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Opponent seeks to block Miss. Power rate increase

Posted 8/24/2015 in National

The state Supreme Court has been asked to halt an emergency rate increase that regulators granted to Mississippi Power Co.



Top candidates struggle with distractions from the past

Posted 8/24/2015 in National

It wasn't supposed to be this way. Nearly six months out from the first votes of a presidential campaign, candidates should be fleshing out who they are and what they stand for.


Racial identity of activist questioned but does it matter?

Posted 8/24/2015 in National

Questions about the racial identity of a well-known activist in the "Black Lives Matter" movement have stirred controversy and drawn a blistering response. But the central question remains: Does his race matter?

US airman says train attacker 'ready to fight to the end'

Posted 8/24/2015 in National

Three American travelers say they relied on gut instinct and a close bond forged over years of friendship as they took down a heavily armed man on a passenger train speeding through Belgium.


Army chief ponders momentous decision on women in combat

Posted 8/22/2015 in National

The Army's new chief of staff, Gen. Mark Milley, is taking a calculated approach to arguably the most consequential decision of his early tenure -- whether to recommend that any all-male combat roles remain closed to women. Central to his thinking, he said in an Associated Press interview Friday, is the question of whether allowing women to serve in the infantry, armor and other traditionally male-only fields would affect Army "readiness" for war.



Cheating site logged federal subscribers with sensitive jobs

Posted 8/21/2015 in National

U.S. government employees with sensitive jobs in national security or law enforcement were among hundreds of federal workers found to be using government networks to access and pay membership fees to the cheating website Ashley Madison, The Associated Press has learned.


Bush struggles to keep spotlight, break away from last name

Posted 8/21/2015 in National

Having been knocked from his front-runner perch, a fiery Jeb Bush lashed out at Republican rival Donald Trump on Thursday as the former Florida governor fights to energize his stalled campaign and stop the billionaire businessman's summer surge.

Clinton facing fresh worries in Congress over emails

Posted 8/21/2015 in National

Hillary Rodham Clinton is facing fresh worries among congressional Democrats about her use of a private email account while serving as secretary of state, as new polls signal that the inquiry is taking a toll on her presidential campaign.


Caitlyn Jenner could face manslaughter charge for crash

Posted 8/21/2015 in National

Caitlyn Jenner could face a vehicular manslaughter charge after sheriff's investigators found she was driving unsafely when she caused a chain-reaction crash that killed a woman last February, officials said Thursday.


With humor and honesty, Carter talks about his cancer

Posted 8/21/2015 in National

With a broad smile and an upbeat attitude, former President Jimmy Carter told the world Thursday that he has cancer in his brain, and feels "perfectly at ease with whatever comes."


Television networks looking back at Katrina

Posted 8/21/2015 in National

ABC's Robin Roberts and Fox News Channel's Shepard Smith, who anchor specials this weekend about the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's devastating Gulf Coast landfall, both had reasons to avoid the topic.



Florida woman says she secretly recorded Jared Fogle

Posted 8/21/2015 in National

A Florida woman says former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle told her years ago about his interest in having sex with minors and that she went to authorities who told her to record the conversations.



St. Louis police chief defends fatal shooting by officers

Posted 8/21/2015 in National

The police chief on Thursday unapologetically defended the fatal shooting of a black 18-year-old who was killed by two white officers in a confrontation that drew protesters and unrest back to the streets.


AP Poll: No digital divide among black, white millennials

Posted 8/21/2015 in National

A new poll finds African-American millennials say they are just as engaged in getting news online as their white counterparts, further debunking a long-held belief that people of color are at risk of being left behind technologically.


Flamboyant Trump evolved into cautious businessman

Posted 8/21/2015 in National

Donald Trump sells himself as a bold empire-builder, the kind of businessman who could force through big changes in Washington as president.



Former presidents G.W. Bush, Clinton to mark Katrina 10th

Posted 8/21/2015 in National

Mayor Mitch Landrieu says former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton will visit New Orleans next week for the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Their visits follow that of President Barack Obama, who's coming to the city Thursday.



Police: Man apparently shot, killed by young son in accident

Posted 8/20/2015 in National

A 2-year-old boy apparently shot and killed his father in what police in Alabama on Wednesday called a horrible accident.



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