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Trump campaign manager won't face charges

Posted 4/15/2016 in National

Donald Trump's campaign manager won't be prosecuted for battery after briefly grabbing a female reporter's arm at a campaign event, but prosecutors said Thursday the situation might have been avoided with two simple words: I'm sorry.



Trump's inexperienced supporters hamstring delegate hunt

Posted 4/15/2016 in National

First Steve Barlock figured out how to join the Republican party so he could support Donald Trump in the Colorado GOP caucuses. That was the easy part.



Conservatives drive backlash against LGBT rights

Posted 4/14/2016 in National

Year after year, South Carolina Sen. Lee Bright has watched as gays won more rights through legislation and the courts. And as he sees proposals elsewhere in the U.S. aimed at allowing transgender people to use the bathroom that conforms to their identity, he says plenty of people feel just like he does.



Judge gives Texas 'affluenza' teen nearly 2 years in jail

Posted 4/14/2016 in National

A judge on Wednesday ordered a Texas teenager who used an "affluenza" defense in a fatal drunken-driving wreck to serve nearly two years in jail, a surprising sanction that far exceeds the several months in jail that prosecutors initially said they would pursue.



CDC: Zika definitely causes severe birth defects

Posted 4/14/2016 in National

Confirming the worst fears of many pregnant women in the United States and Latin America, U.S. health officials said Wednesday there is no longer any doubt the Zika virus causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads and other severe brain defects.



Judge suggests he'll factor in Hastert lies for sentencing

Posted 4/14/2016 in National

Dennis Hastert's lawyers have suggested that what occurred with a 14-year-old in a motel decades ago may not qualify as sexual abuse, while the judge in the former U.S. House speaker's hush-money case signaled Wednesday that he'll factor in Hastert's lies to investigators when he determines a sentence.



Utah deli protests Miss. law with alligator ban

Posted 4/13/2016 in National

A Salt Lake City restaurant is banning food associated with Mississippi to protest the state's new law allowing businesses to refuse service to gay customers.



Poll: GOP not itching for a party convention fight

Posted 4/13/2016 in National

Most Republican voters think the candidate with the most delegates heading into the party's convention in July should ultimately emerge as the GOP's presidential nominee, regardless of whether he holds the majority of all delegates needed to secure the nomination, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll.



Cruz accuses Trump of threatening delegates

Posted 4/13/2016 in National

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz blasted rival Donald Trump in a radio interview Tuesday, accusing the Republican front-runner of being a bully, inciting violence and using dirty tricks to intimidate voters and delegates, as Trump continued to rail against a nominating system he says is crooked and rigged.



Hillary Clinton, mayor take heat over racially charged joke

Posted 4/13/2016 in National

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Mayor Bill de Blasio have come under fire over a comedy skit that some people feel was racially insensitive.



Paul Ryan is not running for president -- or passing a budget

Posted 4/13/2016 in National

House Speaker Paul Ryan's national stature is such that he had to call a news conference to deny he wants to be president.



Garden-care giant to drop chemicals linked to bee declines

Posted 4/13/2016 in National

Amid ominous warnings about threats to pollinators and the food crops they make possible, garden-care giant Ortho said Tuesday it will stop using a class of chemicals widely believed to harm the most important pollinators of all: bees.



Public wants Senate action on court, but interest is modest

Posted 4/13/2016 in National

Nearly 2 in 3 Americans back Democrats' demands that the Republican-run Senate hold hearings and a vote on President Barack Obama's pick for the Supreme Court.



Defense wants delay in Charleston black-church shooting trial

Posted 4/13/2016 in National

The defense is asking for a delay in the state death-penalty trial of a man charged with gunning down nine black parishioners during a Bible study inside a Charleston church last year.



Country artists condemn LGBT laws, but labels silent

Posted 4/13/2016 in National

Several country music artists and songwriters have condemned proposed laws that critics say discriminate against LGBT people, but anyone looking for reaction from the record labels and production companies on Nashville's Music Row has heard only the sound of silence.



Candidates with the muscle could alter GOP convention rules

Posted 4/12/2016 in National

With the Republican nominating convention less than 100 days away, the GOP's presidential candidate isn't the only thing still up for grabs. Also in play: The rules by which the nominee will be chosen.



Trump cries foul over presidential process as he presses campaign forward

Posted 4/11/2016 in National

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is blasting the way the country chooses presidential party nominees as "corrupt" and "crooked" as he grapples with the potential of a brokered convention that he risks losing.



Voters stand by Trump as champion of political incorrectness

Posted 4/11/2016 in National

Donald Trump's inflammatory statements about Mexican immigrants, Muslim refugees and women who get abortions may eventually be his campaign's undoing, some analysts say.



Officials: Group that hit Brussels planned 2nd France attack

Posted 4/11/2016 in National

The extremists who struck Brussels last month and killed 32 people initially planned to launch a second assault on France in the wake of the November attacks in Paris, authorities said Sunday.



Reports: Panama firm usurped name of Red Cross to hide money

Posted 4/11/2016 in National

The law firm at the center of the Panama offshore accounts scandal routinely usurped the name of the Red Cross and other charities to help obscure the origin of millions of dollars in questionable funds, two newspapers involved in the investigation reported Sunday.



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