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Proposed bill targets school riflery teams, citing 'gun culture'

Posted 5/11/2018 in National

Jillian Zakrzeski's skills with an air rifle earned her three New York state high school shooting championships, a berth in the Junior Olympics and even recruitment to a college rifle team.



Facebook ads show Russian effort to stoke political division

Posted 5/11/2018 in National

Democrats on the House intelligence committee have released more than 3,500 Facebook ads that were created or promoted by a Russian internet agency, providing the fullest picture yet of Russia's attempt to sow racial and political division in the United States before and after the 2016 election.



Trump gives freed Americans flag-waving, wee-hours welcome

Posted 5/10/2018 in National

Staging a made-for-TV, still-of-the-night arrival ceremony, President Donald Trump welcomed home three Americans freed by North Korea and declared their release a sign of promise toward his goal of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.



China cutting US soybean purchases in face of tariffs threat

Posted 5/10/2018 in National

With the threat of tariffs and counter-tariffs between Washington and Beijing looming, Chinese buyers are canceling orders for U.S. soybeans, a trend that could deal a blow to American farmers if it continues.



Sanctions on Iran could cost US, European companies billions

Posted 5/10/2018 in National

European and American companies could lose billions of dollars in commercial deals canceled and a major new export market undercut by the U.S. decision to re-impose sanctions on Iran.



GOP immigration moderates seek to force House votes on issue

Posted 5/10/2018 in National

Republicans with moderate views on immigration defied party leaders and took steps Wednesday toward forcing campaign-season House votes on the issue. One top maverick said they had enough support to succeed.



Diverging values lead to Mormon retreat from Boy Scouts

Posted 5/10/2018 in National

For more than a century, the Boy Scouts of America and the Mormon church formed an ideal pair as they helped each other expand their organizations and build their brands while molding countless young men through bow knots, pinewood derby races and campouts.



Trump lawyer sold 'insight' into his high-powered client

Posted 5/10/2018 in National

Already under investigation for a payment to a porn star, President Donald Trump's longtime personal attorney is facing intensifying legal and ethical scrutiny for selling his Trump World experience and views at a hefty price to companies that sought "insight" into the new president.



Director Polanski calls #MeToo 'collective hysteria'

Posted 5/10/2018 in National

Oscar-winning filmmaker Roman Polanski, who fled the United States 40 years ago as a sex offender awaiting sentencing, says he views the #MeToo movement as "collective hysteria" and "total hypocrisy."



Trial set for physician in guitarist's fatal overdose

Posted 5/10/2018 in National

An Alabama physician is scheduled to go on trial Friday on charges that he improperly prescribed fentanyl and other drugs to 3 Doors Down guitarist Matthew Roberts, who died of a drug overdose.



Can you spare a dime? Truck full of coins crashes in Nevada

Posted 5/10/2018 in National

Brother can you spare a dime? How about 8 million of them?



Amid #MeToo, more colleges host women as graduation speakers

Posted 5/9/2018 in National

This graduation season, the podium is all hers.



More Americans expect to work until 70; there are benefits

Posted 5/9/2018 in National

When it comes to retirement, later may be better.



Iran-Contra figure Oliver North named president of the NRA

Posted 5/8/2018 in National

Retired Lt. Col. Oliver North's appointment as the next president of the National Rifle Association gives some star power to the gun lobby but also inspires disdain by gun-control advocates who call it a tone-deaf move that shows an unwillingness to find solutions to gun violence.



US oil prices top $70 a barrel for the first time since 2014

Posted 5/8/2018 in National

U.S. oil prices crashed through the $70-a-barrel mark on Monday for the first time since late 2014, foreshadowing costlier gasoline and consumer goods.



Trump signals cooperative approach with Mueller is fading

Posted 5/8/2018 in National

President Donald Trump signaled a more confrontational legal strategy against the special counsel's Russia probe on Monday, ripping into what he dismissed as an investigation into a "made up, phony crime."



Trump considers benching Giuliani from TV interviews

Posted 5/8/2018 in National

President Donald Trump is growing increasingly irritated with lawyer Rudy Giuliani's frequently off-message media blitz, which has included muddying the waters on hush money paid to porn actress Stormy Daniels and making claims that could complicate the president's standing in the special counsel's Russia probe.



Zimmerman charged with stalking Trayvon film investigator

Posted 5/8/2018 in National

Authorities say George Zimmerman threatened a private investigator working for a documentary filmmaker.



California judge affirms ruling for coffee cancer warnings

Posted 5/8/2018 in National

A court ruling that gave coffee drinkers a jolt earlier this year was finalized Monday when a Los Angeles judge said coffee sold in California must carry cancer warnings.



New York attorney general resigns after abuse accusations

Posted 5/8/2018 in National

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who held himself out as a champion of women and a liberal foil to President Donald Trump, resigned from office after four women accused him of physical violence during intimate encounters.



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