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Poll: Young adults support new efforts to curb gun violence

Posted 8/6/2016 in National

LaShun Roy supports a ban on semi-automatic weapons and more comprehensive background checks.



Officer: Jail inmate assaults man charged in church massacre

Posted 8/5/2016 in National

Dylann Roof, the white man charged in the massacre of nine parishioners at a Charleston church, was assaulted Thursday by a black inmate at the South Carolina jail where he is being held, a law official said.



Clinton wooing a new group of voters: Republicans

Posted 8/5/2016 in National

Hoping to capitalize on the criticism battering Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has begun portraying support for her candidacy as a patriotic duty of voters.



Former modeling agent says he got Melania Trump's visa

Posted 8/5/2016 in National

Melania Trump's former modeling agent says she obtained a work visa before she modeled professionally in the United States in the mid-1990s.



Poll: Most young Americans say two major parties don't represent them

Posted 8/5/2016 in National

Most young Americans say the Republican and Democratic parties don't represent them, a critical data point after a year of ferocious presidential primaries that forced partisans on both sides to confront what -- and whom -- they stand for.



Trump conflict overshadows attacks on Clinton

Posted 8/5/2016 in National

Donald Trump's warning that the November election might be rigged is "ridiculous," President Barack Obama declared on Thursday, wading deeper into the 2016 campaign.



Alabama board denies parole for Birmingham church bomber

Posted 8/5/2016 in National

The lone surviving Ku Klux Klansman imprisoned for killing four black girls in a church bombing in 1963 will remain behind bars after Alabama's parole board heeded the victims' families Wednesday and refused an early release.



Obama denies $400M payment to Iran was ransom

Posted 8/5/2016 in National

President Barack Obama vigorously denies that a $400 million cash payment to Iran was ransom to secure the release of four Americans jailed in Tehran.



Black Lives Matter activist sues Baton Rouge

Posted 8/5/2016 in National

Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson sued the city of Baton Rouge and police officials Thursday, saying officers responded in a "militarized and aggressive manner" in arresting him and other people protesting a police shooting death.



Poll: Police harassment familiar to young blacks, Hispanics

Posted 8/5/2016 in National

Crystal Webb cringes whenever a patrol car appears in her rearview mirror. She also never wants to see the inside of a police station again.



GOP frustrations with Trump mount as allies weigh options

Posted 8/4/2016 in National

Republicans' frustration with Donald Trump has reached new heights, with party leaders scrambling to persuade their presidential nominee to abandon divisive tactics that have triggered sinking poll numbers and low morale.



Pence tries to win over conservatives

Posted 8/4/2016 in National

Since his selection as Donald Trump's running mate, Mike Pence has tried to stay focused on winning over conservatives skeptical of the New York billionaire.



Trump, magnet for discord and disruption, outdoes himself

Posted 8/4/2016 in National

So far this week, Donald Trump has careened from controversy to controversy, sparking headlines by escalating fights with a military family, his party's top-elected official and, even, it seemed, a baby.



Obama shortens terms for 214 prisoners; 67 had life sentence

Posted 8/4/2016 in National

President Barack Obama on Wednesday cut short the sentences of 214 federal inmates, including 67 life sentences, in what the White House called the largest batch of commutations on a single day in more than a century.



FBI: Transit officer 1st lawman charged under US terror law

Posted 8/4/2016 in National

Prosecutors brought the first-ever federal terrorism charges against a law enforcement officer in the U.S., alleging Wednesday that a patrol officer with the D.C. region's transit police bought about $250 worth of gift cards for someone he thought was working with the Islamic State group.



Trump taunts GOP, refusing to back Ryan, McCain

Posted 8/3/2016 in National

Donald Trump is openly taunting the leaders of his own party by refusing to endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Sen. John McCain of Arizona in their GOP primaries.



Trump suggests general election could be 'rigged'

Posted 8/3/2016 in National

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump suggested Monday that he fears the general election "is going to be rigged" -- an unprecedented assertion by a modern presidential candidate.



Obama: Trump is 'unfit,' challenging GOP to end support

Posted 8/3/2016 in National

In a searing denouncement, President Barack Obama castigated Donald Trump as "unfit" and "woefully unprepared" to serve in the White House.



Paid family leave benefits rising in some areas

Posted 8/3/2016 in National

The call for paid family leave on the Democratic party platform is the most ambitious attempt by a major party in years to reverse the United States' status as the only industrialized nation without any standard for paid time off for new parents.



Judge grills lawyers over need for N.C. bathroom law

Posted 8/2/2016 in National

A federal judge lobbed tough questions at GOP lawyers Monday as he considered whether to block a North Carolina legal measure governing transgender bathroom access, asking pointedly how the law was making people safer.



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