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North Carolina's 'bathroom bill' set on fast path to repeal

Posted 12/20/2016 in National

North Carolina lawmakers appear poised to repeal a controversial law widely derided as the "bathroom bill" because it requires transgender people to use restrooms corresponding with the sex on their birth certificate in many public buildings.



Trump aides: Democrats' complaints are sour grapes

Posted 12/19/2016 in National

Sour grapes. That's how Donald Trump's closest advisers see Democrats' complaints that Moscow hacked their private emails this election season in a bid to sow discord among their supporters and sway the election toward Republicans.



Electoral College meets amid effort to deny Trump presidency

Posted 12/19/2016 in National

And you thought Election Day was in November.



Trump Cabinet excites his voters

Posted 12/19/2016 in National

As each Cabinet announcement draws fresh criticism of the wealth, connections or opinions of Donald Trump's latest appointees, many Americans who voted for him say the president-elect is doing what he promised to do: draining the swamp.



Gas prices jump 6 cents over 2 weeks

Posted 12/19/2016 in National

The average price of regular-grade gasoline has jumped 6 cents nationally over the past two weeks, to $2.26 a gallon.



Medicare outpatients risk higher bills for some procedures

Posted 12/19/2016 in National

You pay less for outpatient treatment than for a hospital admission, right? Not necessarily in the topsy-turvy world of Medicare billing, according to a government report.



China disputes US claim it's top source of synthetic drugs

Posted 12/19/2016 in National

U.S. assertions that China is the top source of the synthetic opioids that have killed thousands of drug users in the U.S. and Canada are unsubstantiated, Chinese officials told the Associated Press.



US says it will work with Duterte after latest outburst

Posted 12/19/2016 in National

The United States said Sunday that it would work with the Philippine president to address any concerns after he threatened to terminate a pact that allows U.S. troops to visit the Philippines.



Gunmen kill 10, including Canadian, in attacks on Jordanian police

Posted 12/19/2016 in National

Gunmen assaulted Jordanian police in a series of attacks Sunday, including at a Crusader castle popular with tourists, killing seven officers, two local civilians and a woman visiting from Canada, officials said.



Trump's pick for Israel envoy signals break on US policy

Posted 12/17/2016 in National

Donald Trump's selection of a hard-line pro-Israel advocate as his U.S. ambassador to the Jewish state could signal the end of decades of American support for the establishment of an independent Palestine.



Democrats eye fight over Trump's Treasury pick

Posted 12/17/2016 in National

Democrats are eyeing the Senate confirmation hearings for Donald Trump's Treasury secretary pick selection as a prime opportunity to chip away at the Republican's populist appeal with working-class voters and begin rebuilding their own party's economic message.



Politicians bypass press, control message

Posted 12/17/2016 in National

To deliver his first extensive remarks on the contentious Dakota Access oil pipeline, all the new North Dakota governor needed was a camera and a Facebook account.



Official: FBI backs CIA conclusion on Russian hacking motive

Posted 12/17/2016 in National

The FBI is supporting the CIA's conclusion that Russia interfered in the presidential election with the goal of supporting Republican candidate Donald Trump.



Roof won't use mental health experts to try to save his life

Posted 12/17/2016 in National

Dylann Roof doesn't want jurors to consider his mental health when they decide next month whether he should face the death penalty for killing nine black Charleston church worshippers, according to a handwritten motion he filed.



Henry Heimlich, life-saving maneuver creator, dies at 96

Posted 12/17/2016 in National

The surgeon who created the life-saving Heimlich maneuver for choking victims died early Saturday in Cincinnati. Dr. Henry Heimlich was 96.



Judge bars Bergdahl prosecutors from using wounds at trial

Posted 12/17/2016 in National

Prosecutors were rebuffed from harnessing the most contentious issue surrounding the court martial of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl when a judge ruled out any evidence that soldiers were wounded while searching for him.



Life in prison or death only options for Dylann Roof

Posted 12/16/2016 in National

The Confederate flag is gone from South Carolina's Statehouse. The bullet holes have been patched in Emanuel AME's fellowship hall. And now Dylann Roof will almost certainly spend the rest of his days in prison for killing nine black worshippers at the Charleston church.



Trump lags predecessors on diversity as he picks Cabinet

Posted 12/16/2016 in National

As Donald Trump fills out his Cabinet, it's looking less like America's population and more like the world Trump has always orbited: wealthy, white, male-dominated and business-minded.



Democrats to use hearings on Trump picks to court working class

Posted 12/16/2016 in National

Determined to hold around two dozen Senate seats in 2018, Democrats will use the coming series of confirmation hearings to try to distinguish themselves from President-elect Donald Trump's billionaire nominees and convince working-class voters who elected him that he's not on their side.



Obama vows retaliation for suspected Russian hacking

Posted 12/16/2016 in National

President Barack Obama is promising that the U.S. will retaliate against Russia for its suspected meddling in America's election process, an accusation the Kremlin has vehemently denied.



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