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GOP candidates taking aim at Common Core standards

Posted 3/19/2016 in National

Note to Republican presidential candidates: Congress passed, with broad bipartisan support, an education law that specifically says the federal government cannot push academic standards such as Common Core or give incentives to states that adopt them.



Conservatives plot Trump demise as he eyes Arizona win

Posted 3/18/2016 in National

Fearful of a Donald Trump nomination to lead the GOP, conservative leaders huddled privately in Washington on Thursday in search of a plan to stop the billionaire businessman.



Sanders says he has a 'path toward victory'

Posted 3/18/2016 in National

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders says he still maintains a "path toward victory" in his Democratic presidential bid against Hillary Clinton, rejecting suggestions that she has all but sewn up the party's nomination.



Black women feel jilted by Obama with Supreme Court pick

Posted 3/17/2016 in National

Black women's groups said Wednesday they feel President Barack Obama jilted them by choosing someone other than a black woman as his newest nominee for the Supreme Court.



After a night of primary victories, Clinton looks ahead

Posted 3/17/2016 in National

Sweeping to victory in four key primary contests, Hillary Clinton has solidified her hold on the Democratic nomination, allowing her to begin the work of unifying her party against GOP front-runner Donald Trump.



Trump: Time to rally around me -- or expect voter riots

Posted 3/17/2016 in National

After yet another round of convincing victories for Donald Trump, Republican leaders spent Wednesday wavering between grudging acceptance and deep denial about the businessman's likely ascent to the GOP presidential nomination.



Rubio ends White House quest after humiliating Florida loss

Posted 3/16/2016 in National

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio dropped out of the race for president Tuesday, ending his White House bid after a humbling loss in his home state to Donald Trump.



Math and momentum point to Trump, Clinton nominations

Posted 3/16/2016 in National

The day after high-stakes contests in five states, the math and momentum point to a Donald Trump Republican presidential nomination as GOP officials grapple with whether to embrace the billionaire businessman or rally behind a longshot alternative.



Conservatives block budget; Ryan cites anxiety among voters

Posted 3/16/2016 in National

Dealing an embarrassing setback to House Speaker Paul Ryan, tea party conservatives are blocking a leadership-backed budget plan as the candidacy of GOP front-runner Donald Trump stokes anxiety among congressional Republicans facing an angry, anti-Washington electorate.



GOP files more lawsuits seeking Hillary Clinton records

Posted 3/16/2016 in National

The Republican Party filed a flurry of new lawsuits this week seeking reams of government documents related to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's tenure as secretary of state.



Obama dismayed by vulgarity, violence of campaign

Posted 3/16/2016 in National

President Barack Obama said Tuesday he was dismayed by "vulgar and divisive rhetoric" directed at women and minorities as well as the violence that has occurred in the 2016 presidential campaign.



North Korea sentences US tourist to 15 years in prison

Posted 3/16/2016 in National

North Korea's highest court sentenced an American tourist to 15 years in prison with hard labor for subversion today, weeks after authorities presented him to media and he tearfully confessed that he had tried to steal a propaganda banner.



New faith-based films tone down religion, amp up star power

Posted 3/16/2016 in National

For some filmgoers, hearing a movie described as "faith-based" makes it a must-see. But just as many others find the term a turn-off.



Justice Dept.: States shouldn't jail over fine nonpayment

Posted 3/15/2016 in National

The Justice Department is discouraging state court systems from jailing poor defendants who fail to pay fines or fees, warning against practices that it says run afoul of the Constitution and erode community trust.



Disorder at Trump rallies: As American as cherry pie?

Posted 3/15/2016 in National

Even before the presidential candidate arrived at the rally, the arena seethed. Fistfights broke out as the national anthem played. Supporters tore up demonstrators' signs, beat them with sticks, pummeled them with folding chairs.



Forget favorite candidates, some people voting strategically

Posted 3/15/2016 in National

Kennedy Copeland is a Marco Rubio fan who voted for John Kasich in Ohio.



Benghazi probe: Report by summer, factor for Clinton

Posted 3/15/2016 in National

Nearly two years after it was created, the House Benghazi Committee is plowing ahead -- interviewing witnesses, reviewing documents and promising a final report "before summer" that is certain to have repercussions for Democrat Hillary Clinton's bid for the presidency.



Nigeria arrests Mexicans at meth super-lab

Posted 3/15/2016 in National

Nigerian drug agents arrested four Mexicans who were allegedly helping build a "super-lab" capable of producing billions of dollars' worth of methamphetamine, the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency said Monday.



Ala. authorities regain control of prison dorm after uprising

Posted 3/15/2016 in National

Dozens of inmates barricaded themselves inside a dormitory at an Alabama prison for more than four hours Monday until authorities were finally able to regain control in what marked the second violent uprising in the same area of the overcrowded correctional facility in three days.



More doctors are prescribing exercise instead of medication

Posted 3/15/2016 in National

When Dr. Michelle Johnson scribbles out prescriptions, the next stop for many of her patients is the gym, not the pharmacy.



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