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Microsoft aims to simplify with Windows 8.1 update

Posted 5/31/2013 in National



Soldier to admit Afghan massacre

Posted 5/30/2013 in National



Wrecks belie improving rail safety

Posted 5/30/2013 in National



Congressmen in Russia to investigate Boston attack

Posted 5/30/2013 in National



Nasdaq paying $10M for Facebook disruption

Posted 5/30/2013 in National

Nasdaq has agreed to pay a $10 million penalty to settle federal civil charges after regulators said its systems and decisions disrupted Facebook's public stock offering last year.


Israeli museum finds owner of looted art

Posted 5/30/2013 in National

Israel's national museum has located the heir of the owner of a valuable impressionist painting that was stolen by the Nazis after a photo was discovered showing the work in the original owner's home, the museum said Wednesday.


U.S. vs. European hurricane model: Which is better?

Posted 5/30/2013 in National

When forecasters from the National Weather Service track a hurricane, they use models from several different supercomputers located around the world to create their predictions.



Oil below $93 ahead of US crude inventory data

Posted 5/30/2013 in National



Ariz. woman fights drug allegation in Mexico

Posted 5/30/2013 in National

An Arizona mother of seven accused of trying to smuggle marijuana into the U.S. had a court hearing Wednesday where her lawyer pushed for her release from a Mexico prison, saying she was set up.



Disneyland worker arrested in park blast

Posted 5/30/2013 in National


Mom's obesity surgery may help break cycle in kids

Posted 5/29/2013 in National

Obese mothers tend to have kids who become obese. Now provocative research suggests weight-loss surgery may help break that unhealthy cycle in an unexpected way -- by affecting how their children's genes behave.


Healthy quintuplets born in Salt Lake hospital

Posted 5/29/2013 in National

A Utah woman gave birth to a healthy set of quintuplets over the weekend with help from a team of eight doctors, one anesthesiologist and dozens of nurses ensuring the mother and the tiny babies survived.



GOP dilemma: Draw new voters without irking base

Posted 5/29/2013 in National

The Republican Party, having lost the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections, confronts a dilemma that's easier to describe than to solve: How can it broaden its appeal to up-for-grabs voters without alienating its conservative base?



Tax overhaul: IRS scandal could lead to changes

Posted 5/29/2013 in National

The Internal Revenue Service's targeting of conservative political groups has little if anything to do with most everyday taxpayers, but some lawmakers are hoping attention to the budding scandal will swell public and political support for rewriting and simplifying a federal tax code that has undergone some 5,000 changes in the past dozen years.



Detroit officer on trial in death of girl, 7

Posted 5/29/2013 in National

Police accompanied by a reality TV crew fired a stun grenade through a window as they raided a Detroit home in search of a murder suspect. A gunshot then went off inside, fatally striking a 7-year-old girl in the head while she slept on a couch.



Rep. Bachmann says she won't run for re-election

Posted 5/29/2013 in National



Germany's top tabloid to introduce paywall

Posted 5/29/2013 in National

Europe's top-selling newspaper said Monday it will introduce a paywall for part of its online offerings starting next month.



McCain makes surprise trip to visit Syrian rebels

Posted 5/28/2013 in National



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