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Candidates avoid Medicare, Social Security finance woes

Posted 6/24/2016 in National

The nation's framework for economic security and health care in retirement is financially unsustainable, but you wouldn't know it from listening to the presidential candidates.



Marines: Man in Iwo Jima flag raising photo misidentified

Posted 6/24/2016 in National

One of the six men long identified in an iconic World War II photograph showing the raising of the American flag at Iwo Jima was actually not in the image, the Marine Corps announced Thursday after conducting an investigation prompted by the claims of two amateur historians.



Britain votes to leave EU: Cameron to resign

Posted 6/24/2016 in National

Britain voted to leave the European Union after a bitterly divisive referendum campaign, toppling the government today, sending global markets plunging and shattering the stability of a project in continental unity designed half a century ago to prevent World War III.



Acquittal of officer leaves Baltimore asking: What happened?

Posted 6/24/2016 in National

With no witnesses or video inside the metal compartment of a police van, it's likely no one will ever know what snapped the neck of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man left handcuffed and shackled but unbelted on his trip to the station.



Orlando gunman buried in South Fla., document shows

Posted 6/24/2016 in National

The gunman who went on a rampage at a gay nightclub in Orlando, killing 49 people, has been buried in South Florida.



Trustees: Tiny rise in Social Security benefits next year

Posted 6/23/2016 in National

Millions of Social Security beneficiaries would get a tiny increase in monthly payments next year -- less than $2.50, about enough to buy a gallon of gas.


Nearly 1 in 3 on Medicare got commonly abused opioids

Posted 6/23/2016 in National

Nearly 12 million Medicare beneficiaries received at least one prescription for an opioid painkiller last year at a cost of $4.1 billion, according to a federal report that shows how common the addictive drugs are in many older Americans' medicine cabinets.


Amid campaign worries, Trump to check on courses in Scotland

Posted 6/23/2016 in National

Facing questions about meager fundraising, slipping poll numbers and campaign instability, Donald Trump is tending to business -- in Scotland.



Democrats stage election-year sit-in on guns, GOP unmoved

Posted 6/23/2016 in National

A drained and dwindling group of Democrats, some draped in blankets and toting pillows, carried their remarkable House floor sit-in past daybreak Thursday, disrupting the business of Congress in the wake of the Orlando shooting rampage with demands for gun-control votes in an extraordinary scene of protest broadcast live to the world.



2 Floridas emerge in attitudes toward LGBT community

Posted 6/23/2016 in National

Florida's Key West is one of the most gay-friendly places in the country. The Florida Panhandle -- many locals call it the Redneck Riviera -- is a different story.



Census: Asians fastest-growing racial group in US

Posted 6/23/2016 in National

Asians remain the fastest-growing racial group in the United States, according to new information from the Census Bureau.



As NOW turns 50, feminists hail gains but 'battle goes on'

Posted 6/23/2016 in National

Fifty years ago, when a small group of activists founded the National Organization for Women, the immediate issue that motivated them was sex discrimination in employment.



Ouch! Flu spray fails again, panel urges shot instead

Posted 6/23/2016 in National

The nasal spray version of the annual flu vaccine failed to protect kids again last year, the latest in a string of failures that has prompted an expert panel to recommend that doctors stop giving it to patients.



Dump Trump movement preparing fight

Posted 6/23/2016 in National

The movement to dump Donald Trump from the GOP ticket is gaining followers among delegates to next month's Republican National Convention, an effort that could tarnish Trump's coronation even if it ultimately fails.



What about Bernie? Still running and keeping security

Posted 6/23/2016 in National

What about Bernie? Sanders was mathematically eliminated from the Democratic presidential race earlier this month, but the Vermont senator isn't ready to bow out.



Attorney General: No 'magic bullet' against jihadist propaganda

Posted 6/22/2016 in National

The Orlando massacre at a popular gay nightclub shows no one yet has "found the magic bullet" to prevent Americans from being inspired to violence by jihadist propaganda on the Internet, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said Tuesday as she visited a city still shaken by the shootings.



Congressman seeks to block changes to US currency

Posted 6/22/2016 in National

A Republican congressman is trying to block the Treasury from redesigning U.S. currency, a move that could prevent the government from replacing Andrew Jackson on the front of the $20 bill with abolitionist Harriet Tubman.



Republicans offering proposals for health care changes

Posted 6/22/2016 in National

House Republicans are unveiling new proposals to repeal and replace President Barack Obama's health care law, as Speaker Paul Ryan seeks to showcase a GOP governing agenda amid the tumult of the presidential campaign.



A divided Senate answers Orlando with gridlock on gun curbs

Posted 6/21/2016 in National

A divided Senate blocked rival election-year plans to curb guns Monday, eight days after the horror of Orlando's mass shooting intensified pressure on lawmakers to act but knotted them in gridlock anyway -- even over restricting firearms for terrorists.



Work for Uncle Sam? Careful about wading into the 2016 race

Posted 6/21/2016 in National

Midway through Tomas Strouhal's daily mail route, a higher-up from the U.S. Postal Service pulled up behind him with some bad news: That Donald Trump bumper sticker on his personal car parked back at the post office had to go.



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