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Trump's TV telephone interviews in spotlight

Posted 3/26/2016 in National

In television news, a telephone interview is typically frowned upon.



Protests against Trump risk backlash in GOP primary

Posted 3/26/2016 in National

David Rau wasn't sure about Donald Trump. So the landscape contractor strolled over to the main park in this Phoenix suburb to watch one of the businessman's recent rallies and decide for himself.



Sanders seeks caucus trifecta win to close delegate gap

Posted 3/26/2016 in National

Bernie Sanders pushed for a trifecta of wins in Saturday's Democratic presidential caucuses in Hawaii, Alaska and Washington state, hoping to stoke a spring comeback against the commanding front-runner, Hillary Clinton.



Attacking Cruz's wife could hurt Trump with female voters

Posted 3/26/2016 in National

Donald Trump's latest rude comments about Ted Cruz's wife are raising new alarms among Republicans about the party front-runner's ability to win over women, especially in a potential fall presidential match-up with Hillary Clinton.



US teen describes surviving Boston and Belgium attacks

Posted 3/26/2016 in National

An American teenager wounded in the Brussels Airport attack is lucky to be alive. And he knows it.



AP-NORC Poll: Most Americans see drugs as a big problem

Posted 3/26/2016 in National

Sharon Johnson calls herself an addict, although she's been sober for three years now. She started by smoking pot and eventually moved to crack cocaine. Her daughter has tried heroin and "I believe I'm going to pull her out of the gutter someday," Johnson laments.



Sanders fighting perceptions he can't overcome Clinton edge

Posted 3/25/2016 in National

Bernie Sanders may be drawing thousands of people to his rallies and raising millions of dollars online, but increasingly he's also having to make the case that his campaign isn't a lost cause.



Trump: Echoes of George Wallace?

Posted 3/25/2016 in National

One presidential candidate pledged to "Stand up for America." Two generations later, another promises to "Make America Great Again." Their common denominator: convincing certain Americans that their version of the United States is under threat.



Biden: 'There is no Biden rule' on Court nominations

Posted 3/25/2016 in National

Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday tried to clear his name and tout his record on Supreme Court nominations, calling Republican branding of his past remarks on the subject "ridiculous" and casting himself as a longtime advocate of bipartisan compromise in filling seats on the high court.



Obama dances tango in Argentina, comes under criticism

Posted 3/25/2016 in National

Dancing the tango, relaxing with family in picturesque Patagonia, catching a baseball game with Cuba's Raul Castro -- it's been an unusual week for President Barack Obama.



Official: 2 Americans died in Brussels attacks

Posted 3/25/2016 in National

At least two American citizens have been confirmed killed in this week's attacks in Brussels, a U.S. official said Friday.



Experts: Belgium often comes up short in preventing attacks

Posted 3/25/2016 in National

Belgium has come up short in its efforts to prevent extremist attacks time and again, experts say -- failing to coordinate intelligence, investigate suspects and control its borders.



New analysis: 'Obamacare' coverage costs rising

Posted 3/25/2016 in National

Expanded health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama's signature legislative legacy, will cost the government more, according to an official study released Thursday.



Shadowy hacking industry may be helping FBI crack an iPhone

Posted 3/25/2016 in National

Turns out there's a shadowy global industry devoted to breaking into smartphones and extracting their information.



Blasphemy cases rise in Egypt and Christians bear the brunt

Posted 3/25/2016 in National

In the video, the Egyptian Christian teens laugh playfully as a couple of them kneel down, imitating Muslim prayers, then another slides his hand under one boy's neck, imitating the trademark beheadings of the Islamic State group.



Filipino nailed to cross prays for Belgium, Philippines

Posted 3/25/2016 in National

A Filipino devotee was nailed to a cross for the 30th time in an annual Good Friday ritual and said he hoped his painful sacrifice would help bring peace to Belgium and other countries targeted by Islamic extremists.



American Muslims defy Sen. Ted Cruz's call for surveillance

Posted 3/24/2016 in National

A few miles from Disneyland is a place most tourists never see. The signs along the thoroughfare suddenly switch to Arabic script advertising hookah shops, Middle Eastern sweets and halal meat.



Republican ads give Democrats anti-Donald Trump playbook

Posted 3/24/2016 in National

"Bimbo. Dog. Fat pig," disgusted women say, looking straight into the camera. Another explains, "Real quotes from Donald Trump, about women."



Cruz emboldened, but needs a near miracle to catch Trump

Posted 3/24/2016 in National

While Ted Cruz decried "gutter politics" against him, former Republican presidential contenders gave him a boost Wednesday, casting the Texas senator as the party's last best chance to stop Donald Trump.



Ryan slams 'ugliness' in politics amid Trump-driven chaos

Posted 3/24/2016 in National

House Speaker Paul Ryan on Wednesday decried ugliness and divisiveness in American politics, delivering a veiled but passionate rebuke to GOP front-runner Donald Trump and the nasty tone of the presidential race.



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