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Pope makes appeals to Congress, tells American nuns 'I love you'

Posted 9/25/2015 in National

Pope Francis plunged into the melting pot of New York on Thursday after reminding the country of its immigrant origins in the first papal speech before Congress.


Scalpers turn papal tickets for profit, drawing church's ire

Posted 9/25/2015 in National

The rosary beads cost $175. Sounds a bit pricey, except the Craigslist ad says they come with tickets to see Pope Francis. Same with the $10 train passes marked up to $85 in another listing.



Ky. clerk blames governor for legal woes

Posted 9/25/2015 in National

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, hauled to jail for defying a series of federal court orders and refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, filed a 40-page court document Thursday, blaming Kentucky governor Steve Beshear for all her legal woes.



Some millennials digging into news, contrary to stereotype

Posted 9/25/2015 in National

Don't believe everything you see tweeted, shared or posted about the millennial generation being uninformed.



'Lean and mean' campaigns enable GOP candidates to endure

Posted 9/24/2015 in National

As Scott Walker gave up on his 2016 presidential race this week, he implored other Republicans in the crowded field to follow his lead and drop out -- so that one could rise to challenge front-runner Donald Trump.



Pope praises US bishops' response to abuse, angering victims

Posted 9/24/2015 in National

Pope Francis praised American bishops on Wednesday for their "generous commitment" to helping victims of clergy sex abuse, drawing an angry rebuke from advocates who said the bishops acted only under the threat of hundreds of lawsuits.


Pope Francis' security faces Capitol test after parade incident

Posted 9/24/2015 in National

The massive security apparatus protecting Pope Francis on his historic, six-day trip to the United States got its first test Wednesday as a 5-year-old California girl with a T-shirt and a message about immigration for the pontiff made her way through a security barrier and onto his parade route.


Democrats poised to filibuster stopgap funding measure

Posted 9/24/2015 in National

The Senate is preparing to vote on legislation that would keep the government open beyond next Wednesday's deadline at a price Democrats are certain to reject -- stripping taxpayer money from Planned Parenthood.



Study: Presidential campaign coverage outpacing past

Posted 9/24/2015 in National

By one measure, the 2016 presidential campaign has made more news at this early stage than any of the six previous contests.



Off the air: Trump boycotts Fox News over campaign coverage

Posted 9/24/2015 in National

Donald Trump says he's done appearing on Fox News shows for the "foreseeable future" because he doesn't like the network's coverage of his presidential campaign.


Yankees Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Berra dies at 90

Posted 9/23/2015 in National

The lovable legend of Yogi Berra, that ain't ever gonna be over.


Senate blocks anti-abortion bill; new showdown set

Posted 9/23/2015 in National

Senate Democrats thwarted a Republican effort to ban late-term abortions on Tuesday as GOP leaders strained to avoid a government shutdown in eight days over the dispute -- all against a tangled backdrop of presidential politics.



Clinton plan to reduce drug costs gets shrugs from industry

Posted 9/23/2015 in National

Hillary Rodham Clinton's plan to rein in prescription drug prices by reshaping how drugmakers do business is being met by skepticism within the industry.


PETA sues to give monkey the copyright of selfie photos

Posted 9/23/2015 in National

A macaque monkey who took now-famous selfie photographs should be declared the copyright owner of the photos, rather than the nature photographer who positioned the camera, animal-rights activists contend in a novel lawsuit filed Tuesday.


Clinton breaks Keystone silence, says she opposes pipeline

Posted 9/23/2015 in National

Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday she opposes construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, breaking her longstanding silence over a project criticized by environmentalists as a threat to the planet's climate.



Ranks thinning, traditional GOP candidates try to adapt

Posted 9/23/2015 in National

Scott Walker and Rick Perry entered the 2016 presidential race with a combined 18 years of experience as governors.


Pope, president to seek common ground in Oval Office visit

Posted 9/23/2015 in National

In a moment weaving strands of politics, religion and emotion, Pope Francis and President Barack Obama are set to meet in the grandeur of the Oval Office to advance causes dear to them both.


Man charged with punching 78-year-old over waffle sample

Posted 9/23/2015 in National

A 24-year-old man has been charged with elder abuse after authorities say he punched a 78-year-old man over free Nutella waffle samples at a Los Angeles-area Costco store.



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