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2016's hellish summer weather: A told-you-so climate moment?

Posted 9/21/2016 in National

This summer's weather was relentless and hellish, crowded with the type of record-smashing extremes that scientists have long warned about.



AAA finds people waste money on premium gas

Posted 9/21/2016 in National

There is no sense paying a premium for premium gasoline if your car is designed to run on regular, according to research by the automobile club AAA.



Ala. governor praises pipeline company's response to leak

Posted 9/20/2016 in National

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley said gas prices in parts of the state rose 20 cents over the weekend after a pipeline leak, but he didn't consider that price gouging.



Wealth of clues led to quick arrest of suspected bomber

Posted 9/20/2016 in National

The man suspected of planting bombs in a New York neighborhood and a New Jersey seaside town may have aimed to inflict carnage incognito, but he didn't succeed for long in concealing his identity.



After latest attacks, Americans plod forward in 'new normal'

Posted 9/20/2016 in National

After a round of frightening domestic attacks, Americans plodded on in the comfort of routine Monday, either resilient in the face of terror or numbed by their battle scars.



Clinton says Trump gives 'aid, comfort' to ISIS recruiters

Posted 9/20/2016 in National

Hillary Clinton is accusing Donald Trump of giving "aid and comfort" to Islamic terrorists, declaring his anti-Muslim rhetoric helps the Islamic State group and other militants recruit new fighters.



Donald Trump Jr. likens Syrian refugees to poisoned Skittles

Posted 9/20/2016 in National

Donald Trump Jr. has posted a message on Twitter likening Syrian refugees to a bowl of poisoned Skittles.



Many black voters skeptical at Trump's birther about-face

Posted 9/17/2016 in National

Black voters reacted skeptically Friday to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's admission that he now believes the nation's first black president was indeed born in the United States.



Pipeline shutdown in Alabama could send gas prices higher

Posted 9/17/2016 in National

Motorists in the Southeast and East could pay more for gasoline in coming days because of the shutdown of a leaking pipeline in Alabama.



Democrats fear Senate takeover chances dimming

Posted 9/15/2016 in National

Democrats are sounding increasingly concerned about their chances of retaking control of the Senate, as Republicans demonstrate a commanding fundraising advantage and Hillary Clinton's lead narrows in key battleground races.



Clinton back on campaign trail after releasing health info

Posted 9/15/2016 in National

Hillary Clinton returns to the campaign trail today following a bout of pneumonia that sidelined her for three days and revived questions about both the Democratic nominee and Republican Donald Trump's transparency regarding their health.



Melania Trump releases more immigration details

Posted 9/15/2016 in National

Melania Trump released a letter Wednesday from an immigration attorney that provided more detail on what she said was her legal pathway to U.S. citizenship.



Trump tries to repurpose Clinton's attacks against her

Posted 9/15/2016 in National

Racist. Divisive. Lacks policy details.



Researchers creating antibiotic gel to tackle ear infections

Posted 9/15/2016 in National

arents know the frustration of trying to get that gunky pink antibiotic into a tot screaming from an ear infection. A one-time squirt of special ear drops one day might replace that ordeal.



Treat or monitor early prostate cancer? 10-year survival same

Posted 9/15/2016 in National

Men with early prostate cancer who choose to closely monitor their disease are just as likely to survive at least 10 years as those who have surgery or radiation, finds a major study that directly tested and compared these options.



Suspect in mosque fire had made anti-Islamic Facebook posts

Posted 9/15/2016 in National

About two months before Joseph Michael Schreiber allegedly tried to burn down a mosque sometimes attended by Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen, he posted on Facebook that "All Islam is radical" and that all Muslims should be treated as terrorists and criminals.



Americans got raise last year for first time since 2007

Posted 9/14/2016 in National

In a long-awaited sign that middle-class Americans are finally seeing real economic gains, U.S. households got a raise last year after seven years of stagnant incomes.



Political risk for all in Trump-Clinton 'deplorables' debate

Posted 9/14/2016 in National

A war of words over Donald Trump's "deplorables" is intensifying as Republicans and Democrats fight for political points over Hillary Clinton's claim that many of the New York billionaire's supporters are racist, sexist and homophobic.



Spokesman: Clinton will rejoin campaign trail Thursday

Posted 9/14/2016 in National

Hillary Clinton will be back on the campaign trail Thursday, after spending several days at home recovering from pneumonia.



Trump child care plan breaks with conservative orthodoxy

Posted 9/14/2016 in National

Donald Trump rolled out a plan Tuesday aimed at making child care more affordable, guaranteeing new mothers six weeks of paid maternity leave and suggesting new incentives for employees to provide their workers childcare.



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