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Stocks wobble as Trump's top economic adviser departs

Posted 3/8/2018 in National

"What does it mean for trade?" That question continued to guide Wall Street Wednesday, leading stocks to a mixed finish after President Donald Trump's top economic adviser resigned after opposing the administration's planned tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum.



Food boxes, not stamps? Idea in Trump budget worries grocers

Posted 3/8/2018 in National

Finding fresh food in this tiny riverside community that was hit hard by the steel industry's decline has always been a challenge.



Trump says he'll push tariffs despite pressure from GOP

Posted 3/7/2018 in National

Warning of economic fallout, congressional Republicans and industry groups pressed President Donald Trump on Tuesday to narrow his plan for across-the-board tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum.



Nashville mayor resigns after affair, pleads guilty to theft

Posted 3/7/2018 in National

Mayor Megan Barry, a one-time rising star in the Democratic Party with big plans to remake Nashville, resigned Tuesday after pleading guilty to cheating the city out of thousands of dollars to carry on an affair with her bodyguard.



Probe finds deadly Niger mission lacked proper approval

Posted 3/7/2018 in National

A military investigation into the Niger attack that killed four American service members concludes the team didn't get required senior command approval for their risky mission to capture a high-level Islamic State militant, several U.S. officials familiar with the report said.



Trump, Ryan face off in rare public GOP clash over tariffs

Posted 3/6/2018 in National

In a remarkably public confrontation, House Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republican allies of President Donald Trump pleaded with him Monday to back away from his threatened international tariffs, which they fear could spark a dangerous trade war.



After Parkland, even idle school threats get tough response

Posted 3/5/2018 in National

Fifteen students in one Florida school district are facing felony charges and prison time for making alleged threats since the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre.



'Trump slump' in gun sales continues despite control debate

Posted 3/5/2018 in National

Gun store owners called it the "Trump slump." Sales of firearms slowed dramatically after the election of Donald Trump as president in 2016 allayed fears of a Democratic crackdown on gun owners.



Trump embracing potential for trade war

Posted 3/5/2018 in National

President Donald Trump is embracing the potential for a trade war after announcing his intent to place tariffs on imported steel and aluminum, as he rebuffs allies who have pushed to be exempted from the stiff duties.



Trump's Mideast peace plan in limbo as Netanyahu visits

Posted 3/5/2018 in National

There's much to celebrate but plenty of cause for trepidation, too, as President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meet Monday at the White House.



Alabama's 'Bloody Sunday' racial violence of 1965 remembered

Posted 3/5/2018 in National

Several members of Congress joined civil rights activists and others Sunday afternoon for the annual commemoration of a day of racial violence in Selma dating to 1965.



Roger Bannister, first to run sub 4-minute mile, dies at 88

Posted 3/5/2018 in National

It was a typical British afternoon in early May: wet, cool and blustery. Not exactly the ideal conditions for running four laps around a track faster than many thought humanly possible.



Worst of bad US flu season finally over as illnesses decline

Posted 3/3/2018 in National

The worst of the nation's nasty flu season is finally over.



S&P 500 erases early plunge and rises to cap frenetic week

Posted 3/3/2018 in National

U.S. stocks went on another dizzying ride Friday and worked their way back from an early-morning plunge to send the Standard & Poor's 500 index to its first gain in four days.



Trump's tariff talk provokes rarely seen urgency among GOP

Posted 3/3/2018 in National

Republicans in Congress have learned to ignore President Donald Trump's policy whims, knowing whatever he says one day on guns, immigration or other complicated issues could very well change by the next.



It's clear Trump is hazy in outlining gun measure priorities

Posted 3/3/2018 in National

In his quest to tackle gun violence, President Donald Trump has alternated between calling for tougher laws and declaring his fealty to the Second Amendment's right to bear arms, leaving a trail of befuddled lawmakers and advocates in his wake.



Congress' immigration push sputters as guns grab attention

Posted 3/3/2018 in National

It's taken just two weeks for Washington's immigration battle to fade from blistering to back-burner.



Trump orders big tariffs on steel, aluminum; markets roiled

Posted 3/2/2018 in National

Ordering combative action on foreign trade, President Donald Trump has declared that the U.S. will impose steep tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, escalating tensions with China and other trading partners and raising the prospect of higher prices for American consumers and companies.



Trump's gun stance a struggle for Congress, NRA

Posted 3/2/2018 in National

Action on gun legislation has skidded to a halt in Congress -- not for a lack of bipartisan proposals, but because President Donald Trump's stunning shift on gun policy left some in his party confused, irritated and scrambling to figure out what to do next.



Delta subjected to retribution in Georgia for crossing NRA

Posted 3/2/2018 in National

As companies across America take a stand on guns after the Florida school massacre, Delta Air Lines withstood swift political retribution in its home state of Georgia for cutting ties with the National Rifle Association.



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