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Putin: US took 'hostile step' in publishing Russia list

Posted 1/30/2018 in National

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday the Trump administration made a "hostile step" when it published a list of Russian businessmen and politicians as part of a sanctions law against Moscow.



Some in GOP heed call to return Wynn money, post-allegations

Posted 1/30/2018 in National

Some Republicans in Congress are donating their contributions from Las Vegas billionaire Steve Wynn to charity in light of sexual misconduct allegations against the former Republican National Committee finance chairman.



Child experts: Just say 'no' to Facebook's kids app

Posted 1/30/2018 in National

Child development experts and advocates are urging Facebook to pull the plug on its new messaging app aimed at kids.



Trump's infrastructure plan comes with a huge hole

Posted 1/30/2018 in National

When President Donald Trump unveils his plan to beef up the nation's infrastructure plan next month, it will include a crater-sized hole.



Pentagon restricts release of Afghanistan war data

Posted 1/30/2018 in National

The Pentagon has ordered an independent federal auditor to stop providing the public with key information about U.S. war efforts in Afghanistan, accelerating a clampdown on data, such as the size of the Afghan military and police forces, that indicate how the 16-year-old stalemated war is going.



GOP senators: Trump needs to show restraint in Russia probe

Posted 1/29/2018 in National

Two Republican senators said Sunday that President Donald Trump would be wise to keep a public silence on an independent investigation into his 2016 campaign's contacts with Russia in the wake of news reports that he sought to fire the special counsel.



Jeff Sessions weathers turbulent year as AG

Posted 1/29/2018 in National

Jeff Sessions was in his office, looking unusually deflated. He had just received another public lashing from President Donald Trump.



Strong health sign-ups under Obamacare encourage Democrats

Posted 1/29/2018 in National

Republicans on the campaign trail this year will be eager to tout the potential benefits of their tax cut plan.



Ingvar Kamprad, who founded furniture giant IKEA, dies at 91

Posted 1/29/2018 in National

IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad, who turned a small-scale mail order business started on his family's farm into a furniture empire by letting customers piece together his simple and inexpensive furniture themselves, has died at age 91.



#MeToo movement starting to show generational divides

Posted 1/29/2018 in National

Where there has been solidarity and safety in numbers in the #MeToo movement, there is now also an increasingly apparent generational divide. And it's not just among women.



Flu widespread across US for third straight week

Posted 1/27/2018 in National



US economy grew at solid 2.6 percent rate in fourth quarter

Posted 1/27/2018 in National

The U.S. economy grew at a solid rate of 2.6 percent in the final three months of last year, helped by the fastest consumer spending since the spring of 2016 and a big rebound in home construction.



How Congress used the shutdown deal to cut more taxes

Posted 1/27/2018 in National

The deal that ended the government shutdown also further cut taxes, adding billions more to the national deficit.



Casino mogul Steve Wynn resigns as top GOP finance chairman

Posted 1/27/2018 in National

Casino mogul Steve Wynn has resigned as finance chairman of the Republican National Committee amid allegations of sexual harassment and assault.



Amid turmoil, Trump seeking a reset with State of the Union

Posted 1/27/2018 in National

Beset by poor poll numbers and the grind of the Russia investigation, President Donald Trump will look to reset his term with his first State of the Union address, arguing that his tax cut and economic policies will benefit all Americans.



Moving past the wall: Trump plan takes on legal immigration

Posted 1/27/2018 in National

The most contentious piece of President Donald Trump's new proposal to protect the so-called Dreamers has nothing to do with them.



Justice Ginsburg, 84, signals intent to work for years more

Posted 1/27/2018 in National

In different circumstances, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg might be on a valedictory tour in her final months on the Supreme Court.



Trump turns again on immigration, allies bash 'Amnesty Don'

Posted 1/26/2018 in National

Fearing betrayal on a signature campaign issue, President Donald Trump's loyalists across the country are lashing out against his proposal to create a path to citizenship for nearly 2 million "Dreamer" immigrants.



Trump: Report he ordered Mueller's firing 'fake news'

Posted 1/26/2018 in National

President Donald Trump on Friday dismissed as "fake news" a New York Times report that he ordered the firing of special counsel Robert Mueller last June, but backed down after White House lawyer Don McGahn threatened to resign.



Probe: Chinese opioid sellers exploit US postal service flaw

Posted 1/26/2018 in National

China said Thursday it is ready to work with the United States in fighting illicit opioid shipments after congressional investigators found that Chinese opioid manufacturers exploit weak screening in the U.S. Postal Service to ship large quantities of illegal drugs to American dealers.



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