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Clinton embraces race as a top issue for 2016

Posted 7/24/2015 in National

In her second bid for the presidency, Hillary Rodham Clinton is discussing "systemic racism" and making the issue a hallmark of her campaign as she looks to connect with the black voters who supported rival Barack Obama in 2008.



Poll: US views of Francis dim; a plunge in approval ratings

Posted 7/24/2015 in National

Two months ahead of his first trip to the U.S., Pope Francis' approval rating among Americans has plummeted, driven mostly by a decline among political conservatives and Roman Catholics, according to a new Gallup poll released Wednesday.



AP: Life sentence urged in peanut salmonella case

Posted 7/24/2015 in National

Federal court officers have recommended a sentence of life in prison for a peanut company executive convicted of selling salmonella-tainted food, a move that attorneys on both sides called "unprecedented" for a food-poisoning case.


Authorities point to evidence of suicide in Texas jail death

Posted 7/24/2015 in National

While Sandra Bland's family maintains that the woman found dead in a Texas jail cell would not have taken her own life, authorities are pointing to mounting evidence that they say shows she hanged herself.


Could Twitter stop the next terrorist attack?

Posted 7/24/2015 in National

Social media giants including Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook and Google are pushing back against Senate legislation that would require them to alert federal authorities of any terrorist activity, according to industry and government officials.



Blackface performer plans fundraiser for indicted officers

Posted 7/23/2015 in National

A former Baltimore police officer said Wednesday that he plans to perform an Al Jolson routine in blackface to raise money for the six Baltimore officers who have been indicted in the death of Freddie Gray.


Black state official 'overwhelmed' by viral photo response

Posted 7/23/2015 in National

Amid angry demonstrations over the Confederate flag last weekend, a quiet gesture of human kindness unfolded on the steps to South Carolina's Statehouse: A white man overcome by the sweltering heat and wearing a Nazi swastika on his T-shirt was escorted to rest and shelter by a black man wearing an officer's uniform.

Report: Social Security disability fund to run dry next year

Posted 7/23/2015 in National

The 11 million Americans who receive Social Security disability face steep benefit cuts next year, the government said Wednesday, handing lawmakers a fiscal and political crisis in the middle of a presidential campaign.


USDA: Bird flu vaccine works on chickens; testing on turkeys

Posted 7/23/2015 in National

Scientists have developed a vaccine strain that has tested 100 percent effective in protecting chickens from bird flu and testing is underway to see if it also protects turkeys, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told the House Agriculture Committee at a hearing on Wednesday.



Trump's border trip comes as GOP tries to woo Hispanics

Posted 7/23/2015 in National

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's visit to the U.S.-Mexico border promises new challenges for the GOP's years-in-the-making push to attract Hispanic voters.



Video rekindles debate about police treatment of blacks

Posted 7/23/2015 in National

When Sandra Bland refused to put out her cigarette, the police officer opened her car door and tried dragging her out of the vehicle.



Payback: Trump holds up rival's phone number after criticism

Posted 7/22/2015 in National

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has pulled a classic adolescent prank on a rival who dared to criticize him.


Democrats use Donald Trump's remarks to castigate GOP

Posted 7/22/2015 in National

Donald Trump's incendiary comments -- and the GOP response -- are proving political gold for Democrats.

After Tennessee shootings, armed citizens guard recruiters

Posted 7/22/2015 in National

Gun-toting citizens are showing up at military recruiting centers around the country, saying they plan to protect recruiters following last week's killing of four Marines and a sailor in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


Teenager's video of gun-firing drone spurs investigation

Posted 7/22/2015 in National

A teenager may be in trouble with federal aviation officials after posting online a video that shows shots being fired from a drone that had been rigged to carry a handgun.



Theater shooter may not be executed even if sentenced to die

Posted 7/22/2015 in National

The time has come for jurors to hear whether James Holmes should be executed for killing 12 people in a Colorado movie theater.


Ohio Gov. Kasich brings the Republican field to 16

Posted 7/22/2015 in National

Saying "big ideas change the world," Ohio Gov. John Kasich declared his candidacy for the Republican nomination Tuesday.

Congress pursues legislative changes following pier shooting

Posted 7/22/2015 in National

Urged on by anguished testimony from the father of a murder victim, Congress plunged into a heated debate over immigration on Tuesday as GOP lawmakers vowed to shut down funding for so-called sanctuary cities like San Francisco that shield immigrants from deportation by federal authorities.


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