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Trump nominates Jerome Powell to be next Fed chairman

Posted 11/3/2017 in National

President Donald Trump tapped Jerome Powell on Thursday to replace Janet Yellen as Fed chair when her term ends in February, choosing a moderate member of the Fed's board who has backed Yellen's cautious approach to interest rate hikes.



Trump's tweets seen as unlikely to slow New York terror case

Posted 11/3/2017 in National

President Donald Trump's tweets calling for the death penalty for the man charged in the New York truck rampage could give defense attorneys grounds to argue that Trump has poisoned the minds of potential jurors.



Cuba official accuses US of lying about sonic attacks

Posted 11/3/2017 in National

Cuba's foreign minister on Thursday accused the United States of lying about mysterious sonic attacks that U.S. diplomats in Havana say left them with ailments including headaches, hearing problems and concussions.



House GOP set to unveil tax overhaul; keeps retirement rules

Posted 11/2/2017 in National

House Republicans are set to unveil their far-reaching tax overhaul today, making major changes yet looking to preserve current tax rules for retirement accounts popular with middle-class Americans and to retain a top income-tax rate for million-dollar earners.



More Mississippi children born early, raising health risks

Posted 11/2/2017 in National

A new report says more Mississippi mothers are giving birth before their pregnancy reaches full term.



Psychiatrist: Bergdahl mental disorder factored in desertion

Posted 11/2/2017 in National

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's difficult childhood and his washout from Coast Guard boot camp stoked serious psychiatric disorders that helped spur him to walk off his remote post in Afghanistan in 2009, a psychiatrist testified Wednesday.



Airlines see Thanksgiving travel rising 3 percent

Posted 11/2/2017 in National

Get ready for bigger airport crowds over Thanksgiving this year.



With first charges, Mueller sends warning to Trump, aides

Posted 10/31/2017 in National

Special counsel Robert Mueller has sent a warning to individuals in President Donald Trump's orbit: If they lie about contacts between the president's campaign and Russians, they'll end up on the wrong end of federal criminal charges.



Lawmakers to Trump: Leave Mueller alone

Posted 10/31/2017 in National

Democrats -- and a few Republicans -- in Congress have a clear message for President Donald Trump: Don't mess with Robert Mueller.



Court bars Trump from reversing transgender troops policy

Posted 10/31/2017 in National

A federal judge on Monday barred President Donald Trump's administration from proceeding with plans to exclude transgender people from military service.



Bergdahl testifies about his experience in Taliban captivity

Posted 10/31/2017 in National

Gut-wrenching testimony at the sentencing hearing for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will likely continue Tuesday as the deserter's defense team questions officials who treated and debriefed the soldier following his brutal five years of captivity by Taliban allies.



Trump frustrated by intelligence community's JFK secrecy

Posted 10/28/2017 in National

It was a showdown 25 years in the making: With the world itching to finally get a look at classified Kennedy assassination files, and the deadline for their release just hours away, intelligence officials were still angling for a way to keep their secrets.



JFK files: British newspaper got mystery call before killing

Posted 10/28/2017 in National

A British newspaper received an anonymous phone call about "big news" in the United States minutes before President John F. Kennedy was shot in 1963, newly released files on the assassination say.



Trump, GOP at odds over using 401(k)s to pay for tax cuts

Posted 10/26/2017 in National

President Donald Trump and Republicans were at odds on Wednesday over changing the 401(k) retirement program to help finance tax cuts, with the president insisting the middle-class favorite will remain untouched and lawmakers open to revisions.



Trump coy on what's coming out on JFK assassination

Posted 10/26/2017 in National

President Donald Trump is playing it coy on what people will see from long-secret JFK assassination-era files.



Fats Domino dies at 89; gave rock music a New Orleans flavor

Posted 10/26/2017 in National

The godfather of rock and roll. A performer who always gave all he had. A man who loved his city and his neighborhood. Tributes to Fats Domino are accumulating, in words and in bouquets and Mardi Gras beads left at the yellow house in New Orleans where, after Hurricane Katrina, a fan spray-painted an erroneous RIP.



Premiums rising 34 percent for most popular health plan

Posted 10/26/2017 in National

Premiums for the most popular "Obamacare" plans are going up an average of 34 percent, according to a study Wednesday that confirms dire predictions about the impact of political turmoil on consumers.



2 killed on Grambling State campus; shooter at large

Posted 10/25/2017 in National

A student and his friend were fatally shot at a university in Louisiana after an altercation that began in a dorm room and ended in a courtyard, authorities said Wednesday.



AP source: Clinton camp helped fund Trump dossier research

Posted 10/25/2017 in National

Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped fund political research into President Donald Trump that ultimately produced a dossier of allegations about his ties to Russia, a person familiar with the matter said Tuesday night.



US suspects Niger villager betrayed Army troops

Posted 10/25/2017 in National

The U.S. military believes someone in a Niger village may have tipped off attackers to the presence of U.S. commandoes and Nigerien forces in the area, setting in motion the ambush that killed four Americans, a senior defense official said Tuesday.



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