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Boy Scouts approve plan to accept openly gay boys

Posted 5/24/2013 in National



Between economy and trouble, Obama approval steady

Posted 5/23/2013 in National

The economy is recovering, the White House is dealing with multiple controversies, and President Barack Obama appears generally unaffected either way.


Nearly all states see hefty drop in teen births

Posted 5/23/2013 in National

The nation's record-low teen birth rate stems from robust declines in nearly every state, but most dramatically in several Mountain States and among Hispanics, according to a new government report.


Hobby Lobby appeals employee birth control option

Posted 5/23/2013 in National


Man gets record-setting face transplant

Posted 5/23/2013 in National

A 33-year-old Polish man received a face transplant just three weeks after being disfigured in a workplace accident, in what his doctors said Wednesday is the fastest time frame to date for such an operation. It was Poland's first face transplant.


AAA: 31.2M drivers to take Memorial Day road trip

Posted 5/23/2013 in National


Man shot by FBI had connections to Boston bombing suspect

Posted 5/23/2013 in National

A Chechen immigrant shot to death in central Florida after an altercation with an FBI agent had several ties to one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects who authorities were questioning him about at the time.


Up and away: Median CEO pay rises to $9.7 million in 2012

Posted 5/23/2013 in National



Restaurant learns online reviews can burn

Posted 5/22/2013 in National

It was the customer service disaster heard around the Internet.



Senate panel approves immigration bill

Posted 5/22/2013 in National

Far-reaching legislation that grants a chance at citizenship to millions of immigrants living illegally in the United States cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee on a solid bipartisan vote Tuesday night after supporters somberly sidestepped a controversy over the rights of gay spouses.



Apple case possible spur to tax action

Posted 5/22/2013 in National



Parents face tough choice when tornadoes bear down

Posted 5/22/2013 in National



Former IRS commissioner heads to Hill

Posted 5/21/2013 in National



Senators require fingerprints at 30 airports

Posted 5/21/2013 in National


Honeybees trained to find land mines in Croatia

Posted 5/20/2013 in National

Mirjana Filipovic is still haunted by the land mine blast that killed her boyfriend and blew off her left leg while on a fishing trip nearly a decade ago. It happened in a field that was supposedly de-mined.


Military sex abuse victims seek VA help

Posted 5/20/2013 in National



Will Boy Scouts accept gay youth? Vote is imminent

Posted 5/18/2013 in National

With its ranks deeply divided, the Boy Scouts of America is asking its local leaders from across the country to decide whether its contentious membership policy should be overhauled so that openly gay boys can participate in Scout units.



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