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Feds investigate friend of Charleston shooting suspect

Posted 9/17/2015 in National

A friend of the white man accused of shooting nine black churchgoers to death in Charleston is being investigated by federal authorities, an official said Wednesday.


Outcry after Muslim teen is detained over homemade clock

Posted 9/17/2015 in National

A 14-year-old Muslim boy became a sensation on social media Wednesday and got an invitation to the White House after word spread that he had been placed in handcuffs and suspended for coming to class with a homemade clock that school officials thought resembled a bomb.


US general: Only handful of Syrian fighters remain in battle

Posted 9/17/2015 in National

No more than five U.S.-trained Syrian rebels are fighting the Islamic State, astoundingly short of the envisioned 5,000, the top U.S. commander in the Middle East told angry lawmakers on Wednesday. They branded the training program "a total failure."



Hearing set to debate Bergdahl charges

Posted 9/17/2015 in National

Lawyers for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who faces military charges for leaving his post in Afghanistan, are likely to argue at his initial court hearing that his years of being held captive by the Taliban were punishment enough, according to legal experts.



Census: Income, poverty numbers stay just about the same

Posted 9/17/2015 in National

The wallets of America's middle class and poorest aren't seeing any extra money, the U.S. Census reported Wednesday, a financial stagnation experts say may be fueling political dissent this campaign season.



Ag secretary Vilsack announces goal for cutting food waste

Posted 9/17/2015 in National

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced a goal Wednesday to cut the amount of food that Americans waste by 50 percent by 2030.



Shifting debate strategies, GOP hopefuls to take on Trump

Posted 9/16/2015 in National

In the first Republican presidential debate, most candidates took a hands-off approach to Donald Trump and hoped the brash billionaire would hurt himself. Instead, he only got stronger.


Subway: Co-founder of sandwich chain DeLuca dead at 67

Posted 9/16/2015 in National

Subway co-founder Fred DeLuca, who turned a sandwich shop he started as a teenager into the world's largest fast-food chain, died Monday evening. He was 67.


Panel backs aspirin for heart health only in certain adults

Posted 9/16/2015 in National

A government task force says a daily low-dose aspirin could help certain people in their 50s and 60s prevent a first heart attack or stroke -- and they might get some protection against colon cancer at the same time.



Republicans oppose new rules on offshore drilling

Posted 9/16/2015 in National

Republican lawmakers on Tuesday criticized an Obama administration move to toughen standards for offshore drilling, saying the new rules would be costly for drillers and threaten to shut down oil and gas exploration off the nation's coasts.



Stark contrasts in Europe's welcome to migrants

Posted 9/16/2015 in National

The bleary-eyed travelers arriving in Malmo's glass-and-steel train station agreed on one thing: Sweden was a better place to go than Denmark, which has cut welfare benefits for refugees.


Amid Trump bombast, Ben Carson rises in GOP field

Posted 9/16/2015 in National

Amid all the bombast in the Republican race for president, Ben Carson comes across more like a whisper.


Anti-abortion videos draw scrutiny to fetal tissue brokers

Posted 9/16/2015 in National

Covert videos released by an anti-abortion group have opened a window on a largely unknown corner of science: the middlemen who supply researchers with human fetal cells from elective abortions.


Senate Democrats block vote to disapprove of Iran deal

Posted 9/16/2015 in National

For the second time, Senate Democrats on Tuesday blocked a vote to move forward on a resolution rejecting the Iran nuclear deal, protecting President Barack Obama's key foreign policy initiative.


Fierce response to Walker plan to bar federal public unions

Posted 9/16/2015 in National

Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker is hoping to pull his campaign off the mat by taking on unions -- a familiar foe for the Wisconsin governor -- in a sweeping plan to upend pillars of organized labor nationwide.



2016 candidates jump to raise money via new Twitter service

Posted 9/16/2015 in National

Think of it as tweeting for dollars.



Senate to hold one more vote on Iran nuclear deal

Posted 9/15/2015 in National

Senate Republicans will try a second time today to move ahead on a resolution rejecting the Iran nuclear deal.



GOP tax plans benefit rich despite populist campaign talk

Posted 9/15/2015 in National

Jeb Bush went to Detroit and talked about leveling the playing field. Marco Rubio wrote a book about helping the working class. Rand Paul is promising to expand the Republican Party beyond its traditional base.



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