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Trump to Muslims on first foreign trip: Drive out terrorists

Posted 5/20/2017 in National

President Donald Trump will use his first visit to the Middle East to call for unity in the fight against radicalism in the Muslim world, casting the challenge as a "battle between good and evil" and urging Arab leaders to "drive out the terrorists from your places of worship," according to a draft of the speech obtained by The Associated Press.



Report: FBI probe moves into White House

Posted 5/20/2017 in National

President Donald Trump told Russian diplomats last week his firing of "nut job" James Comey had eased the pressure on him, even as the FBI's Trump-Russia investigation had moved into the White House, according to reports Friday that pursued the president as he began his maiden foreign trip.



Study: Higher-income youth employed more than lower-income

Posted 5/20/2017 in National

Teenagers from higher-income families are more likely to hold jobs than those from lower-income households, according to University of New Hampshire research that suggests employment itself has become an extracurricular activity.



Gen. Lee the last Confederate statue removed in New Orleans

Posted 5/20/2017 in National

They were among the city's oldest landmarks, as cemented to the landscape of New Orleans as the Superdome and St. Louis Cathedral: a stone obelisk heralding white supremacy and three statues of Confederate stalwarts.



NAACP president won't be returning as leader

Posted 5/20/2017 in National

NAACP President Cornell William Brooks will not be returning as the leader of the nation's oldest civil rights organization after his contract expires this summer, officials said Friday.



Fox News founder Roger Ailes died of complications from fall

Posted 5/19/2017 in National

Roger Ailes, the communications maestro who transformed television news and America's political conversation by creating and ruling Fox News Channel for two decades before being ousted last year for alleged sexual harassment, died Thursday, according to his wife, Elizabeth Ailes.



Former FBI Director Mueller to lead Trump-Russia probe

Posted 5/18/2017 in National

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller was given sweeping power Wednesday to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign, with a broad mandate that could encompass any questionable actions of President Donald Trump's associates and possibly even the circumstances of last week's abrupt firing of James Comey.



Trump lashes out at critics, 'naysayers,' unfair treatment

Posted 5/18/2017 in National

President Donald Trump lashed out Wednesday at his "critics and naysayers" following more than a week of negative news coverage beginning with his sudden decision to fire James Comey as FBI director.



Poll says blacks less likely to have enough for retirement

Posted 5/18/2017 in National

Older white Americans are nearly twice as likely as African-Americans to say they've saved enough for retirement, a new poll found.



Roger Ailes, media guru and political strategist, dies at 77

Posted 5/18/2017 in National

Roger Ailes, who transformed TV news by creating Fox News Channel, only to be ousted at the height of his reign for alleged sexual harassment, died Thursday, Fox News reported.



Tests for lead poisoning may be faulty, regulators warn

Posted 5/18/2017 in National

U.S. health agencies on Wednesday warned that certain blood tests for lead poisoning may give results lower than the actual level of lead.



Another round of premium hikes: blame Trump or Obama?

Posted 5/18/2017 in National

Another year of big premium increases and dwindling choice is looking like a distinct possibility for many consumers who buy their own health insurance -- but why, and who's to blame?



White House lurches from crisis to crisis

Posted 5/17/2017 in National

President Donald Trump personally appealed to FBI Director James Comey to abandon the bureau's investigation into National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, according to notes Comey wrote after the meeting.



US admiral: North Korea's actions 'recipe for disaster'

Posted 5/17/2017 in National

The top American military officer in the Pacific said Wednesday that North Korea's recent military actions are "a recipe for a disaster" and warned against a sense of complacency in the face of increasing tensions on the Korean Peninsula.



Jailhouse videos show quirks of Charleston church gunman

Posted 5/17/2017 in National

A week before the sentencing phase of his trial, Dylann Roof got a visit in jail from his mother, who pleaded with him to reconsider his decision to act as his own lawyer in the fatal shootings of nine black worshippers at a South Carolina church.



Trump defends sharing terrorism 'facts' with Russians

Posted 5/16/2017 in National

President Donald Trump on Tuesday defended his right to share "facts pertaining to terrorism" and airline safety with Russia, saying in a pair of tweets he has "an absolute right" as president to do so.



Trump say it's possible he could pick FBI head by next week

Posted 5/13/2017 in National

President Donald Trump said Saturday that "we can make a fast decision" on a new FBI director, possibly by late next week, before he leaves on his first foreign trip since taking office.



Michelle Obama criticizes Trump school lunch decision

Posted 5/13/2017 in National

Michelle Obama on Friday criticized a Trump administration decision to delay federal rules aimed at making school lunch healthier, saying kids will end up "eating crap" instead.



Trump: I was going to fire that 'showboat' no matter what

Posted 5/12/2017 in National

Contradicting previous White House explanations, President Donald Trump declared Thursday he had planned to fire FBI Director James Comey all along, regardless of whether top Justice Department officials recommended the stunning step.



US prosecutors told to push for more, harsher punishments

Posted 5/12/2017 in National

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is directing federal prosecutors to pursue the most serious charges possible against the vast majority of suspects, a reversal of Obama-era policies that is sure to send more people to prison and for much longer terms.



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