



Viewer's Guide: After Super Tuesday, cold hard delegate math

Posted 3/2/2016 in National

Presidential candidates will wake up this morning to the cold, hard truth of delegate math. It might give the front-runners some breathing room, but for the rest of the field, the truth may hurt.



GOP leaders: No place for bigotry in the Republican Party

Posted 3/2/2016 in National

The two top Republican leaders in Congress denounced Donald Trump on Tuesday for his slow-moving disavowal of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.



Abortion debate returns to depleted Supreme Court

Posted 3/2/2016 in National

The abortion debate is returning to the Supreme Court in the midst of a raucous presidential campaign and less than three weeks after Justice Antonin Scalia's death.



Sanders keeps his Judaism in background, irking Jews

Posted 3/1/2016 in National

As Bernie Sanders headed toward victory in New Hampshire, pundits noted the barrier he was about to break: Sanders would become the first Jewish candidate to win a major party presidential primary.



Super Tuesday: Clinton, Trump look to pull away from rivals

Posted 3/1/2016 in National

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton are eyeing an opportunity to pull away from their rivals on Super Tuesday, a delegate-rich dash across the country that could accelerate their march toward the general election.



Obama to meet with GOP on court fight

Posted 3/1/2016 in National

President Barack Obama is due to meet face-to-face today with the Senate Republican leaders vowing to block his Supreme Court nominee -- no matter who it is -- with the hope of keeping the seat open for a Republican president to fill next year.



Clinton thunders to big win over Sanders in S.C.

Posted 2/29/2016 in National

Hillary Clinton overwhelmed Bernie Sanders in Saturday's South Carolina primary, drawing staggering support from the state's black Democrats and seizing an increasingly strong position as the presidential race barrels toward Super Tuesday's crucial contests.



Rubio, Cruz release tax summaries in challenge to Trump

Posted 2/29/2016 in National

Republican presidential candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz released summary pages of their recent tax filings on Saturday, seeking to capitalize on GOP front-runner Donald Trump's refusal to release similar information.



Racial feud erupts as Republicans fight 'unstoppable' Trump

Posted 2/29/2016 in National

The final-days sprint to Super Tuesday has erupted into a feud over a white supremacist as Donald Trump's Republican rivals scramble to stop the billionaire businessman from becoming an "unstoppable" force in the 2016 presidential contest.



Chris Rock brings diversity issue front and center at Oscars

Posted 2/29/2016 in National

With deft timing and an impactful blend of humor and searing commentary, host Chris Rock took the bull by the horns at the Oscars, attacking the diversity crisis roiling the industry and not letting go all night long.



Buffett: US economy better than presidential hopefuls say

Posted 2/27/2016 in National

The United States' economy is in better shape than the presidential candidates make it seem, investor Warren Buffett said Saturday, even though businesses like his still face challenges.



AP Poll: Outside money more potent issue than gender in 2016

Posted 2/27/2016 in National

Hillary Clinton could be the nation's first female president. Bernie Sanders warns of the role of super PACs in politics.



In turnabout, Christie endorses former GOP rival Trump

Posted 2/27/2016 in National

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has a reputation for vengeance.



Fear and loathing over Trump among GOP in Congress

Posted 2/27/2016 in National



Elvis Presley's doctor, 'Dr. Nick' Nichopoulos, dies at 88

Posted 2/26/2016 in National

A funeral home says Elvis Presley's former personal doctor has died.



GOP rivals barrel toward Super Tuesday after wild debate

Posted 2/26/2016 in National

The GOP presidential candidates barreled into the final stretch to Super Tuesday after a name-calling, insult-trading, finger-pointing final debate in which Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz engaged in a tag-team attack intended to take down front-runner Donald Trump before it's too late.



Apple: FBI seeks 'dangerous power' in fight over phone

Posted 2/26/2016 in National

Apple Inc. on Thursday asked a federal magistrate to reverse her order that the company help the FBI hack into a locked iPhone, accusing the federal government of seeking "dangerous power" through the courts and of trampling on its constitutional rights.



Senate GOP leader McConnell holds fast in blocking Obama court pick

Posted 2/25/2016 in National

Democratic foes gloat that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has guided his Republicans into a political dead end with his unbending edict that President Barack Obama's successor will fill the Supreme Court vacancy and replace Justice Antonin Scalia.



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