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Debate over transgender bathroom access spreads nationwide

Posted 5/11/2016 in National

There was a showdown in Houston last fall. This spring, North Carolina became the battleground. By now, confrontations have flared across the country over whether to protect or curtail the right of transgender people to use public restrooms in accordance with their gender identity.



Report: Bullying is a serious public health problem

Posted 5/11/2016 in National

Zero-tolerance policies are ineffective in combating bullying, an independent government advisory group says in urging schools to take a more preventative approach that includes teaching tolerance to address this "serious public health problem."



Trump narrows down his vice president list

Posted 5/11/2016 in National

Shifting swiftly to the general election, Donald Trump says he's narrowed his list of potential running mates to "five or six" people and is leaning against accepting public money to finance a fall campaign against likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.



London mayor slams Trump's 'ignorant' view of Islam

Posted 5/11/2016 in National

London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Tuesday slammed Donald Trump's "ignorant" view of Islam, after the Republican presidential contender suggested Khan could be exempted from a proposed temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States.



Sanders' latest win makes up little ground

Posted 5/11/2016 in National

White House dreams fading, Bernie Sanders added another state to his tally against Hillary Clinton with a win in West Virginia on Tuesday -- a victory that will do little to slow the former secretary of state's steady march toward the Democratic presidential nomination.



Ryan's hometown says he's doing the 'best he can' on Trump

Posted 5/11/2016 in National

As House Speaker Paul Ryan walks a fine line on Donald Trump -- withholding his support, at least for now -- some voters back home in his congressional district applaud his effort for the greater good of the GOP.



Facebook says no evidence conservative stories suppressed

Posted 5/11/2016 in National

A Facebook official says the company has found no evidence to back up allegations that Facebook contractors suppressed stories of interest to conservatives in its "Trending" section.



This stings: Winter death rate for America's bees jumps

Posted 5/11/2016 in National

After two years of improvement, America's honeybees had another tough and deadly winter, probably because of mites, according to a new federal survey released Tuesday.



US sues North Carolina over transgender bathroom law

Posted 5/10/2016 in National

A potentially epic clash over transgender rights took shape Monday when the U.S. Justice Department sued North Carolina over the state's bathroom law after the governor refused to back down.



Congressional Republicans grapple with new Trump reality

Posted 5/10/2016 in National

Congressional Republicans are returning to Capitol Hill to confront an awkward new reality: Donald Trump is their presumptive presidential nominee, but instead of uniting behind him, leading figures like House Speaker Paul Ryan are withholding their support.



Christie's bet on Trump pays off

Posted 5/10/2016 in National

Gov. Chris Christie's decision to endorse Donald Trump back in February brought him plenty of derision at the time. But it's bringing rewards now that it's clear he bet on the winner.



Options dwindling, Sanders says race isn't over

Posted 5/10/2016 in National

For Bernie and Jane Sanders, the revolution continues, despite the odds.



3 girls charged in fatal school restroom fight

Posted 5/10/2016 in National

Three teenage girls have been charged in a high school restroom assault in Delaware that left a 16-year-old girl dead, authorities said Monday.



White House on damage control after aide's magazine profile

Posted 5/10/2016 in National

The White House on Monday worked to contain the damage caused by one of President Barack Obama's closest aides.



N.C. gov. faces Fed's deadline on LGBT law

Posted 5/9/2016 in National

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory shows no signs of backing down in the face of the federal government's deadline today to declare he won't enforce the new state law limiting protections for LGBT people -- defiance that could risk funding for the state's university system and lead to a protracted legal battle.



Trump as nominee improves odds for parts of Obama's legacy

Posted 5/9/2016 in National

There's no cheering at the White House for Donald Trump's success. Yet for President Barack Obama, things could be worse.



For some Republicans, Trump-Clinton matchup is 'nightmare'

Posted 5/9/2016 in National

As the setting sun's light flooded a meeting of Utah County Republicans, Melanie Sorensen described her concerns about her party's presumptive presidential nominee.



Gun violence gets more nuanced, probing media coverage

Posted 5/9/2016 in National

Media attention to gun violence tends to be doled out in predictable, limited ways: when a mass shooting happens, when the anniversary of such a tragedy is marked or when the use of deadly force by law enforcement or citizens is questioned.



Man accused of killing 3 in Maryland expected in court

Posted 5/9/2016 in National

federal security officer suspected in three fatal shootings outside a high school, a mall and a supermarket in a Maryland suburb of the nation's capital is due in court for an initial appearance.



Mosquito season brings no urgency for money to fight Zika

Posted 5/9/2016 in National

The White House and Democrats are pressuring congressional Republicans to act on President Barack Obama's demands for money to combat Zika, but even the onset of mosquito season that probably will spread the virus has failed to create a sense of urgency.



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