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Repeal of health law could mean women pay more for less

Posted 2/3/2017 in National

From a return to higher premiums based on gender, to gaps in coverage for birth control and breast pumps, experts say women could end up paying more for less if the Obama-era health care law is repealed.



Democrats in a vise over President's Supreme Court pick

Posted 2/3/2017 in National

President Donald Trump's nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court has put Senate Democrats in a vise.



Union: Guard killed at prison saved colleagues' lives

Posted 2/3/2017 in National

Forced into a closet by inmates at Delaware's largest prison, Sgt. Steven Floyd called out to officers coming to his aid, warning them that inmates had set a trap -- saving their lives with his final actions, the head of the state corrections officers' union said.



AP Sources: US readies sanctions on Iran after missile test

Posted 2/3/2017 in National

The Trump administration is preparing to levy new sanctions on Iran, U.S. officials said Thursday, in the first punitive action since the White House put Iran "on notice" after it test-fired a ballistic missile.



Pork industry says not to worry about a bacon shortage

Posted 2/3/2017 in National

An insatiable demand for bacon depleted frozen pork belly supplies in the U.S. to a record low level for December, but the pork industry is confident it can keep up with demand and avoid any serious shortages.



Texas 'bathroom bill' may pose big test for sports leagues

Posted 2/3/2017 in National

Texas knows how to throw a party, and for the Super Bowl in Houston, a new 29-story luxury hotel with a rooftop pool shaped like a meandering "lazy river" is the kind of glitzy welcome mat that keeps big events coming back. But that status may soon be put to the test.



Trump to Senate: Scrap rules if needed to confirm Gorsuch

Posted 2/2/2017 in National

President Donald Trump urged the Senate's Republican leader on Wednesday to resort to the "nuclear option" of scrapping longstanding chamber rules if needed to confirm Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, an aggressive opening to what's shaping up as a ferocious clash over the future of the high court.



Trump taps conservative Judge Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court

Posted 2/1/2017 in National

President Donald Trump has nominated Neil Gorsuch, a fast-rising conservative judge with a writer's flair, to the Supreme Court, setting up a fierce fight with Democrats over a jurist who could shape America's legal landscape for decades to come.



Reality show comparisons in Trump announcement inescapable

Posted 2/1/2017 in National

President Donald Trump's past life as a television showman provided an irresistible comparison for the media covering his nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court.



Senator: Army Corps told to approve Dakota pipeline easement

Posted 2/1/2017 in National

The Army Corps of Engineers was ordered to allow construction of the Dakota Access pipeline to proceed under a disputed Missouri River crossing, North Dakota Sen. John Hoeven said.



Travel ban throws research, academic exchange into turmoil

Posted 2/1/2017 in National

Universities across the nation say President Donald Trump's ban on travelers from seven Muslim countries is disrupting vital research projects and academic exchanges in such fields as medicine, public health and engineering, with untold numbers of scholars blocked from entering the U.S.



Immigration order playing well to Trump's fans around nation

Posted 1/31/2017 in National

President Donald Trump's order temporarily banning refugees and immigrants from seven mostly Muslim countries is playing well in Trump Country, those places that propelled him to the White House.



Clash over refugee ban brings firing of Justice Dept. head

Posted 1/31/2017 in National

In an extraordinary public showdown, President Donald Trump fired the acting attorney general of the United States after she publicly questioned the constitutionality of his refugee and immigration ban and refused to defend it in court.



Boy Scouts will allow transgender children into programs

Posted 1/31/2017 in National

A New Jersey woman whose son was asked to leave his Boy Scouts troop after leaders found out he's transgender said she has mixed emotions after the organization announced it will allow transgender children who identify as boys to enroll in its boys-only programs.



AP: Trump's voter fraud expert registered in 3 states

Posted 1/31/2017 in National

A man who President Donald Trump has promoted as an authority on voter fraud was registered to vote in multiple states during the 2016 presidential election, the Associated Press has learned.



Smaller states rejoice as Amazon finally collects sales tax

Posted 1/30/2017 in National

Many online shoppers in the United States have for years had to pay state sales taxes whenever they buy goods from Amazon.



Trump travel ban sows chaos at airports, outrage at protests

Posted 1/30/2017 in National

President Donald Trump's immigration order sowed more chaos and outrage across the country Sunday, with travelers getting detained at airports, panicked families searching for relatives and protesters marching against the sweeping measure that was blocked by several federal courts.



Trump wants to enlist local police in immigration crackdown

Posted 1/30/2017 in National

To build his highly touted deportation force, President Donald Trump is reviving a long-standing program that deputizes local officers to enforce federal immigration law.



Military: First-known combat death since Trump in office

Posted 1/30/2017 in National

It's been described as the greatest burden any commander in chief must bear.



6 killed in Canada mosque shooting; Trudeau calls it terror

Posted 1/30/2017 in National

A shooting at a Quebec City mosque during evening prayers left six people dead and eight others wounded in an attack that Canada's prime minister called an act of terrorism. Police arrested two suspects.



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