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Brussels under serious threat after Paris attacks

Posted 11/21/2015 in National

Heavily armed police and soldiers patrolled key intersections, subways were closed and many stores shut their doors in Belgium's capital Saturday as the government warned of a threat of Paris-style attacks.



AP sources: Task force wants even smaller drones registered

Posted 11/21/2015 in National

An aviation industry task force is recommending that operators be required to register drones weighing as little as a half a pound, a threshold that could include some remote-controlled toys, industry officials said.



Democrats push to prevent gun sales to those on terror list

Posted 11/21/2015 in National

People on the U.S. government's terrorist watch list often can't board commercial airliners, but they can walk into a gun store and legally buy pistols and powerful military-style rifles.


Ex-Subway pitchman Fogle gets more than 15 years in prison

Posted 11/20/2015 in National

Jared Fogle emerged from obscurity to become the unlikely face of one of the nation's biggest restaurant chains, earning a small fortune by touting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle that included Subway sandwiches.


Study finds more Mexicans leaving the US than coming

Posted 11/20/2015 in National

More Mexicans are leaving than moving into the United States, reversing the flow of a half-century of mass migration, according to a study published Thursday.



House OK of GOP Syrian refugee curbs is just start of fight

Posted 11/20/2015 in National

Republicans embarrassed President Barack Obama by winning veto-proof House approval of legislation blocking Syrian and Iraqi refugees from the U.S., but from here the effort may take a different turn in Congress.



Experts: Black studies programs facing campus challenges

Posted 11/20/2015 in National

Protests by University of Missouri black students that forced the school's administration to address racism and other problems mirror efforts decades ago that led many majority white schools to create African-American studies and other programs.



Paris prosecutor: Suspected mastermind killed in raid

Posted 11/19/2015 in National

The Belgian jihadi suspected of masterminding deadly attacks in Paris was killed in a police raid on a suburban apartment building, the city prosecutor's office announced Thursday.



Obama threatens to veto House GOP bill on Syrian refugees

Posted 11/19/2015 in National

The White House on Wednesday threatened a presidential veto of House Republican legislation aimed at increasing screenings for Syrian and Iraqi refugees before they enter the United States, calling new requirements in the bill "untenable."



Syrian passport in Paris attacks fuels fears of refugees

Posted 11/19/2015 in National

After the bombs and Kalashnikov fire of the Paris attacks, a mere document -- a passport -- found near the body of an attacker is generating a new wave of dread throughout Europe and beyond.


2 dead, 7 arrested in raid targeting Paris attack mastermind

Posted 11/18/2015 in National

A woman wearing an explosive suicide vest blew herself up Wednesday as heavily armed police tried to storm a suburban Paris apartment where the suspected mastermind of last week's gun and bomb rampage was believed to be holed up, police said.


Republicans rush to shut borders to Syrian refugees

Posted 11/18/2015 in National

Republicans urged an immediate closure of America's borders to Syrian refugees Tuesday, drawing angry denunciations from President Barack Obama and other Democrats and igniting an emotional debate about U.S. values in the wake of the deadly Paris terror attacks.


Opaque military justice system shields child sex abuse cases

Posted 11/18/2015 in National

Child sex offenders are the largest category of inmates in U.S. military prisons, yet a full accounting of their crimes and how much time they're actually locked up for is shielded by an opaque system of justice, an Associated Press investigation has found.


Louisiana Gov. Jindal ends bid for GOP nomination in 2016

Posted 11/18/2015 in National

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal dropped out of the 2016 race for president Tuesday, ending a campaign that failed to gain much support among Republicans sifting through a long list of contenders for the GOP nomination.



Over 1,200 European jihadis have returned in past 2 years

Posted 11/18/2015 in National

More than 1,200 Europeans who joined Islamic extremists in Syria and Iraq have returned home in the past two years, an Associated Press count shows.



No threat found on both diverted flights from US to Paris

Posted 11/18/2015 in National

Authorities cleared both Air France flights bound for Paris from the U.S. that had to be diverted Tuesday night because of anonymous threats received after they had taken off.


US Muslims face backlash after Paris attacks

Posted 11/18/2015 in National

Muslims around the U.S. are facing backlash following the deadly attacks in Paris, including vandalism to mosques and Islamic centers, hate-filled phone and online messages and threats of violence.

Risk is lower, but Paris attacks could hit U.S.

Posted 11/17/2015 in National

When Fran Townsend was counterterrorism adviser to President George W. Bush, she says, her worst nightmare was that the al Qaida network would send men with assault rifles into malls across the American heartland on a crowded shopping day.


Russia: Plane brought down by homemade explosive device

Posted 11/17/2015 in National

A homemade explosive device brought down a Russian passenger plane over Egypt last month, the head of Russia's FSB security service said today, telling Russian President Vladimir Putin it's now clear the bombing that killed 224 people was a "terrorist" act.



Missouri would likely be alone with 10 percent black faculty

Posted 11/17/2015 in National

If the University of Missouri succeeds in meeting a student demand for a faculty that's 10 percent black in two years, it will likely be alone among its peers.



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