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Payback: Trump holds up rival's phone number after criticism

Posted 7/22/2015 in National

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has pulled a classic adolescent prank on a rival who dared to criticize him.


Democrats use Donald Trump's remarks to castigate GOP

Posted 7/22/2015 in National

Donald Trump's incendiary comments -- and the GOP response -- are proving political gold for Democrats.

After Tennessee shootings, armed citizens guard recruiters

Posted 7/22/2015 in National

Gun-toting citizens are showing up at military recruiting centers around the country, saying they plan to protect recruiters following last week's killing of four Marines and a sailor in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


Teenager's video of gun-firing drone spurs investigation

Posted 7/22/2015 in National

A teenager may be in trouble with federal aviation officials after posting online a video that shows shots being fired from a drone that had been rigged to carry a handgun.



Theater shooter may not be executed even if sentenced to die

Posted 7/22/2015 in National

The time has come for jurors to hear whether James Holmes should be executed for killing 12 people in a Colorado movie theater.


Ohio Gov. Kasich brings the Republican field to 16

Posted 7/22/2015 in National

Saying "big ideas change the world," Ohio Gov. John Kasich declared his candidacy for the Republican nomination Tuesday.

Congress pursues legislative changes following pier shooting

Posted 7/22/2015 in National

Urged on by anguished testimony from the father of a murder victim, Congress plunged into a heated debate over immigration on Tuesday as GOP lawmakers vowed to shut down funding for so-called sanctuary cities like San Francisco that shield immigrants from deportation by federal authorities.


CDC report: Teen use of morning-after pill is climbing

Posted 7/22/2015 in National

More than 1 in 5 sexually active teen girls have used the morning-after pill -- a dramatic increase that likely reflects that it's easier now for teens to buy the emergency contraceptive.



Invoking Iraq War, Obama brushes off Iran deal critics

Posted 7/22/2015 in National

Brushing off his "chest-beating" critics, President Barack Obama accused opponents of the Iran nuclear deal Tuesday of being the same people who rushed the U.S. into an ill-fated war in Iraq.



Disavowed by GOP leaders, Trump has supporters cheering

Posted 7/21/2015 in National

The Republican establishment may hope this is the beginning of the end for Donald Trump's circus-like run for the presidency.



Cheating website Ashley Madison hacked, personal info posted

Posted 7/21/2015 in National

The parent company of Ashley Madison, a matchmaking website for cheating spouses, says it was hacked and that the personal information of some of its users was posted online.



House to take up bill blocking money for 'sanctuary cities'

Posted 7/21/2015 in National

The House will take up a bill this week blocking funding for so-called "sanctuary cities" that resist turning over immigrants to federal authorities.



Keillor says he's sure: He's retiring from 'Prairie Home'

Posted 7/21/2015 in National

Garrison Keillor, creator and longtime host of the popular "A Prairie Home Companion" radio show, says he means it this time: He's retiring.



McCain: Trump owes apology to veterans, not to him

Posted 7/20/2015 in National

en. John McCain said today that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump doesn't need to apologize to him for remarks about his captivity in Vietnam, but should tell veterans he's sorry.



GOP sheds cautious approach to Trump -- but he may not care

Posted 7/20/2015 in National

Seeking to blunt Donald Trump's summer surge, Republican White House hopefuls are shedding their cautious approach to the provocative businessman's political rise.



Spokesman: Depression may have led to Tenn. killings

Posted 7/20/2015 in National

A Kuwait-born man who shot and killed five service members in Tennessee was first treated by a child psychiatrist for depression when he was 12 or 13 years old, a family representative said.



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