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McCain calls brain cancer prognosis 'very poor'

Posted 9/26/2017 in National

U.S. Sen. John McCain says doctors have given him a "very poor prognosis" as he battles brain cancer.



North Korean diplomat says tweet by Trump 'declared war'

Posted 9/26/2017 in National

North Korea's top diplomat said Monday that a weekend tweet by U.S. President Donald Trump was a "declaration of war" and North Korea has the right to retaliate by shooting down U.S. bombers, even in international airspace.



Experts: North Korea lacks ability, intent to attack US planes

Posted 9/26/2017 in National

Military analysts say North Korea doesn't have either the capability or the intent to attack U.S. bombers and fighter jets, despite the country's top diplomat saying it has every right do so.



'Rock bottom': Weiner gets 21 months in prison for sexting

Posted 9/26/2017 in National

Anthony Weiner's sexting compulsion cost him his seat in Congress, his shot at becoming New York mayor and his marriage, and may have even denied Hillary Clinton the presidency. On Monday, it cost him his freedom.



Trump: Objection to protests 'has nothing to do with race'

Posted 9/25/2017 in National

President Donald Trump insisted Sunday that his opposition to NFL players kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality "has nothing to do with race" but has to do with "respect for our country and respect for our flag."



Tennessee church shooting suspect charged with murder

Posted 9/25/2017 in National

Witnesses and police described a chaotic scene as a masked attacker armed with two guns shot seven people, killing one, in a Tennessee church before he was subdued.



Decades after 'Little Rock Nine,' school segregation lingers

Posted 9/25/2017 in National

Among the most lasting and indelible images of the civil rights movement were the nine black teenagers who had to be escorted by federal troops past an angry white mob and through the doors of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, on Sept. 25, 1957.



Health care bill teeters, GOP adds money to woo dissidents

Posted 9/25/2017 in National

Top Republicans are adding money to their staggering effort to repeal the Obama health care law and say they're pushing toward a climactic Senate faceoff this week.



Trump replaces 90-day ban with new travel restrictions

Posted 9/25/2017 in National

President Donald Trump has signed a proclamation imposing strict new restrictions on travelers from a handful of countries, including five that were covered by his expiring travel ban.



GOP's 'Obamacare' repeal all but dead; McCain deals the blow

Posted 9/23/2017 in National

Sen. John McCain declared his opposition Friday to the GOP's last-ditch effort to repeal and replace "Obamacare," dealing a likely death blow to the legislation and, perhaps, to the Republican Party's years of vows to kill the program.



Obama-era guidance on campus sexual assault gets scrapped

Posted 9/23/2017 in National

The Trump administration on Friday scrapped Obama-era guidance on investigating campus sexual assault, replacing it with new instructions that allow universities to require higher standards of evidence when handling complaints.



Prospects for air traffic control privatization appear slim

Posted 9/22/2017 in National

President Donald Trump has made airlines' longtime goal of privatizing air traffic control a key part of his agenda to boost America's infrastructure. But his prospects for closing the deal with Congress appear slim.



A test for Trump's political muscle in Alabama Senate runoff

Posted 9/22/2017 in National

It's Trump versus Trumpland.



Trump to award Medal of Honor to Alabama veteran

Posted 9/22/2017 in National

President Donald Trump will award the Medal of Honor to a retired Army medic from Alabama who risked his life several times to provide medical care to his comrades during the Vietnam War, the White House announced Wednesday.



Trump nominates 4 for TVA board

Posted 9/22/2017 in National

President Donald Trump will nominate people from four states to serve on the nine-member board of directors of the Tennessee Valley Authority, the White House said Thursday.



US beefs up NKorea sanctions, Kim Jong Un insults Trump

Posted 9/22/2017 in National

President Donald Trump added economic action to his fiery military threats against North Korea on Thursday, authorizing stiffer new sanctions in response to the Koreans' nuclear weapons advances.



Mexico shocked by news: Girl trapped in rubble didn't exist

Posted 9/22/2017 in National

Hour after excruciating hour, Mexicans were transfixed by dramatic efforts to reach a young girl thought buried in the rubble of a school destroyed by a magnitude 7.1 earthquake.



Facebook to release Russia ads, beef up election 'integrity'

Posted 9/22/2017 in National

Facebook is slowly acknowledging the outsized -- if unintended -- role it played in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.



StoryCorps' Thanksgiving Listen asks kids to record elders

Posted 9/22/2017 in National

StoryCorps is hoping people give their social media apps a break for a few minutes this Thanksgiving and instead use one designed for listening.



Was it a crime? 10 patients at nursing home died after Irma

Posted 9/22/2017 in National

A 10th elderly patient has died after being kept inside a nursing home that turned into a sweatbox when Hurricane Irma knocked out its air conditioning for three days, even though just across the street was a fully functioning and cooled hospital.



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