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Still fighting: Vietnam vets seek help for rare cancer

Posted 11/11/2016 in National

They were the lucky ones who managed to make it home from Vietnam. Now, a half century later, some veterans are finding out they, too, are victims of the war.



Weather forecast: La Nina is here; may last through winter

Posted 11/11/2016 in National

Government weather forecasters say La Nina is here.



Obama, Trump and the 'zigzag' nation

Posted 11/10/2016 in National

One country, two tribes, the United States elected in turn Barack Obama, then a president as opposite to him as can be.



Trump begins to play catch up on transition to White House

Posted 11/10/2016 in National

The true test now begins for Donald Trump.



Clinton on pace to win popular vote, despite losing election

Posted 11/10/2016 in National

Despite losing Tuesday's presidential election, Hillary Clinton appears to be on pace to win the popular vote, an ironic twist in an election in which her opponent repeatedly said the system was rigged against him.



'Not my president:' Trump denounced in protests

Posted 11/10/2016 in National

A day after Donald Trump's election to the presidency, campaign divisions appeared to widen as many thousands of demonstrators -- some with signs with messages declaring "NOT MY PRESIDENT" -- flooded streets across the country to protest his surprise triumph.



Election coverage an unexpected thrill ride on TV

Posted 11/10/2016 in National

Donald Trump's stunning victory against Hillary Clinton in the presidential election Tuesday was a final twist in a made-for TV thrill ride -- and a stern lesson to journalists to avoid leaping to conclusions.



Big victories for legal pot, but path ahead is uncertain

Posted 11/10/2016 in National

The number of Americans living in states with recreational marijuana more than tripled after at least three states voted to fully legalize the drug.



Republicans governorships rise to highest mark since 1922

Posted 11/10/2016 in National

Republican power in state capitols will be at its strongest levels in nearly a century when several newly elected governors take office next year.



Republicans keep Senate control

Posted 11/9/2016 in National

Republicans held onto their slim Senate majority, a stinging blow to Democrats in a night full of them.



Dems fall short as GOP wins 2 more years of House control

Posted 11/9/2016 in National

Republicans retained their lock on the House for two more years as GOP candidates triumphed in a checkerboard of districts in Florida, Virginia and Colorado that Democrats had hoped Donald Trump's divisive comments about women and Hispanics would make their own.



Marijuana, gun control win at polls

Posted 11/9/2016 in National

Filling a void created by congressional inaction, voters in a scattering of states tightened gun control laws and approved increases in the minimum wage.



Major voting problems scant despite ominous warnings

Posted 11/9/2016 in National

Election Day came and went with no obvious signs of the catastrophic problems some had feared, including large-scale fraud, intimidation or hacking.



US airlines expect Thanksgiving travel to rise 2.5 percent

Posted 11/9/2016 in National

The nation's leading airlines are confident they can handle higher Thanksgiving travel this year partly because more people have signed up for quick-screening programs that are designed to keep airport security lines moving.



Analysis: Winner must help heal wound in American politics

Posted 11/8/2016 in National

We'll know soon enough who won. We already know the prize: A big, ugly wound in the heart of American politics.



Competing claims of voter fraud, intimidation raise tensions

Posted 11/8/2016 in National

The usual tension of a presidential election has a twist this year -- questions about the integrity of the election itself.



Print newspapers are dead? Not after historic elections

Posted 11/8/2016 in National

Print newspapers may be disappearing like the home telephone, but not after Election Day.



Janet Reno, former US attorney general, dies at 78

Posted 11/7/2016 in National

Janet Reno, the first woman to serve as U.S. attorney general and the epicenter of several political storms during the Clinton administration, including the seizure of Elian Gonzalez, died early today.



Forget the TV: How to follow Election Day online

Posted 11/7/2016 in National

TVs are so last century. News outlets are using Facebook Live, Snapchat, YouTube and other tools to offer live coverage of Election Day in ways not possible four years ago.



Clinton focuses on healing, Trump on emails in final hours

Posted 11/7/2016 in National

With the cloud of an FBI investigation lifted, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump struck strikingly different tones as they moved into the final hours of a volatile, nearly two-year-long presidential campaign.



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