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Former SEAL Zinke tapped to lead Interior Department

Posted 12/15/2016 in National

Rep. Ryan Zinke of Montana made no secret of his ambitions to join a Donald Trump Cabinet, and yet his nomination as interior secretary is in some ways an unlikely fit for the retired U.S. Navy SEAL.



Report: Deepen Mississippi River for bigger cargo ships

Posted 12/14/2016 in National

The Mississippi River should be dredged to let three southeast Louisiana ports accept the enormous cargo ships built to take advantage of the Panama Canal's expansion, the Army Corps of Engineers says.



With Exxon Mobil CEO, Trump keeps betting big on business leaders

Posted 12/14/2016 in National

In selecting Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson as his secretary of state, President-elect Donald Trump is making the same bet he asked voters to make on him: that a track record of business accomplishment will translate into success in government.



In Tennessee wildfires, officials estimate $500M in damage

Posted 12/14/2016 in National

Deadly wildfires caused more than $500 million in damage as they tore through a tourism community in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains and killed 14 people, local officials estimated Tuesday.



Oklahoma court tosses abortion law on hospital privileges

Posted 12/14/2016 in National

The Oklahoma Supreme Court on Tuesday threw out a law requiring abortion clinics to have doctors with admitting privileges at nearby hospitals, saying efforts to portray the measure as protecting women's health are a "guise."



Police expect Trump to lift limits on surplus military gear

Posted 12/12/2016 in National

If president-elect Donald Trump keeps his promise, surplus military grenade launchers, bayonets, tracked armored vehicles and high-powered firearms and ammunition will once again be available to state and local U.S. police departments.



Trump faces early test with Republicans over Russia

Posted 12/12/2016 in National

President-elect Donald Trump is facing an early test with fellow Republicans over U.S. relations with Russia, as lawmakers seek to investigate a CIA assessment that Russia interfered in the November election and issue warnings over the incoming president's potential pick for secretary of state.



White supremacists? Not exactly, KKK and other groups claim

Posted 12/12/2016 in National

In today's racially charged environment, there's a label that even the KKK disavows: white supremacy.



A grim tally soars: More than 50,000 overdose deaths in US

Posted 12/12/2016 in National

More than 50,000 Americans died from drug overdoses last year, the most ever.



New CDC data understate accidental shooting deaths of kids

Posted 12/12/2016 in National

Government statistics released this week claiming that 77 minors in the U.S. were killed by unintentional gun discharges last year significantly understate the scope of an enduring public health problem.



Trump team challenges intel on Russian election influence

Posted 12/10/2016 in National

Donald Trump's presidential transition team on Saturday challenged the veracity of U.S. intelligence assessments that Russia was trying to tip the November election to the Republican.



Dylann Roof's confession and journal detail racist beliefs

Posted 12/10/2016 in National

Prosecutors are using the Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof's own words to portray him as a cruel angry racist at his death penalty trial.



Giuliani removes himself from State Department consideration

Posted 12/10/2016 in National

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani formally withdrew from consideration for a post in President-elect Donald Trump's administration Friday.



Tourists stream back to Gatlinburg, but rebuilding looms

Posted 12/10/2016 in National

Visitors jammed the main roads and sidewalks in Gatlinburg as the tourism city reopened to the public Friday for the first time since wildfires killed 14 people.



Shutdown averted, Senate backs stop-gap spending bill

Posted 12/10/2016 in National

With less than hour to spare, the Senate late Friday backed legislation averting a government shutdown as coal-state Democrats retreated on long-term health care benefits for retired miners and promised a renewed fight for the working class next year.



Advocates: Ala. execution an 'avoidable disaster'

Posted 12/10/2016 in National

Defenders of a condemned inmate in Alabama are calling his execution an "avoidable disaster," but the state prison commissioner says there was no visible evidence that he suffered during a lethal injection.



Chief of staff Priebus? Some Trump loyalists dubious

Posted 12/9/2016 in National

When President-elect Donald Trump tapped Reince Priebus as his chief of staff, Republican leaders cheered the prospect of a close ally having a top White House job.



Carrier factory union chief standing ground against Trump

Posted 12/9/2016 in National

A local union president slammed by Donald Trump on Twitter stood his ground Thursday, maintaining the president-elect gave false hope to hundreds of workers by inflating the number of jobs being saved at a Carrier Corp. factory in Indianapolis.



Attorney: Dylann Roof's mom had heart attack during trial

Posted 12/9/2016 in National

Dylann Roof's mother suffered a heart attack not long after prosecutors described how her son planned a cold and calculated killing of nine black church members in a racially motivated attack, the white man's attorney said in court documents Thursday.



Astronaut John Glenn dies at 95

Posted 12/9/2016 in National

He became a hero as the first American to orbit the Earth and then served as a longtime U.S. senator. But John Glenn, who died Thursday at age 95, continued to defy gravity decades after his initial flight.



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